Monday, April 30, 2007

Britney On The Comeback

Every other day i hear someone gossiping about another person. What is actually the definition to that word? My closest conclusion could be that it normally consists of casual or idle talk of some sort, sometimes slanderous (but definitely not always) discussions of others. While gossiping could attribute to the oldest form of spreading and also sharing news and views, it also adds some spice into the story as well.

One Celebrity that people like to talk (or in other words, gossip) about these days, would be Britney Spears. Imagine her putting the blame on her mom, Lynne, for all the problems that she's been having recently. How much more of this, do we have to take from Ms Britney?

The rehabbed (how many times???) pop diva is also supposedly planning to come out on the open and dish out some serious dirt in an upcoming tell-all. Sources say that she will delve in topics with relation to Kevin Federline, and how life with him, nearly drove her to suicide. (poor girl) Her main belief is that he pretended to love her for the sake of money and a music career.

Publishers are lining up to get the rights for this 'one-on-one' with her, and how much will she make out of this..... a whopping $10million (assuming this story from the source is real)

On the good side, The 'Oops' singer has been keeping herself quite busy recently, plotting her musical comeback. She's been reported to be logging long hours at the studio as well as time at the dance studios.

From all of us here, we wish her good luck, and hope that this time around, she will get it right.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Nutty Professor - Jerry Lewis

Nutty Professor, The

Hollywood films like 300, Lord of the Rings or Harry Porter would be in the minds of many youngsters these days. I for one, also fall into that category as well. But personally, there are some that stand out from the rest. One of my personal favourites (from a very very long list) happens to be 'The Nutty Professor' by Jerry Lewis. This movie was in fact made back in the year 1963 (don't worry I'm not that old, if you're wondering....)

I really take my hats off to him for being an expert in silly, face contorting and also physical comedy. Back then, there was a saying that "you had to be French to appreciate his slapstick comedy". Jerry Lewis in this movie, in my opinion, is simply brilliant. In fact he was even better when he was a 'team' with Dean Martin, earning them the reputation for being 'the most magical duo of all time'. Watching the first 20 minutes of this movie made me practically fall off my sofa with laughter. Sidesplitting comedy at it's best. In this movie he plays the role of Professor Julius Kelp, an intelligent and well meaning yet accident prone chemistry teacher whose penchant for experimentation keeps him on a thin line with the boss, Dr Harmius R. Warfield.

He is attracted to this drop dead gorgeous girl, which is his student Stella Purdy. She makes the Professor think about re-examining his body image just to gain her attention. Since he gets bullied all the time by going to the gym, which is somewhere he is not cut out for, he pays a visit to a analyst which points to the direction of bettering himself through the only way he knows best...chemistry. This is when all the fun begins. Suave and sophisticated Buddy Love is the outcome from this transformation, he commands attention in every room he enters. The comic like Jekyll-and-Hyde complications ensue throughout the movie but Stella tends to fall for the real Kelp despite his addiction to love.

I know some of you out there might say that the story line is too thin and you can't stand Jerry Lewis for any given lenght of time, nor whatever i say here would change your perception about all this but many past reviews have stated that 'The Nutty Professor' is one of the hilarious classic comedies, and that it should be shared with viewer's of all ages. The things i like most about this movie is quite long, such as his buckteeth, his bad haircut and goofy voice, just to name a few.

After laughing your lungs out, you conclude that - the nerd (Kelp) is hopeless but sweet; the cool cat (Buddy Love) is talented but obnoxious. And no doubt most of us has seen the remake to this movie, made by Eddie Murphy back in 1996, but the original version by Jerry Lewis still remains the most well regarded comedies from that era (more towards the French I think...)

