Thursday, May 31, 2007

Streamyx Let-Down

Wow, what a week I had! Just after posting my last article on Monday, touching on the subject of feng shui - 'Not Good Luck', bad luck hits my Internet line. I practically lost three solid days of Internet access. This has been my sixth big let-down experience over this two months by my broadband provider, TM Net - Streamyx.

I guess I must be in the minority, when it comes to loosing connection with this service but let me tell you, it's so frustrating! This week was not that long, but in the past I've even had to endure seven days of being without a connection, but sadly, I would still have to pay them the same monthly fee??

I opted for a broadband access compared to a dial-up, thinking that this would be a wiser decision on my part, but somehow I've had to encounter six times of connection failures with them. The irony to this whole situation is that it's the same problem, over and over again, 'error 678' (meaning to say that their remote computer is not responding???) And according to my friends, this is a usual problem with Streamyx.

I would like to give my two cent's worth here; rather than spending tons of money on promotions and advertisement's, they should really concentrate on getting to the root of these problems, only then, can they build a credible reputation. Why I'm saying this is because it's a paid service and not something which you get for free, right. So, if their Internet coverage has flaw's in them, why can't they solve it in a single attempt?

Imagine this scenario; your car is the only means of transportation to get to work, from where you generate an income to support your family, and all of a sudden this car breaks down for seven days or more and you can't get to work. What will happen next is that your boss would probably show you the exit! So this same scenario applies to people who need the Internet, as that's their only source of income.

Right now, if there was a choice, I would not hesitate to jump.

If you thought that this was really bad, you should visit my friend's page: Mariuca - Wishing On A falling Star where her ordeal was even longer yet, very funny. (But trust me, it wouldn't have been funny back then)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Not Good Luck

A lot of us know that in feng shui, water is a sign of good flow of wealth, right ? But sometimes it can be the other way round - not good luck.

What am I rambling about, how can one thing be good and then all of a sudden become no good? Let's take these simple examples, so that you don't end up deeper in confusion, as to what are considered to be - not good luck, for your homes.

Water Hydrant - Having a water hydrant placed right in front of your home will not mean that you will become filthy rich as it is symbolized by water, in feng shui terms. The reason for this is because the water hydrant located directly in front of your home is considered to be obstructing the main entrance, so the effects are opposite.

Swing - A home that has a playground in front of their homes will have their wealth cut in half, that's if, there is a swing directly facing your front entrance from that playground. So it's considered not so good for people who are involved in business to live in such a home.

Side Pillar - In feng shui terms, having a side pillar of a neighbours gate face your home acts as an obstacle to good feng shui.

Roman Style Pillar - If you have a house with a Roman-styled pillar directly facing it's own entrance, then it may also be a bad choice in terms of feng shui, as it will block good luck from flowing into your home.

Huge Billboard - Having a huge billboard right in front of your home also blocks good fortune from coming in.

Multi-Storey Building - If your house faces a multi-storey building, it will receive a double dose of bad luck. Firstly, the building in front blocks the house's entrance and second, it will cast a long shadow over the house, and that's not so much of a good luck for the occupants.

Two Highrise Buildings - When this house faces two high rise buildings across the road, with a narrow alley in between them which directly faces the house, it is also considered to be very bad feng shui. They believe that the energy from the sky would travel through the narrow gaps between the two buildings and strike the house which is across the street. In feng shui terms this reference is known as 'Thunder striking from the Heavens'

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Vitamins For Children

I have three little kids in my family, and quite common with them are the cases of getting a fever, runny nose and common colds. Maybe it's due to the climate some say or could it be their food? I'm not a Doctor so I'm not really sure what causes them. But common sense would tell us that children nowadays need all the vitamins they can get.

Basically, I would think that not many of the kids these days eat a healthy diet. They tend to prefer eating snack food rather than healthy food. Even the so-called 'healthy food' in the current era may be derived from nutrient deficient soils. So what's good to eat and what's not? Personally, my kids are fussy eaters, opting more easily towards junk food and the ever increasing existence of fast food.

My worry is that children are more susceptible to vitamin and mineral deficiencies compared to us, the adults. Choosing the right supplementation could be the wises decision we ever make to ensure their good health. We all know that our body system can't manufacture the right amount of vitamins needed on a regular basis. So it's quite important that we depend on that steady supply of precious minerals and compounds from a foreign and environmental source. This is what I learned about Vitamins for Children and their definitions.

Many of the available multivitamin supplements contain one or more of these :
  • Vitamin A - Maintaining a healthy skin, nails, hair, vision and promoting growth, are all corresponding to Vitamin A. It's known to be an essential antioxidant for our immune system.
  • Vitamin B1 - Deriving energy from food, this is it's essential for. It also helps prevent the loss of appetite and at the same time reinforcing our nervous and digestive system.
  • Vitamin B2 - It supports cell growth and promotes body energy. Just like vitamin A, it's also good for hair, nails and the eyes.
  • Vitamin B3 - This vitamin produces body energy and also aids the brain function and improves the level of skin health.
  • Vitamin B6 - This is important for obtaining a healthier skin and to build a strong immune system. It's also known to be essential for the function of muscle and brain and aids hormone production.
  • Vitamin B12 - Helping generate red blood cells, in return preventing anaemia and fatigue. It is also a good vitamin for the nervous system.
  • Vitamin C - This is quite necessary for an overall healthy growth and for the development of our body. Vitamin C will boost the immune system and help to absorb the iron from foods. Known to have protective elements against certain forms of cancer and coronary heart disease. This vitamin is not stored in any great amount in our body thus it needs to be replenished every day.
  • Vitamin D - Very Essential in the formation and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. This vitamin is needed in our body to help with the absorption of calcium and phosphorous, which indirectly keeps our bones strong and healthy.
  • Vitamin E - It works as a natural antioxidant which helps protect our body's tissues from free radicals, which could attack the fats in the membranes of our cells. It will also help build a healthy heart and immune system. You requirements for Vitamin E would increase when your intake of polyunsaturated fats increases as well.
  • Calcium - We all know this is something essential for maintaining and building those strong healthy bones and teeth.
  • Zinc - It will help in the process of healing wounds. Most Zinc that is in our body are found in the bones.
  • Iron - This is the vital part of a haemoglobin (this is the red pigment found in our blood which is responsible to carry oxygen in and around the body). A situation where there is a lack of Iron in our daily diet would leave us feeling very tired and lethargic.

So now perhaps we get a clearer picture of what all these vitamins stand for. Choosing that right multivitamin with the right amount of minerals will definitely help our children's short and long term health requirements.

I know I'm gonna start them on multivitamins now, what about you?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sabah - Land Below The Wind

Another great destination for all holiday seekers around the world would be, Sabah - the land below the wind. It's situated in Malaysia Borneo, and Sabah has lush tropical rainforest's and stunning tropical islands added with an incredible diversity of marine life.

Sabah has 32 ethnic groups living here and they make it a land of colourful and intriguing cultures. The capital of Sabah is Kota Kinabalu, which is vibrant and it's also the gateway to eco-adventures such as river cruising, diving, mountain climbing, caving and white-water rafting.

Sabah also has a wide range of accommodation to suit any sort of preference and budget. There are loads of well-equipped beach resorts adding into your cravings.

Places of interest in Sabah are :

Mount Kinabalu - The stunning Mount Kinabalu, standing at 4,095.2m, is noted to be one of the highest peaks in Southeast Asia. It's main attraction would be the Kinabalu Park, which is Malaysia's first World Heritage Site. The dense jungle found here contains one of the world's richest assemblage of tropical plants. When you are here, a must visit is, Poring Hot Springs, which is a natural health spa, which offers open air Japanese style baths. Another crowd puller is the annual Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon, which gets participation from around the globe.

