Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Awesome Award

Well to be frank, I'm lost for words on this. I've been down lately, and have not been focusing too well on my blog. Three days ago as I was over at MyBlogLog I received a nice little surprise from The Blog Fairy. I was immediately awakened from my slump state to find out that it was an Award! Never in my wildest dream, have I ever imagined for one moment that any Award in particular would be bestowed on me. I'm still actually in a daze and am wondering how I was chosen for this Awesome Blogger Award.

Apparently the ladies have been enjoying these sort of Awards for quite a while now, such as : Rockin Girl Blogger and Blue Ribbon Blogger. So, I think they decided that it was high time that the guy's have a share in this. I'm actually honored that I get to share this Award with few great minds, my true friends : Marzie @ Mariuca (the best female blogger, she gets to enjoy the Blue Ribbon Award) Zubli (the great visionary) and Bobby @ Revellian (a maestro to the blogging world)

And to The Blog Fairy, I must say, THANK YOU with all my heart! You have indeed made me realize that, sometimes good things do take place even on your darkest day's.


Dani said...

Congratulation on the award!! just wonder more and more people are starting to die off from blogging.. just wonder why is that? is it because they are not getting traffic that they want to.. they didn't make money... or what?? hmm..

darlene said...

MAN!...if could vote.....i too would vote for you!! have been the sweetest to me!!..and i thank you!....where do i sign?

Mariuca said...

"Never in my wildest dream, have I ever imagined for one moment that any Award in particular would be bestowed on me."

Wonder no more Nihal, you truly deserve this award! Congrats :) In fact, your friend Darlene visited my blog and said the same thing too! Here's a little Mariuca sunshine to keep your blog smiling & happy!

NIHAL said...

Thanks for all the compliments!!!

@ Dani - There could be many reasons why someone would slowly die-off from blogging. It's a very subjective question if you ask me, coz there are many bloggers out there who love blogging, and have no expectations on any monetary gain whatsoever, and there are those who do it solely for money. In my case, blogging will never die, as I have made too many great friends (like you) along the way and to stop halfway would indeed be a great loss for me. :)

@ Darlene - Wow, you're so sweet! If ever I get to see you in person, there's definitely going to be a big kiss coming your way !!!

@ Marzie - You're a constant inspiration for me. I can't imagine not having you as my friend. When you're in town the next time - I sure belanja makan :))

Marguerite Jasmin said...

Congradulations Nihal!

NIHAL said...

Hi Marguerite.

Thank you for the compliment! I'm blushing all over :)

Ishvara said...

Blogging shouldn't be about traffic. Anyhow. Great blog, and congrats.

NIHAL said...

Hi Ishvara,

Thanks for your input on this BUT I beg to differ on this, due to the fact that, I consider "Traffic" a very important aspect of blogging which comes next after "Good Contents". As I wouldn't want my blog to have no readers. Having friends and other loyal readers come to your site @ traffic, helps one keep the passion burning.

One things for sure, your poems are really good. Well done :)