Laughing out loud with Jerry Lewis, is something that needs to be reintroduced to the new generation. Currently you guys are lucky because there are Limited Edition DVDs available in the market on this very funny movie. As usual, this would be another movie I would highly recommend you to add to your collection

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Genting Highlands Resort

Saturday, a day i normally sit back and become the most laziest guy on earth (not in every sense of the word that is..) A cousin of mine, all the way from Sri Lanka has come down to Malaysia, so today would turn out to be a bit different than usual, i had to turn myself into a Tour Guide of some sort. He had a tight schedule due to his short visit here, mostly occupied by business appointments. Cracking my head on where to take a first time traveller to Malaysia and show him something that might not already be available in their country, and after only 10 minutes, decided that we should go this place called 'Genting Highlands'.

Located on the borders of the state of Pahang and Selangor, This City Of Entertainment nestles nicely on the mountains peaks, 1700m above sea level. It took approximately an hour for us to reach this mountain resort. I had plans to show him the beauty of this 'Las Vegas of Malaysia' in it's nightly glitter but failed in the manner that we were unable to take any good outdoor photograph shots of the place due to poor visibility, as it was too misty.

Nevertheless he carried on with the task at hand....and that was, to try his hands at the table. Genting Highlands is the only legally land based casino in this whole country. If you're the sort who would like to try something unique, then you should grab a seat at the longest and fastest Cable Car called 'The Genting Skyway' (but just don't ask me, I'm afraid of heights) Genting City of Entertainment is filled with Theme Parks, Shopping Malls, Sky Diving Simulator, Golf Course, Concert Hall and not forgetting a Snow World as well. Once you find your way here, the fun never ends.

As we were having loads of fun, the idea of spending the night cropped up. Unfortunately, luck was not on our side, as not even a single room was available. I mean, this place has got 6 huge hotels and with the biggest hotel (First World Hotel) boasting a total of 6,118 rooms (surpassing MGM Grand Las Vegas)....and we still couldn't get a room, imagine the number of visitors they get??

Majority of the KL folks head up here to enjoy the very cool climate and their unique first in Asia, Hang-Gliding Roller Coaster (four riders "flying" together, side by side and experiencing zero gravity) called the Flying Coaster. Another attraction that one can enjoy here is their Water Park. This time around, the water here is heated so that you don't turn out to be a ice man, if you know what i mean.

So parents with lots of children, make sure you pay a visit to this place.... but with a thick wallet!!! Trust me, whoever invented the video game, should be shot down.....the whole place is filled with all sorts of video games!

Overall, Genting Highlands to me, is a great one stop entertainment city, for the whole family.

Friday, April 27, 2007

How To Blog & Make Money

Somebody asked me this question just the other day, how did you start & create your Blog? Have you ever wondered how this can also be made possible to everyone out there? It all actually started by chance for me, added with a bit of curiosity.

A Blog is actually an abbreviated word for Weblog. It's somewhere where people can put down their thoughts and opinions in their own special way, through the Internet. Do you need to be a computer genius.... the answer to that, is No.

Nowadays, there are lots of blogging providers out there, who provide their services for Free, just to name a few, there is,,,, and so on. As you may have noticed this blog is under the good hands of Blogger.coms' team. They do all the hard work for us. All you have to worry about is what you're going to write in that blog. is also another provider where I'm having my Cars Blog . All of these sites are on 'ready to go' basis, meaning to say that, they have pre-made Templates (background designs on how your blog will look like) which you can pick and choose from. This is the interesting part, because you get to personalize it to the way you want it to be.

The providing site will guide you through simple language on what you have to do next, so don't worry too much about making a mistake. Almost forgot, whatever you do, do this first, choose a name and a short one at that for your blog, which would be very easy for everyone to remember. Learn from my mistake, even I have problems typing my blog name (I know you guy's are laughing....) It's just too long.

Once you've done that, decide on whether you want the blog to be something surrounding your personal experiences, like a diary (this can be difficult at times i tell you, even people with exceptional writing skills would find it hard) OR whether it's going to be on something specific, like maybe a blog just for movie lovers (stick to a particular topic) and so on. At the end of the day, you decide. Because sometimes being creative can make all the difference.