Sipadan Island - Sabah is well noted to acquire some excellent dive spots. Topping that list would be the world famous Sipadan. It's located at the heart of the Indo Pacific Basin, making it one of the richest marine habitat's in the world. Here you would get a glimpse of turtles, reef sharks and also a thrilling 600m drop-off await the diving enthusiast's. Originally this island was made famous by world renowned oceanographer Jacques Cousteau through one of his documentary, 'Ghosts of the Sea Turtle'. If diving is your passion, look no further as Sabah has other famous diving spots within it's belt; Layang-Layang, Pulau Tiga, Mantanani and Pulau Tiga, just to name a few.

Sabah Museum - Located in the capital, Kota Kinabalu. The museum is built in a longhouse style of the Rungus and Murut communities. Here you would discover a wealth of ethnic treasures and handicrafts. One building to have stood the test of time (World War II), would be the Sabah Tourism Building, which in my opinion will satisfy any history lover out there. You also get to enjoy other great locations in this city such as; Atkinson Clock Tower, Museum of Islamic Civilisation, Signal Hill and the State Mosque.

Monsopiad Cultural Village - Going back into the past is possible here, back to the era of the legendary Kadazan warrior, Monsopiad. The uniqueness about this place is that it was founded by the direct descendants of Monsopiad. In a way, it's a living museum where they showcase traditional village houses, sacred House of Skulls and several other fascinating attractions. Oh another thing, do not miss out on their exciting cultural performances held here.

Shopping and Crafts - Sabah is definitely famed for their splendid souvenirs, like beads, bamboo products and accessories. There are plenty of choices throughout Sabah but the main ones to look out for would be places like KK Handicraft Market, Kadaiku and Wawasan Plaza Handicraft in the capital city, Kota Kinabalu.

Kudat Long House - If you enjoy traditional lifestyles then make a visit to the Kudat Long House of the Rungun tribe. Their intriguing culture and traditional attire will surely make your trip a memorable one. And if accommodation is an issue, worry no more, as home stays are available here and what better way to observe their lifestyle.

White-Water Rafting - Endless thrills and spills here for the adventurous hearts, where you get heart stopping experience of contending the rapids. Famous locations to get those adrenalin pumping would be at Kiulu and Padas Rivers.

Sunday Gaya Street Market - It's a open-air market to get local delicacies, handicrafts and fresh jungle produce. There is also the Tamu Kota Belud which is also another popular Sunday market. Here during ceremonial occasions you get to witness Bajau horsemen dressed in their traditional outfits, gaily riding their ponies. For this they are fondly known as 'Cowboys of the East'

Friday, May 25, 2007

AC Milan Vs Liverpool - The Results

So my prediction was right, (together with Pele)! AC Milan was crowned European champions for the seventh time after beating Liverpool 2-1 in Athens. Boy, am I happy for that remarkable win, it simply resembles Italy's World Cup triumph.

Filipo Inzaghi scoring both the goals for AC Milan, one in each half, the perfect revenge for loosing to Liverpool back in the 2005 finals. This would definitely be his greatest moment. With this two goals at the finals, Inzaghi now has bagged a total of 38 Champions League goals and 58 in all European club competitions.

Another team-mate who is also happy over this win is Seedorf. The 31 year old Seedorf expressed his happiness on this 4th Champions League medal, added to his previous medals from Real Madrid, Ajax and Milan.

I seriously thought that Andrea Pirlo's free kick in the 45th minute was the turning point of the whole game, from where Filipo Inzaghi's deflection found Liverpool's net. This definitely made the Liverpool players come back in the second half, pushing themselves forward to get that equaliser. This was the mistake as they had too few players at the back.

Making the best of the situation, Filipo Inzaghi @ 'Super Pippo', made Liverpool pay by finding the second goal in the 82nd minute, converting a marvelous pass from Brazilian Kaka. AC Milan were well prepared this time around with their 4-5-1 formation compared to Liverpool's 4-4-2 where they depended too much on Dirk Kuyt. Steven Gerrard, known to be one of the best footballers in Europe, was no where to be found, when it mattered the most.

Maybe the most outstanding player for Liverpool throughout the game would be Jermaine Pennant, who played on the right flank. Even the substituted Harry Kewell and Peter Crouch could not defeat the hands of Dida. Liverpool finally scored a goal in the 89th minute through a close-range header from Dirk Kuyt, that gave a glimpse of hope
but this time there was to be no dramatic comeback for Liverpool.

Most of us would have written them as 'old and finished' but look, who's having the last laugh.... AC Milan 2007 Champions League, Champions! To that I say, Bravo Milan.

So to all the woman of the world, now you can have your men back, because for the next 2 months or so, there's no football... Oh my God, no football, what am I gonna write about???

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Meaning of Colours

Imagine, the colours on your clothes that you're wearing, defining the luck you would have for the whole day? Call it superstitious, or simply Feng Shui's term to good vibes. Apparently in Feng Shui, colours hold a significant meaning.

As my friend told me, those who wear brown are often plodders, people who are nervous or highly-strung should not wear red or that violet is the colour of the martyr?? Wow, that's a lot of colours to watch out for. He further elaborates on a string of colours and their meanings to me, such as :

White - A novice martial arts exponent starts off having a white belt to signify his ignorance and innocence. A bride wears white to show her purity. So therefore the colour white is known for it's brightness and represents a 'clean' colour. It is a neutral colour which, when shined into a prism, emerges as all the other colours. It takes no sides in the affairs of men. In metal and precious stones, it represents silver and diamond.

Yellow - A dash of red and orange form the colour yellow. This colour has the power of rising or the morning Sun and was a favourite colour among Sun worshipers. Usage of yellow is believed to allow the cultivation of intuition, ambition and helps in the acquisition of wisdom. Yellow represents gold.

Orange - This colour symbolizes an inclination towards social activities. Those who use this colour often will seek the security of group activities and will often be found working for other people. The colour of the Sun as it finally retreats below the horizon each day also represents a lack of confidence in men to do things independently unless they are led. This group of people are said to 'follow the crowd'.

Red - A fiery, passionate and highly emotional colour, it is the colour of intense heat, divine love and blood. Red is beneficial to those who are lackadaisical and need more 'life' in their system. For those who are hyperactive and sensitive, red should be used less for it is known to arouse the nerves easily, resulting in dire consequences. The precious stone associated with red is ruby.

Black - The colour of the earth, darkness, wickedness, negation and death. It is the colour of magic and is a favourite of the stage magician whose profession is to fool and deceive an audience through trickery or sleight of hand, often with the aid of black backdrops and equipment. But to some it can simply represent a new beginning - life after death.

Brown - A firm colour. The person who surrounds himself with this colour seldom rises to any great heights in life. He prefers to plodding along, making a steady living.

Grey - From the mixing of black and white, grey is created. It is the colour of uncertainty, fear and falsehood. It is also a deceptive colour. People who prefer grey appear to be conformists although they usually bid their time until their own interest can be served - usually at the expense of others.

Green - This is the colour of tranquility. It is also the colour of money, as in the United States dollar. It has a soothing, restful influence, preserving the eyesight and calming nerves. Those who give green prominence in their dressing, like international travels. A side-effect of this colour, when overused is to cause a person to become envious and greedy. That is why people who are jealous are said to be under the influence of the 'green eyed monster'. The precious stone associated with green is Emerald.