Assuming you've decided on the subject, next you, surf the net and compare other blogs and see how they have set up theirs and also introduce yourself to them by leaving some comments. This way you gain ideas on how to better your blog and will create a link back to your site. Another important thing in blogging is that you constantly must update it, so that your readers will keep coming back to your page. Once you get the hang of it, it'll be fun, trust me. Don't feel depressed if no one comes to visit your blog for a while. You know the world is huge so, it may take sometime for your blog to get noticed.

Alas, we can talk about money. Yes, you can make money through your blog. Monetize it by primarily applying to Google Adsense. Having reasonably a good amount of posts already available in your blog would help in your application. Adsense is an advertising program (run by Google) that helps you make money by placing content, referral and search relevant advertisements on your blog. So, have all this on your blog and keep on writing because, come one day, the traffic to your site could be enormous and you will end up laughing all the way to the bank.

Remember Blogs are meant for the world to see and read, keep it clean and enjoyable. Welcome aboard and happy blogging!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Home Theatre Systems

Getting the right AV Equipment setup can be difficult at times. First of all it involves a lot of planning, in terms of where to install them, whether it's going to be a setup for audio solely or is it going to be added with visual equipment as well. Usually Home Theatre setups are as individual as the people who own them.

Nowadays, Home Theatre setups are becoming more and more common amongst homeowners throughout the world. Widely available, by not having one, some might even ask you if you're from the stone age. So nowadays people just walk into a store and grab a 'box set' and head back home to hook it up to their TV sets, to them their task is over," I have picture & I have sound, I'm happy". And there are people who would stretch their wallets way pass the ceiling, and end up getting the same thing, picture & sound. But there's more.... so much more difference.

To me, when you have a dedicated room for all this, you're able to enjoy the maximum viewing potential it's got to offer, in a bigger way. Imagine the whole family sitting together and catching that great movie, all in the comforts of their home. Bringing that movie theatre experience right into your home added with the right equipment, beats any theatre outing (for me that is).

Remember, there are people who go to extreme lengths just to ensure that everything is of the best quality. It can start from the carpets on the floor, the doors, the ceiling, wiring, bookshelfs or loudspeakers etc. Another thing you would have to look into is the Amplifier, make sure it's as powerful as the Speakers ' minimum input rating. This is to avoid distortions and in some extreme cases Speaker damage . If it's the other way around, then don't worry.

Another tip would be not to buy a one-brand system, a little bit of mixing and matching brands will go a long way. Some may have strengths and some may have weaknesses, that is i why the whole AV set-up in my home is based on that theory.

Tip number two, never crank up your system too loud, even though the temptation is there. By doing so many a times, you'll soon discover a flattening of the dynamics in the music. A good combination Amplifier & Speaker set, would enable it to play cleanly at realistic levels thus giving the power to the dynamics of the music more accurately.

Finally, once everything is decided and you want to make sure if you've got that successful system matching, don't worry because there's only two things you would need and they're made easily portable by being attached to both sides of your head.... ears. That's right, by you listening, it will not go wrong but then again, finding a good dealer to help you experiment , while at the same time guide you, will prove to be invaluable.

So remember, play by ear, if it sounds good to you, then you're doing it right!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Toyota Camry - 2007

The Malaysian, New Toyota Camry was recently launched into the market, fully imported from Thailand. The New Model looks bolder, sophisticated and much more aggressive than its predecessors. This time around it doesn't look that conservative in the eyes of the users. Currently its taking the bulk of the market share amongst it's competitors.

I personally feel, the New Camry is a class above the rest. It combines both modern elements and high end finishing. After years of being in the Motor Industry, i can safely say that the New Camry is a vehicle that sets a new global standard.

The first thing you would notice in this sixth generation Camry would be it's stylish and balanced design. Interiors are covered with leather and wood grain trims gives you the sense of prestige(2.0G & 2.4V). Seating inside one of this units will give anyone the feeling of 'spaciousness' due to its long cabin. Feedback from the people I've met also say that they are happy that the New Camry features an all new, plasma cluster air-conditioning system (provides refreshing ions, reduces airborne micro organisms, contaminants and odour particles) with Dual control ability (one temperature for the driver and another temperature for the front passenger) & what more, they get to control all this together with the Audio and Multi Info Display (MID) all at the touch of a button on the steering wheel. Now that is what we call, Innovations of the future.

Even during the earlier models, Camry's usually do very well, in terms of their sale. I would think it's mainly due to it's reliable engines. The New Camry currently comes with two engines, the first one being the 2.0 litre 1AZ-FE and the other being the 2.4 litre 2AZ-FE. Both are 4 cylinder DOHC 16valve engines. It also features the ever so popular Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence which gives the car that vroom power. It is also noted that power and torque for both the engines are amongst the best in its class.

Driving this 'dream machine' is such a pleasurable experience. Currently the New 2.4V Camry comes fitted with a new 5 speed Super ECT automatic transmission, it also gives the driver the option of manual sequential shifts when required. However the 2.0E & G has only a 4 speed Super ECT automatic transmission in them.

Needless to say about Toyota's safety standards, this car comes fitted with the highest level of Active and Passive safety needed in a car.

So try not to be the average Joe when you buy that new car, the accessory shop is where they would go. Remember when you go out shopping for all those extra accessory gadgets, check your warranty first, as not to infringe them. All Toyota vehicles as I know, come with a 3 year or 100,000km (whichever comes first) warranty.

Driving this car around town will definitely get you the looks, if you know what i mean...

Parting words from me, if money is not an obstacle, get this Baby!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Making Money The Agloco Way

Setting up a Blog, can be an exciting experience as it has been for me. In those days, one had to be a web designer or a marketing guru of some sort in order to create one. I wanted to set up a Blog of my own but didn't know where to and how to? But new generation dot.Com's have come up and they make it so easy for someone to set up one and even easier to make money.

As I have set up my own Blog - Nihal's Anything and Everything, other things started to crop up in my mind, how to start advertising, how to increase traffic, how to create links etc? In my quest to search the answers, i found AGLOCO. This is something great, all you have to do is :

  • Become a Member - by briefly completing a sign-up page (it's entirely free)
  • Download a View bar - to do an Internet search (spy ware free) it will be placed at the bottom of your screen, so as to not distract the whole page (the downloads will be ready in a few weeks)
  • It's now your Company - (get cash and other benefits)
  • Invite your Friends - (e-mails, chat, phone, blogs.....) The more referrals, the more you tend to make.
The secret to all this, lies in the View bar. Just turn it on for 5 hours in a MONTH (That's all ???), and you will get paid! Unbelievable but true. It's like you watching advertisements on your TV or Newspaper but you don't get paid, here it's different, they pay you for watching.

Another way of adding money on top of the View bar payments that you would already get, is that you introduce AGLOCO to everybody around the world, and you will make 25% of what they make in the referral system that is provided by the Company. That's not all, this referral system goes 5 levels deep. Can you see the Big Picture here?

So in my honest opinion, don't wait. If making money online, is something serious you want to do, CLICK HERE and start that money making machine of yours.

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Party - Peter Sellers

How many of you have seen the movie 'Pink Panther' or 'Dr Strangelove'? Not many, in the younger age group, I suspect. I myself have seen it up teen times. Peter Sellers was a funny character in most or not all of his films. In the modern day, he would have been like another Jimmy Carey, I suppose. He started out with a few British comedies before going into the Big Screen in Hollywood. Peter Sellers died of a heart attack back in 1980.

One movie that really stood out from his acting career in my records would be, The Party, Directed by the famous Blake Edwards. Made in 1968, this movie evolves around a series of gags and comical routines that unfolds within the confines of a swanky Hollywood Studio Chief's house party. I remember Peter Sellers playing the role of V. Bakshi, a polite Indian actor who finds himself accidentally being invited to the producer's house party.