Blue - Blue is the colour of the sky. It represents spiritualism, thoughtfulness, consideration and care. Blue expresses faith, truth, constancy and fidelity. The precious stone associated with blue is Sapphire.

Violet - This colour belongs to the hermit who dwells in mystery. The philosopher, the poet, the dreamer, the writer and the visionary all like this colour. Violet often signifies love and truth, or passion and suffering. Therefore, it is a colour often used by martyrs. The precious stone associated with violet is Amethyst.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nicole Kidman Pregnant

It's certainly no secret that 39 year old Nicole Kidman has been trying for a baby with her country singer husband, Keith Urban. Since their wedding in June last year, the actress has reportedly been undergoing fertility treatment, and has made no secret of the fact that she hopes to one day have biological children.

And according to reports, Keith Urban recently wrapped up a week-long promotional tour in Australia for his latest Album, and promptly flew straight to Los Angeles in time to bring Nicole out to an afternoon at the theatre. The couple attended the opening of the comedy 'Distracted', which stars Tom Hanks's wife, Rita Wilson.

Nicole Kidman has been rumoured to be pregnant before, but after several false alarms, the actress is reportedly really pregnant this time.

Keith also recently spoke of his marriage to Nicole, saying "As far as being a married man, it is the best thing I have ever done.And it is not just about being married; to me, it is about being married to her, to that woman because she has just saved my life - absolutely saved it"

As for fatherhood, Keith, also 39, is more than ready to embrace it. "I have always wanted to be a good dad" he said. "My brother's got two kids and he's an excellent dad and I think we both have that sense of being home and being solid family guys".

We wish both Nicole and Keith, all the happiness in the world.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ac Milan vs Liverpool - Champions League Final

One player who is bound to shine in this final would be the Brazilian Kaka. The AC Milan star is determined to leave his name on the score sheets at the Champions League finals against Liverpool by adding to the 10 goals he has already netted thus far and steer his team to victory. Kaka is currently only two goals away from matching Ruud van Nistelrooy's Champions League record of 12 goals.

AC Milan will be hoping to get their revenge and beat Liverpool in tomorrows Champions League final, completing an amazing turnaround of fortunes for the club, who were recently found guilty of match-fixing.

Carlo Ancelotti's only selection issue is whether to feature Gilardino and use his pace or rather go with the experienced,goal-scoring 33 year old Inzaghi. If captain Paolo Maldini can recover in time from a knee problem, then Milan's starting line-up in Athens appears to be almost definite.

Two years ago Liverpool conquered Milan after a dramatic penalty shoot out. This time around the Merseyside club will hold their nerve again should the final be tied after 120 minutes. As Benitez's side have been involved in two high-stakes shoot-outs since then. They overcame Chelsea in the semis on penalties after the tie had ended 1-1 after winning last season's FA Cup against West Ham on spot kicks. To the Liverpool players, a second Champions League final in three seasons shows that they are a committed lot.

Frankly, it's more than just a AC Milan vs Liverpool game but rather a Steven Gerrard vs Gennaro Gattuso. Remember, at the last finals, it was Gerrard who led Liverpool rally from a 3-0 deficit at halftime. So definitely he would be the most 'covered' player tomorrow.

There is always a sense when Liverpool play in Europe that they are taking on not just their opponents on the pitch, but also their north-west rivals Manchester United, and it will be no different as they take on AC Milan tomorrow in Athens.

Liverpool on the other hand, looks set to take a massive Champions League gamble on the fitness of Harry Kewell by starting the Australian winger in tomorrow's final. Kewell has only returned to action following the groin and foot operations he underwent.

Sir Alex Ferguson, the United Manager, has spoken of how he would like nothing better than to toast Milanese success with a vintage glass of Italian red wine. This would definitely further boost Liverpool's anger to deny him that wish.

Probable Line Up for tomorrows finals at Athens :

Jose Reina, Steve Finnan, Daniel Agger, Jamie Carragher, John Arne Riise, Steven Gerrard, Javier Mascherano, Xabi Alonso, Bolo Zenden, Peter Crouch, Dirk Kuyt

Substitutes :
Daniele Padelli, Alvaro Arbeloa, Sami Hyypia, Mark Gonzalez, Craig Bellamy, Robbie Fowler, Jermaine Pennant

Dida, Massimo Oddo, Alessandro Nesta, Paolo Maldini, Marek Jankulovski, Gennaro Gattuso, Andrea Pirlo, Clarence Seedorf, Massimo Ambrosini, Kaka, Filippo Inzaghi

Substitutes :
Cafu, Giuseppe Favalli, Alberto Gilardino, Kakha Kaladze, Zeljko Kalac, Daniele Bonera, Cristian Brocchi

Finally, no football fan needs to be reminded of the last meeting between AC Milan and Liverpool, least of all any of the Red faithful. We only hope that this years final would be as eventful as the 2005 clash. What I know is that we are in for a memorable match tomorrow. It's been a long road to get here, and there is real belief that AC Milan will get this one though (at least that's Pele's and my prediction).

Monday, May 21, 2007

Not The Right Home

I met a close friend just the other day and we were having a little chat over some coffee. During the conversation that went along, he somehow touched on a subject based on Feng Shui. I immediately drew my attention closer to his finding's on the matter.

These are some of the things I found to be interesting from that conversation, apparently there are some locations considered unsuitable for homes. Such locations can have adverse effects on the people living in them, leading to poor health, loss of money, etc. In some cases, such bad luck can be averted by the use of an eight-sided trigram or Pakua mirror.

T-Junctions : This is not a good site because spirits, travelling in a straight line, tend to inhabit such a building. The building, too, takes the brunt of a negative whiplash created when motor vehicles turn at junctions.

Trees in Front : If there are trees blocking the main entrance to the house, this is symbolic of joss-sticks on the altar and in the same way, the occupants become the "sacrificial lamb"

Hill in Front : A high mound or hill in front of the house represents obstacles for the occupants. The occupants will not prosper in business. The hill will also obstruct or block the flow of chi into the house.

Police Station : It is considered bad luck to live in a house facing a police station because the bad vibes given off by the presence of criminals or wrongdoers being brought into the police station would adversely affect the occupants' well-being.

Temple : Similarly, a house facing a temple is not good because spirits can be found hanging around temples. Furthermore, people go to the temple to pray most often when they are down and out. The bad vibes they give off will affect the occupants of the house.

Prison or Hospital : Similarly, houses facing prisons or hospitals are bad for the occupants.

Cemetery : A house facing a cemetery is not favourable for it's occupants.

Now you know, where not to buy a house.

So let me know, what do you think about all these Feng Shui belief's ?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

FA Cup Final - M.United vs Chelsea (The Results)

The FA Cup final returned home to Wembley Stadium yesterday with a nostalgic opening ceremony, complete with flypast, marching band and royalty to inaugurate the new 90,000-seat stadium.

The new Wembley stadium, resplendent with a mixture of blue and red, was officially declared open by Prince William before kick-off as the Red Arrows formation soared overhead. Footballing legends from five decades of FA Cup finals also received a standing ovation as they paraded on the pitch.

Didier Drogba scored an extra-time winner to give Chelsea a 1-0 victory over league champions Manchester United in the first FA Cup final here. Overall it was all a lack-lustre game if you ask me, a sort of an anti-climax for an event so huge as this. Billed as the 'Dream Final' between the best two English sides and the worlds richest league, much of it was a disappointment.