Why an Indian actor you ask? I don't know the answer myself. This guy literally only gets three steps from the front door before things start going wrong for him. The Bumbling Hrundi, is a likeable and a sympathetic fellow, such an earnest fellow he is that the last thing on his mind would be to create havoc at this party. But not long after, you will know that all too well, not only is he going to get into difficulties despite his good intentions but those same good intentions will get him into the most absurd and amusing situations and this doesn't stop, right till the end.

Adding the laughter together with him, watch out for the hilariously drunken Butler (played by Steve Franken). Similarly, the slapstick escalates gradually by having characters repeatedly falling pratfall into the swimming pool, a brightly painted elephant joining the guests list and a sea of soap bubbles.

I think this film is not just for Sellers fans, but will cater nicely for even the new audiences of all ages. I highly recommend you to get this movie and put it into your collection.

Final word, "Hysterically Funny".

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ronaldo - 'The Phenomenon'

During my school days i used to be very involved in sports, especially hockey. Playing the game well, also helped me get transferred to a better school. Unfortunately, this interest did not carry on after my schooling days. To my surprise i picked up a new sport, Soccer.

The passion for the game this time around was a bit different, watching the game being played on television instead of physically playing on the field was better, for me that is. (if you have read my Health Mart page earlier, you would know why) It all began somewhere around the year 1996, when Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima also known as 'The Phenomenon' to the world was voted for the first time as the youngest FIFA World Player. He took my attention with his mastery and skillful play and made me love the game. Born in Bento Ribeiro, Rio De Janeiro, in Brazil, this guy was to my opinion, the perfect football player (don't count his teeth though...)

Again, the following year and also in 2002, Ronaldo was voted World Player, making it a total of three times. This achievement is also shared by his former Real Madrid team member Zinedine Zidane, for getting the prestigious award three times. He was first noted when he was around 14 years old and was quickly put into their national youth squad. Three years later and at the age of 17, Ronaldo thought of making an international debut at the 1994 World Cup games in the US, but sadly he was never featured in any of their games. The world stage had to wait another four years before he mesmerised them, with his 'Samba' skill. I think his most prolific period was when he played for Barcelona (1996-1997) after which he was bought over by Inter Milan the following year. Watching Ronaldo & the whole Brazil team play in the 1998 World Cup was very exciting. I remember watching every single game that Brazil played at that World Cup. From here, you are able to judge that I am a die hard fan of Brazil, when it comes to soccer. Open my cupboard and you will find a whole range of Team Brazil Merchandise. What made them lose the finals that year, haunts my mind till date. How such a 'complete team' could fail?

In 2002 , he was bought over by the Spanish giants, Real Madrid. Sales of his Jersey broke all records world over on the day of his signing. I'm glad that I'm a proud of one myself. Since his signing in 18 of January 2007 into AC Milan, have you noticed?, he has changed his almost-trademark 'chrome dome' (fully shaven head) to a short nappy hair do and minus his beard. Courtesy of the request of the clubs President, Berlusconi. I feel like his become a new man here after swapping sides from the 'weight-watching' fans of Spain. AC Milan currently looking ahead to a first-leg Champions League semifinal on Tuesday at Premiership leaders, Manchester United. Ronaldo helped an understrength AC Milan on Saturday beat their visiting side Cagliari 3-1. With all that said, Ronaldo, personally, has improved since his arrival at AC Milan and on his way to re-reach his old peak fitness and will prove his critics that they were so very wrong.

Call him the Boy Wonder, The Miracle Man, The Phenomenon, The Keepers Nightmare, The number 9 or whatever, to me, there is only one, Ronaldo !

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bio Magnetic Therapy

In this fast paced society of ours where money rules, stress and depression is always on the rise. This is something you are not able to runaway from. We are so caught up in the "rat race" just to make a decent living. People want answers, to ease their frustrations & stress.

A year back, my friends and I went out for a guys day out just to play futsal. As I used to be very involved in sports during my school days, I thought I still had it in me, how wrong was I! Half way through the game I had a mild kind of a stroke. This really scarred me. So it really doesn't matter if you're 20 or 30 or even 45 years of age. Prevention is always better than cure.