Jose Mourinho's game plan to go for a 4-3-3 formation, definitely showed the better results. The Ivorian striker, Drogba, scooped the ball past United's goalkeeper Edwin Van der Sar in the 116th minute of the game, which seemed destined for another penalty shootout.

The win here would definitely lift Chelsea, after a season in which injuries, under-achievements and speculation about the future of manager Jose Mourinho. For the Chelsea supporters this would surely make up for their lost in the league title.

For Chelsea this win is their fourth time in history - 1970, 1997, 2000 and 2007. They've also created history by winning the last FA Cup final at the old Wembley and subsequently winning the first FA Cup final in the new Wembley. Manchester United on the other hand were denied of a fourth double, this time around.

On a personal note, being a die-hard fan of Manchester United, I seriously think that there should have been a penalty awarded during the extra time, when Chelsea's Michael Essien fouled Ryan Giggs from behind. Thanks to a pre-match 'pressure' by Mourinho towards the referee (Steve Bennet), not to be fooled by any diving or provocative tactics shown by the United player's, this certainly worked, where Chelsea getting the biggest reward....victory.

At the end of the day, Chelsea celebrated with more style than they played, when Manager-Mourinho, bizarrely, raced down the tunnel at the final whistle, running up 107 steps to the new Royal Box by signalling six with his fingers, a typical extravagant reference for his half a dozen trophies he has helped Chelsea take in his three years at Stamford Bridge.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Herbs For A Better Liver

Have you experienced any or all of these symptoms - frequent headaches, get bruised easily, impaired sex-drive, food allergies, eczema, chronic fatigue, pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) or frequent indigestion problems?

If you have, you may be suffering from impending liver problems. It is easy to overlook the fact that these symptoms are related to our liver as the liver handles over 500 functions (I bet you didn't know that, did you?), each crucial to our health and well-being. Most liver conditions show no symptoms. In most cases when symptoms start to show it may be too late.

Learn everything about herbs here, as we owe it to our lives and to the wellness of our liver. Our health and vitality depends greatly on the health of our liver. Modern lifestyles such as alcohol consumption, tobacco, environmental pollutants, food additives, popular cosmetic ingredients, stress and doctor's medication are all toxins that can kill our liver cells, leading to impaired liver function and hence the above symptoms.

Herbs that strengthen the liver are milk thistle, dandelion and turmeric, commonly used by herbalist to strengthen and improve liver function. These three herbs work synergistically to provide five liver-enhancing actions.

Milk Thistle (active ingredient - Silymarin) : Silymarin is the active component in milk thistle that has been used for centuries as a liver tonic. Studies have shown that Silymarin, standardised to 200mg, enhances liver health in the following ways; blocks toxins from harming the liver cells and alters the permeability of the liver cells. This prevents toxic materials from reaching and killing liver cells. It also helps to regenerate new liver cells. Various clinical studies show that Silymarin, at a dose of 400mg, enhances the growth of liver cells. Regeneration of new cells in replacing injured or dead cells is important to ensure continuous optimal liver function.

Dandelion : Belongs to a class of herbs known as bitters. It is a common herb used by both Eastern and Western herbalists to enhance liver health through cleansing of the cells and stimulating the production of bile to digest away fat deposits, improving the efficiency of liver cells.

Turmeric : Has been consumed as both herb and spice in India and China for thousands of years. The active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, which gives turmeric its characteristic yellow colour has shown positive effects on the liver as it protects and controls the damage to liver cells. During the process of converting toxic materials to less toxic substances, vast amounts of free radicals are generated. Curcumin is a powerful neutraliser of these free-radicals, protecting the liver cells from free radical damage. Frequent contact with toxic materials or virus attacks on liver cells lead to liver cell injury. These cell injuries often occur as inflammation. If left uncontrolled, it may lead to permanent liver cell damage or a condition known as hepatitis.

The ability to learn about health related issues is always a good thing. So for those of us who live in a fast-paced lifestyle, now is the time to take control. It pays to invest into our health now, to reap from the future!

Friday, May 18, 2007

FA Cup Final - M.United vs Chelsea

"It's not just about winning the cup. Will history be made or lost pride be regained"? These are some of the statements made recently on most of the sport dailies. The FA Cup final is finally here, will it be Manchester United or Chelsea who will reign supreme at the newly rebuilt 800-million pound Wembley stadium, tomorrow the 19 of May 2007.

And the expected crowd of 90,000 will watch Manchester United take on Chelsea in the biggest grudge match of the season. Spurred on by the attacking flair of Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney, they're set to deny the Blues, once again.

For Manchester United, victory would mean that they would have secured the fourth league and cup doubles . Chelsea on the other hand are trying to complete the full set of English trophies, where only the FA Cup eluding them whilst in Mourinho's three season care in Stamford Bridge.

As Louis Saha and Gary Neville are out with injuries, the stage is all set for Ryan Giggs to lead Manchester United with the captains arm-band. Giggs has set his target on extending his record breaking achievements this season by trying to become the first player in modern times to pick up 5 FA Cup winner's medals. But this is only possible if they find the nets first and keep it that way right till the end. This win is so crucial for the ageless Ryan Giggs in order for him to be ahead of his former United team-mates, Mark Hughes and Roy Keane. This victory would eventually place him as the first player since the 1800's to win the Cup for a record 5th time.

Chelsea, who have more serious fitness worries, also have several points to prove, and none bigger than their belief that injuries were to blame for the loss of their title. Adding salt to the wound, Mourinho must do without Andriy Shevchenko, Michael Ballack and most importantly, centre back Ricardo Carvalho who has been outstanding all through this season. For the fans, the Blues have to make this one count after losing the Premier League title to United. It was in the year 2000 where Chelsea last won the FA Cup at the old Wembley stadium. Chelsea however can draw comfort from it's recent record meetings against United, where they have beaten them on five occasions compared to United's one win against the Blues.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Feng Shui

For more than 4,000 years, the Chinese practised the art of Geomancy as part of their culture. This ancient art of living in harmony is a branch off from the Tao philosophy; it dictates that Man and his Universe must be balanced in one form or another to avoid unnecessary calamities. Commonly known as Feng Shui, "Feng" carries the meaning the Breath of Life or Wind, while "Shui", on the other hand, is generally known as Water, a prime life-sustaining element.

In the practise, the stress on chi as an invisible force is said to be present in all animate and inanimate objects. For the mere instant such as the configuration of landscape, mountains, serpentine rivers and shapes of land whether they are good or ill are said to bear their own distinct symbols and meanings.

Presently Feng Shui is still widely practised and is favourably accepted by many. But as the practise itself sometimes run into the realm of the unknown, it gives rise to the notion that Feng Shui itself is but a subject of a pseudo-science.

Whatever it is, whether through the arrangement of furniture, location of entrances or having a fountain here or there to strike a proper balance with yin and yang, there are sometimes answers to them that sound logical.

There are also times that proper answers to certain questions we seek now is not available to our questioning mind. Thus to disbelieve is of course, not disaprove, and to believe is not to prove. But in truth if through practising the Art of Feng Shui would evoke mysterious forces in our favour to enhance our well-being, it is all that matters most.

For I am not an expert in this field, I have decided to add a page specially to address the Feng Shui practises, through the collection of many stories from friends/emails received/reading related books, over the years on the matter. With the hope, that we can all understand it better.

You could also e-mail me, if you would like to share your experiences of using Feng Shui.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Smooth Hands and Feet

Have you been trying to make your hands and feet smooth by applying all those expensive lotions and cream found in the pharmacies?

Ever wondered how you too can get smooth hands and feet? Here comes the perfect solution to that. This is actually an old technique that women (their very own little secret...) around the world used during the older days. It is effective and yet, so inexpensive since the ingredients are right there in your kitchen.

For hands or feet - Pour about two tablespoons of sugar into one hand. Then pour about one tablespoon of baby or olive oil in that same hand. (If you have big hands and feet, use the whole bottle... nah, I'm just kidding) If you need more oil, use your own judgement.

Gently start massaging and rubbing for a good two minutes. Do the same thing for the feet as well. For those who have callouses or rough feet, you would have to do this process for a bit longer.

After continuously rubbing and massaging, gently wash your hands or feet off in warm water.

Pat dry and notice the difference in your skin! It should be soft and smooth, and they will remain that way for days. Repeat this process for at least once every two weeks.

So, did I save you a trip to the pharmacy ??

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Myvi SE - 2007

The one negative thing about the Myvi's immense popularity is, ironically, the Myvi's immense popularity. Just about everywhere you look, you see a train of Myvi's nose to tail in traffic.

Sometimes it looks like one big Myvi family. Even Perodua realised that. Solution? Why, Special Edition time, of course!

Perodua have always been adept at the 'SE' formula but they have surpassed themselves with the Myvi SE. The new variant sports an extensively designed body kit, which includes a new front bumper with chin extensions, a stylish rear bumper with sporty cut-outs, discreet side skirts and an aggressive tail spoiler.

The rest of the additions include new 5-spoke alloys, chromed tail-pipe accent and integrated front fog lamps. Inside, the SE receives the luxury dead-cow treatment, a new silver theme for the dash panel and also a Toyota inspired Optitron meter cluster.

With this model, it's obvious that Perodua is targeting a younger crowd of buyers for the Myvi SE, and the colours reflect that - Ebony Black, Mistik Red and Ivory White.

Pricing starts at RM49K for the manual and goes all the way to RM53K for the automatic, representing fairly good value over the standard Myvi on sale.

If cars are your fancy, do drop by to my other blog, where we discuss issues solely on automobiles.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Sarawak - Land Of The Hornbills

To all nature lovers all over the world, this is the place you have to visit. Welcome to Sarawak, the land of the hornbills.

Sarawak is situated in Malaysia Borneo, the largest state in the country. The colourful history under the rule of White Rajahs, rich tapestry of cultures and superb natural attractions make it a mesmerising holiday destination.

It is filled with heritage buildings in most parts of Kuching, its capital city. But most special about Sarawak is it's Eco-adventure land, great for trekking, caving, mountain climbing, kayaking, biking, rafting and diving.

Take your pick as the state has a wide range of international-standard beach resorts, jungle resorts, star studded hotels as well as it's famous longhouse-style resorts.

Places of Interest available in Sarawak are :

Kuching Waterfront - It's 900m long esplanade, with landscaped surroundings and eateries, is a popular place for locals and foreigners alike. You can also find other attractions along the way here like the Square Tower and Chinese History Museum.

Main Bazaar - Reputed to be the oldest street in the city, you will find that the shop houses here enjoy immense popularity for bewildering variety of items, from ethnic crafts, textiles to bamboo mats and also pottery. Fantastic if you're that sort of person who simply loves to take back souvenirs.

Sarawak Museum - Hailed to be the finest in Southeast Asia. The old wing is designed in the style of a Normandy town house. Within the same grounds you would also find an Aquarium, Botanical Garden and a Heroes' Memorial.

Semenggoh Wildlife Centre - Enjoy the amazing experience of standing close to orang utans in their natural habitat. Watch them swing gracefully as they make their way here during the feeding times. Close by you would find Matang Wildlife Centre where you get to see the animals in enclosures.<Sarawak Cultural Village - This happens to be an award-winning attraction, as it showcases the diverse lifestyles of the state's ethnic groups. Here you get to visit their authentic dwellings and view their crafts, household items and musical instruments. It's lively cultural performance is a major highlight here. Sarawak Cultural Village is the venue for the annual Rainforest World Music Festival.

Damai Beach - The major vacation spot, with some of the state's best beach resorts. Enjoy a wide range of water sports activities at the resorts. Tour's can be arranged to see the rare Irrawaddy dolphin. Other popular beaches include Siar, Sematan, Penyok, Bandung in Kuching as well as Luak Bay and Hawaii Beach in Miri. The National Parks of Bako, Similajau and Tanjung Datu also boast beautiful beaches.

Gunung Gading National Park - Here you get to see beautiful cascading waterfalls, rare foliage and a chance to see Rafflesia, the worlds largest flower.

Mulu National Park - This UNESCO World Heritage site offers spectacular attractions. Gunung Mulu has the world's largest cave chamber and the world's most extensive cave system with razor sharp limestone pinnacles.

Sunday Market in Satok - Browse through a wide array of goods from handicrafts, flowers, local snacks to traditional delicacies. The bustling atmosphere of things taking place makes a trip here enjoyable.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Modern Contemporary Home

Getting that right 'theme' for your home is usually an easy part. The hard part is always, when you try to maintain all the right furniture so that it doesn't stray away from the whole concept.

Take an example of a modern contemporary home, to me, keeping it simple would be the best way to go (more of a minimalist concept). Start with the colours, because finding the right colour for your home is always essential. If you have already bought a big part of your furniture, like maybe the sofa perhaps, then you would likely have to blend in the colours of the wall with that particular sofa.

As the picture shows, simplicity and elegance is at it's best here. The living room, splashed with white, beige and brown, presents a clean and sleek look. The coffered ceiling makes this particular spot an interesting sight to behold.

Drawing attention to an otherwise staid ceiling the use of dim lights illuminating from under the shelves and ceiling, fill the room with warm and cosiness.This also creates an optical effect that both teases and amazes with it's ingenuity. Another benefit of doing this is that you can alternate between warm and white lights, allowing you to vary the lighting to either set the mode to relax or to rush some work under stronger lights.

Extending from the wall lies a row of stylishly white drawers below the plasma TV conveniently hiding all the wiring and electronic paraphernalia, keeping in line with it's minimal concept.

So remember, space planning is important in order to implement the Modern concept effectively. Do not place to many stuff all clustered into one area. Careful balance of space would give an otherwise hard image of the home a smooth flow.

Use of both lights, cool and warm aesthetic lights with variable controls, gives the home owner multiple uses and mood settings.

Taking note of all these details will help give a sense of length to the walls added with the intricate play of colours to give space without sacrificing style is perhaps what differentiates a Modern Contemporary Home from the rest.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

DJ Tiesto

Mention Trance music and one name comes to my mind, DJ Tiesto! Since music has been my passion since school days, I'm actually okay with all kinds. In the beginning I fancied R&B as I worked in a club called 'Traqs' here in KL city. A visit to Melbourne in the early 90's changed all that for me, I began liking Trance music more.

This is a guy who, if he didn't become a DJ cum Producer, would have ended up being a Chef (he loves cooking as well). Tiesto is the first DJ in the world who played in front of 25,000 people in a sell-out two night solo stadium event.

Born in Holland, DJ Tiesto began producing his own music back in 1995. And two years down the road DJ Tiesto together with Arny Bink, formed Black Hole Recordings, the label that launched the hugely acclaimed Magik, In Search Of Sunrise and Nyana mix compilations that we have come to enjoy till date.

Most of the tracks that he uses in his sets are taken off his Magik Muzik label (another sub label of his). In the DJ'ing world Tiesto is known to be a pioneer contributor in the trance music scene, DJ Tiesto thus far remains grounded about his achievements and clearly loves making and playing music above the accolades it brings.

For me in the beginning it was more like an experiment, in my years of playing music I have seldom come across a DJ who had been voted the worlds No. 1 for three years, so I bought his Cd's to find out, this started my whole journey of trance with DJ Tiesto.

Currently his music style is a mixture of everything; trance, house, techno. Inputting different influences gained from his travels from around the world. To show his inner self Tiesto is also involved in charitable programmes where in 2006, he decides to become the worldwide ambassador for Dance4Life, collaborating with Faithless' Maxi Jazz on the anthem, which turned out to be a dynamic piece.

Another thing that caught my attention about DJ Tiesto is that he recently launched the brand new Reebok 'Run The DJ Tiesto' shoe line. This time around he was very much involved in the design, the choice of colours as well as the materials used. For the die-hard fans of Tiesto, like me, you are able to get a pair, complete with his signature.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Tribute To My Mom

The weekend is just around the corner, and everyone is so busy with their last minute shopping, looking for that perfect Mother's Day gift. So I decided to side track just a bit from my scheduled post, in order to give My Mom - my guardian angel, the praise she truly deserves.

But, where does one begin, to say in words or even to list it down on paper, of all the feelings you have for someone and make others truly believe it's so?

As I am older and a bit more wiser, I now see the value of a Mother, as special as mine. I mean, don't go ask me to list every little detail on what she did for me when I was a baby, because there is no way I could recall details to that period in a specific manner. But I know this for sure, there was a lot of love! Growing up in a big family for me was indeed a tremendous experience.

I remember my mom, looking after the six of us and another couple of my cousin's, all in the same home, single handed. Try asking our wives' to do this now, they would immediately show you the exit through the front door!

As I am, in my own way, a Dad now, I finally realise that bringing up a family isn't something simple as it may seem. You've got to put in time, dedication, patience, understanding and most of all, Lot's of love and caring.

As woman outlive men in this era, we find more of our mom's out there who live longer. Some are luckier than others, as their children can look after them, but what about those who have been sent to nursing/old folks home, and such? Things are normally easy when your mom is healthy and financially sound, but as soon as she's sick, physically challenged and financially dependant, things change.

As time caught up with my mom, she slowly developed breast cancer. Though she's been a tough and determined lady throughout this last 10 years or so, we sometimes forget, that now it's our turn to give back some loving... and a little bit of our time. If I could, I would wave a magic wand now and make everything nice and beautiful for her, and also tell her that in my next birth I want to be her child again ..... but the next time, I will be a better son, hugging her each day of her life so that she will never forget how special she is and that I love her so very much!

Today I pay tribute to my Mother, with the message, I Love You Mom, and Happy Mother's Day!

PS : Hope my wife doesn't see this post....she might ask me, "where's my gift"?

Eto'o To Play In Ac Milan?

It seems that the Brazilian 'Phenomenon'- Ronaldo has chosen Samuel Eto'o (currently earning £60,000 per week) to play alongside him at AC Milan, rather than his compatriot, Ronaldinho (currently earning £158,000 per week). It's been said that the Rossoneri board has shown an interest in getting the Cameroonian to play upfront with Ronaldo and backed by Kaka.

Kaka on the other hand, together with Galliani and Berlusconi have in their own way, tried on many occasions, persuading 'Gaucho' (Ronaldinho) to join them at the Rossoneri camp. These are all the preparations that are taking place currently in Serie A, as all teams prepare for the next season.

But somehow or rather, Eto'o did mention that he never would play in Italy, due to some racists remarks thrown at him over there. To me, if he did play alongside Ronaldo and Kaka, he would make a remarkable impact in Milan.

Looking at the current situation, it won't be very easy for Milan to get Eto'o just yet as the Rossoneri will have stiff competition from Manchester United (£29m)and Chelsea (£30m), who both have put their bids for the goal scoring sensation.

Imagining a Brazilian 'tridente' in Milan, for me, is simply mind boggling. What are the odds of having this three star's playing side by side....I like! But sometimes even by having all the star's on the same side, does not mean success is guaranteed, take the example of Real Madrid.

And definitely right now, what AC Milan really needs are players that can adapt to Carlo Ancelloti's tactical scheme. Player's like Ze Roberto (Santos) and Alexandre Pato (Internacional) have also taken their place in Milan's book of shortlisted player's.

At the end of the day, whatever decision's made at the Rossoneri, will still have to depend on Eto'o. Remember, Rio Ferdinand is a close friend of Eto'o, this put's a very strong possibility that he would prefer a move to Old Trafford. What do you think?

Till then, let's just enjoy the game.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Network Marketing

Imagine being able to walk your kids to school every morning....and never having to miss a school concert or a soccer game because you had to work. Imagine planning your work around your golf...instead of your golf around your work. Through Network Marketing this is possible.

Rapid growth of the Internet has given us the ability to make this all a reality through a level playing field. Many of us prefer to work from home, so whether it's a part time or full time thing, you are bound to get worldwide exposure.

Network Marketing, also called MLM or Multi Level Marketing can actually make fortunes for you and me.

Let's take the example of McDonald's, they didn't start off by having 30,000 plus restaurants all over the world, in fact they started with just one. The plan here is called, copycat a proven system and then duplicate it over and over again.

Duplicate your business model based around a proven product (like McDonald's did). Record down what needs to be done in detail so that the model can be taught to somebody else. If this model is proven to work and can be copycatted by the average person, then it can be successfully franchised, but if it only depends on your personal talent (like a one-in-a-million 'star') then it can't be successful, because the 'star' cannot be duplicated.

The reason why 'Mel Gibson' can command $50 million for acting in a picture is because he's the essence of a star. You could never franchise the product 'Mel Gibson' because he's not duplicatable.

Each of us are somewhat blessed with certain talents and gifts that makes us, one-of a-kind individuals. Some people are great singers, while others find it hard to even sing in their shower. To make both the people here equal, is to simply copycat. When it comes to copycatting, we're all gifted and geniuses at it. So why don't we copycat the way to creating wealth?

There is an old saying I would like share here : "If you continue to do what you've always done, you'll eventually continue to get what you've always gotten". This statement makes perfect sense, don't you think so? So try copycatting the system that creates true wealth, duplicate it and try entering 'different doors' in order for you to get different results because if you choose to enter the same doors in life, you'll end up right back where you started.

It's your turn now, so break out of the pack and begin creating true wealth and total freedom. Happy Networking!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Royal Wedding Off

The royal wedding we were all hoping for is reportedly off. News reports say that Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton had decided to call it a day. Many sources believed that William would one day make Kate his bride. If you're wondering whether there was a third party involved, who caused this break up, well, you're wrong.

While Kate was in London, 24 year old Prince William, a sub lieutenant with the Blues and Royals, now on a training course in Dorset, preferred to go out drinking with his Army pals. I guess that this was an inevitable reason why their relationship was strained, being away and all.

Both of them met during their four year course studying history of art. Making an impact was when she strutted down a catwalk towards dignitaries assembled for Prince William's passing out parade at Standhurst last December.

Kate was the one who persuaded William to stay at St Andrews, switching to a geography course that suited him better. At this point the world were not aware of their relationship together, but not until, they went skiing together in Klosters in March 2004, the world only then realised that this was the special girl in William's life.

For the last two years Kate has existed in some kind of limbo, at times she would join him at important milestones in his life, while on other occasions she would be left out.

Kate did not receive any special treatments like a royal couple should, like protection or royal bodyguards, and could only call her local police station in emergencies. Among some observers it left her vulnerable in an age of constant terrorist alerts.

The people's sympathy will be with her, while their concern will lie with Prince William and what he can make of his future life, now he no longer has the love and protection of the woman who became his compass.

Of course, everyone wants them to be happy, but the saddest aspect to this broken love affair is that there can be no reconciliation.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Honda Civic - 2.0S

Fancy driving this beauty? Launched last year and doing very well in the Malaysian car market. The Honda Civic's current competitors are the Toyota Altis (which needs a new model soon) and the Nissan's Sentra.

Honda in Malaysia is anticipating a launch of an enhanced version in the coming weeks. Currently the enhanced version of the 8th generation Civic 2.0 is even more sporty and exciting with new 17" alloy wheels, complete with it's upgraded high performance Michelin Pilot Preceda tyres.

Besides the new wheels, the new Honda Civic 2.0S comes with the option of a spanking new colour: Sparkle Gray Pearl.

The new Civic 2.0S will be made available for bookings at all Honda dealers nationwide from April 16, 2007. The on-the-road price for Peninsula Malaysia, inclusive of road tax and insurance is RM128,800

Monday, May 7, 2007

Melaka - The Historical City

Melaka (formerly known as Malacca), the third smallest state in Malaysia, is known for it's historical prominence and it's cultural appeal. Taking time off to have a holiday here will be an exciting experience.

Today, Melaka possesses a charm that is all it's own. Many tourist from all over the world come here to admire the historical architectures that are in abundance. In the 16th century, Melaka enjoyed a reputation as being the foremost maritime trading centre in the region. It also set the stage on which the Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch and the English, played their roles in shaping history.

It is the ideal place for those who are hunting for treasures of the past, if they look deep into it's quaint shops for curios and antiques. Melaka was founded by a fleeing prince from Sumatra, Parameswara, back in 1936. Parameswara named his sultanate after the 'Melaka' tree.

Here you will find a rich multi-cultural heritage of people, beginning from their unique customs and traditions, food, festivals, dances, buildings and lifestyles. There are many places of interest throughout the state.

Stadthuys - built in 1650 as the official residence of Dutch governors and it's officers. It was originally white but later given a striking salmon-red colour to match the nearby Christ Church.

St. John's Fort - located on St John's hill, originally used as a Portuguese chapel dedicated to St John the Baptist. The fort has an interesting feature; cannons face inland as during that time attacks on Melaka came mainly from the the hinterland instead of from the sea.

Portugese Square - located within the Portuguese settlement, which is 3km away from the city. Built in the late 1980's the square is inspired by the Portuguese Mercado. There are cultural shows every Saturday evening here.

Porta de Santiago - This is a prominent landmark, almost synonymous with Melaka, was a fortress built by the Portuguese admiral, Alfonso d' Albuquerque in 1511. It was badly damaged during the Dutch invasion in 1641. Timely intervention by Sir Stamford Raffles, a British official, in 1808 saved what remains of the A'Famosa today.

Hang Tuah's Mausoleum - This famous Malay warrior served as the admiral of Melaka's naval forces and defended successfully countless attacks against Melaka. The outstanding military exploits of Hang Tuah and his 4 comrades, made him a legend in the history of Melaka.

Hang Li Po's Well - Built by the followers of Hang Li Po, the well was the only source of water during great droughts. The Dutch enclosed it with stout walls to reserve it for their exclusive use. Today, it enjoys a reputation as a wishing well.

Christ Church - Situated adjacent to the Stadthuys, this bright red structure is testimony to Dutch architectural ingenuity. Interesting features include the church's handmade pews, ceiling beams (constructed without joints), brass bible, tombstone and 'The Last Supper' in glazed tiles.

St Paul's Church - St Francis Xavier was buried in the open grave here in 1553, before his body was transferred to Goa India. The church has a commanding view of Melaka.

The list goes on and on with interesting places here in Melaka, the above are just the tip of the iceberg. The state is also much sought after for medical education, with the setting up of the Melaka Manipal Medical College. Since it's inception in 1997, the college has produced many doctors in and out of the country.

So remember, if you are a treasure seeker, Melaka is a trove of activities and nature pursuits. Come for the fun, hail a trishaw for a ride along streets that wind through a colourful mishmash of architectural styles. This historical city is without a doubt, unbeatable!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Good Bathroom

You know, you've just gone for that perfect holiday and when you return, you bring along with you those happy memories of a great escapade. But many a times, besides the happy memories most of us out there also bring back other stuff as well as souvenir's.....Towels, slippers, bottles of shampoo and other toiletries, are common 'take-backs' from hotels, right? (at least I did, on a couple of occasions)

Not to say that we'll be quoted as being someone cheap or something, but basically it's become a norm, a habit to say the least, of collecting stuff from places we've been to. Another odd thing I always do when I check-into a hotel, is to admire the decor of the entire place. I've always imagined my perfect bathroom, to look like something that you would only find in a hotel. On this post, I share a couple of tips on how to reach that goal.....the perfect bathroom.

  • Keep it Simple - When it comes down to painting, use neutral colours, they tend to be always safe. At the end of the day, this is the most easiest and cost saving way to add life and with a little bit of creativity, alter the mood of any bathroom.
  • Proven Plus Points - Use dual sinks, recessed cabinets, a shower light, ample storage space, dimmer switches (these are really neat gadgets) and solid surfaces such as natural stone or acrylic.
  • Always use a Colour Chart - See which colour matches the best. Keep in mind that the colours, red-denotes passion, blue and green - feeling cool, yellow- vibrant and happy etc. In certain cases using coloured fixtures or accessories can also make a statement about you and your home. You should also consider adding some interest for the eyes, with items like shower curtains, toilet seat covers, rugs for the surface, just to name a few.
  • Go for Visual Harmony - Important, always select accessories that blend and match with each other.
  • Use Reflections - Anything that involves making a bathroom feel and look big is definitely a plus in my books. For example, you could try a wall-to-wall or a counter-to-ceiling mirror. Eventually making even the smallest of rooms to end up looking huge.
  • Consistency - This is the keyword here. As I highlighted in my earlier post on Living Styles, set a theme and stick to it. Don't put things that don't blend. I've seen people say that their homes have a 'Modern' concept, but inside you find Balinese tables on marble flooring's and Persian carpets hanging on the walls. Do a survey at first, on the items needed and then only purchase the right furniture.
  • Nature is In - Don't confine the beauty of nature to a potted plant. Try colours of stone, wood, marble and metal, all are soothing and complementary, their textures organic and straightforward. I've seen a hotel use stones such as granite and quartz for counter tops, wood for their cabinets and natural flooring such as limestone tiles in earth tones. Using materials like bamboo, marble and hardwood is also recommended.
So there you have it, some quick pointers on how to create 'a good bathroom', and don't forget, let the light in, simply by opting for skylights and very large windows. (hopefully your neighbour doesn't live very near.....)

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Spiderman 3 - The Movie

The weekend had just begun, started planning on that 'perfect day'. Woke up a little later than usual and started reading the morning papers and just as I was glancing through the pages, I saw this huge poster add, on the latest movie Spiderman 3. I knew then that this was the perfect answer...... time to go catch a movie!

With all the pre-release advertising and hype, I was really looking forward in having a great day at the movies. If you asked me, "what is your best trilogy"?, well, the first movie that comes to mind is Lord of The Rings, so I had to find out, could Sam Raimi change my mind?

It all began in August of 1962, Stan Lee (watch out for him, he makes a cameo appearence in this installment) and Steve Ditko created Spiderman.

I mean 'this guy' has got one of the most villains in the comic world. I really wanted to see who the villain would be this around? In the earlier two films they only had one villain but in this release it seemed like they were trying to make two films all loaded up. Basically it had about 3 villains (maybe 4 if you counted the 'new Goblin')in this running. Spiderman 3 saw three different enemies, one was Flint Marko(remember him, the con who killed Uncle Ben, makes an appearence, by escaping prison and ending up turning into a creature @ aka The Sandman (what will they think of next).

There is also another creature from outer space called Venom who joins in the battle and infect's Spidey's suit. This is where you get to see the dark side of Peter Parker/Spiderman. 'Venom' eventually also finds its way into the body of Eddie Brock , a photographer who also has a grudge against Peter. So there you have it, so many villains in just one movie, makes me wonder if it can hold the whole story line intact.

I initially liked the opening fight scenes but i guess nothing will compare the scene on the train in it's earlier series. Even the closing battles scenes was nothing to shout about.

Compared to it's earlier two, Spiderman 3 this time around, in my opinion, looked like it had no boost in 'bring-back' power. Doing part 4, may just be a bit of a problem. Watching the first two instalments were more fun. Spiderman 3 seemed a bit more stretched, more like a chore.

Friday, May 4, 2007

AC Milan Vs M. United - The Results

Sorry, no English final here. Now, that is not to be. The game was simply exhilarating right from the beginning. The genius of Kaka proved too much for even United's powers of recovery as Fergie's big gamble on Nemanja Vidic went horribly wrong and Milan set up a repeat of Liverpool's 2005 Istanbul miracle clash.

To me, it was like United went on a suicidal defending strategy throughout the game. To have attempted to join Liverpool in an historic all-England final never got off the ground as first half goals from Kaka and Clarence Seedorf overturned their 3-2 first leg advantage. To add salt into the wound, a late goal from Alberto Gilardino sealed Milan's 5-3 aggregate win.

In everyone's mind were the same questions, where were 'the big stars', Cristiano Ronaldo (named Footballer of the Year in England by the Football Writers Association), Rooney, Giggs ?? Failing to keep the ball or create openings, were all signs illuminating their downfall. I'm sure United's player's were reprising their famous semi-final against Juventus in Turin (1999) by falling two goals behind in the first half. But luck was not on their side this time around and they could not manage the comeback as they did back then.

Ac Milan, even by their own high standards, gaining victory over Manchester United was something special. Carlo Ancelotti I'm sure, will be very delighted for it must have been the best 45 minutes Milan has ever played since he became coach in November 2001. Imagine a team having 6, out 11 player's, all above the ages of 30, Paolo Maldini will turn 39 in June. As they say, "with age comes experience", which is somewhat vital in games like this.

On the other side, Liverpool's new owner's, must also be very happy as they see their side advance to another Champions League final at Athens. What a way to get a quick return on their 500 million pounds investment into the club.

So call it what you like, is it 'Destiny' or sheer luck? United thought it was so, as they tried to re-live those so called 'glorious 1990 treble' days, but sadly it was not meant to be.

On 23rd May, who will have their destiny written, as becoming 'Europe's Best Team'..... You Decide.

Lexus RX 350

The Lexus badge was launched in December last year in Malaysia. Thus far it has brought in tremendous response, with their earlier launches ; LS 460L and GS 300. And the anticipation is that the newly launched Lexus RX 350 is expected to draw strong interest from luxury vehicle buyers. The all new Lexus RX 350 is the second generation RX, representing the pinnacle of their brands.

Apparently when Lexus 300 was introduced to the American market in 1998, it was the first ever SUV crossover, creating and defining an entirely new category of automobile. Nowadays it's becoming a trendsetter around the globe. If you look into the statistics, SUV crossovers are one of the industry's most popular and dynamic segments.Technically, the RX 350 comes with a - 3.5 litre, 24 valve DOHC V6 engine, delivering 272hp.

Feature's included - Dual Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence (VVT-i). Power reaches the 18-inch alloy wheels via a five speed Super ECT sequential transmission, allowing for fully automatic or manual managed gear changes. There is also a AWD (All Wheel Drive) system, coupled with McPherson struts at each corner, providing good road holding and superior grip. Other fantastic features found on this beauty ; Power management and braking technology such as Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Traction Control (TRC), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution(EBD) and also Brake Assist (BA).

The interiors features automatic dual climate control and an air-filtration system for cooler drives. The multi-panel wide opening moon-roof, which is 1.5 times wider than conventional units, offers panoramic views. To make things extra special for the driver, the electro-luminescent meter instrumentation in the control panel is displayed in a stylish three-pod layout and is complemented by a three-spoke steering wheel with intergrated audio switches.

I like this the most, Lexus RX 350 has got a Mark Levinson sound system complete with 11 speakers, thus creating impeccable sonic reproduction! Currently enjoying incredible success in the United States, thanks to it's unrivalled build quality, improved performance added with luxury fittings. I seriously feel that the Lexus RX 350 would definitely be in the top of everyone's wish list.

As with all Lexus models thus far, the RX 350 also comes with a 3 year warranty or 100,000km (whichever comes first). The next big question on your mind's, how much will it cost you to bring this baby back??? Well, in Malaysia, it would cost you RM373,000 (Individual Private Registrations) and RM373,200(Company Private) but take note that the prices stated here are without insurance. For this price, Lexus RX 350 is bound to make waves and take it's place at the top. If cars are what you like, please CLICK HERE and visit my Cars Blog.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


Do you remember the time 'ripped jeans' was a fashion statement back in the 80's. Who started it all? Morten Harket, lead vocalist of my ultimate 80's band.... a-ha! Someone told me that it got invented by accident actually, tore his jeans as he was running to the stage, hitting an amplifier on the way. After many years, it becomes 'the' hottest item in display windows throughout the world. What a way to start a fashion statement, don't you think so.

Even during my schooling days, there was always the three of us ; Vickie, James and Me, we were on 'our very own way the a-ha'. From the dressing, leather strips sling'ed on the wrist & even the hairstyle, all were part of our life's back then. And I always chose to be Morten (don't ask me why...) Maybe, because he looked like Elvis & James Dean put together. Those were really good times. I really miss my buddies!

Believe it or not, every time I listen to their hit single - Take On Me, it sends shivers all over my body, but definitely not like the ones that you get when you watch horror movies. This happens until today. It's got that special place in me. Simply put, this has to be my absolute favourite of all time.

In 1985, Take On Me became a major hit on both sides of the Atlantic. It was originally called 'Lesson One' which failed in its earlier releases. The single - Take On Me, sold 1.5 million copies worldwide in just one week.

Currently two concerts have been lined up for this year; Fredrikstad Stadium in Fredrikstad, Norway on Friday, August 17 and the other one at Alfheim Stadium in Tromsø, Norway on Saturday, August 25.

Albums :
  1. Hunting High and Low (1985)
  2. Scoundrel Days (1986)
  3. Stay On These Roads (1988)
  4. East of The Sun, West of The Moon (1990)
  5. Headlines and Deadlines - The Hits of a-ha (1992)
  6. Memorial Beach (1993)
  7. Minor Earth Major Sky (2000)
  8. Lifelines (2002)
  9. How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head (2003)
  10. Singles 1984 - 2004 (2004)
  11. Analogue (2005)
  12. Cosy Prisons - CD Single (2006)
  13. Trilogy Album (Box Set) * 1, 2 & 3 (2006)
Parting words......wish Malaysia 'exists' in their up-coming concert schedule??