I myself have had my share of ups and down (mostly downs, I would say...) But nevertheless, "life has to move on" as the saying goes. Seeking a solution, was on my mind. Then a came a day, in the days of December, I was introduced to a wellness product. Take an example of a parent, they would pay any amount of money just to provide their kids with the best vitamins/supplements/medical attention etc, the adults on the other hand, would pay loads of cash just to find a way to enhance their quality of life through these sort of products. Without a doubt, the wellness business in these current times is one of the biggest profit making business.

Did a bit of research on it through the web, and boy was I amazed with my findings. Bio Magnetic Therapy, is an alternative/non-invasive form of healing. It's said that it's been in existence for the last 100,000 years. (why didn't anybody tell me this earlier???)

The purpose of Bio Magnetic Therapy is told to be relieving pain and discomforts that are in the body. Thousands of people worldwide have discovered the benefits of this powerful therapy for themselves. We know for a fact that the world we live in, is indeed a huge magnet and that we have evolved in its magnetic fields. Even the human brain, emits magnetic field that may control the body's chemistry.

Have you noticed that when you are ill, certain parts/points of your body become painful to touch, that's because the energy flows in an unbalanced manner but when you are well, energy flows in a balanced manner through the meridians. Now you know why the Chinese perform acupuncture, the needle generates electrical impulses to restore energy balance through those points! Bio Magnetic Therapy does the same sort of thing, minus the pain, stimulating the nerves to create that better blood flow. Nowadays there are even Magnetized Water and juices on the market shelves. This therapy is becoming so easily accessible to all, you make the choice. And the best part about all this is that there are even certain cases where obese patients using these bio magnetic bracelets have seen a reduction in their weight.

As for my personal experience, I was somewhat prone in getting asthma attacks. After using this Bio Magnetic Bracelet, all this is in my past. Another finding I've made through this therapy is that my common stiff necks and sinus problems are also missing. Call this just a coincidence, I don't know. All I know is that this therapy has really helped me. (I've just bought one for my wife, hope it can cure constant nagging...)

Finally, if you would like to add wealth into your health, you could email me.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Sanjaya Malakar

Are you one of those people who likes to sit in front of a TV for hours, just watching reality shows? Hmm... it seems that many of us practically do this. I kinda like The Amazing Race and all that but what really gives me a good laugh would be The American Idol.

I mean, is The American Idol still a singing competition? To be honest, these days I'm not that sure. Take Sanjaya 'The Hair' Malakar for example. He was that one person who everybody thought would be out within the first two weeks. This 17 year old used to get unbelievable support despite the fact that he was not one of the better singers in the competition. (Voted out 18 of April) To me, it was like watching a bunny in a room full of bobcats.

A lot of people nowadays don't bother if you can hit a note as high as the moon or not. Likeability and what's the other word, yes right, a little bit of quirkiness, I think, that makes people like the contestant. This guy created a devoted fan base simply by way of his hairstyles, really, his lady-haired impact had inspired a website to be created just for his fans. I personally liked the one style where they made him look like a Mohawk.

When Sanjaya first made it into the top 12 by beating out judges favourite, Jason 'Sundance' Head, Simon reportedly declared that he would quit the show if this youngster won! (how we all would love that to happen). Even Simons comments did not bear any weight, being his usual self, saying nothing, but at the end of the day the Americans, i believe, didn't care much about that and eventually kept Sanjaya with his pearly whites to sing another day.

So what's Sanjaya's secret that made the Americans love him? I wonder if it was his hair, his cheeky grin or his octopus like movements during an uptempo number.

Whatever it is, i reckon all this is what makes the show infinitely more entertaining!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Decor, My Way

I've always taken a liking towards decorating/designing, especially towards the interiors of a home. Watching related programmes and reading online magazines on the subject simply excites my senses to learn more.

I'm sure that there are times when you pay a visit to a friends home and you see a design and think : "That's so simple. I wish I'd thought of that" I've encountered this myself many times. So i always think that by experimenting with the things you already have in your home, sometimes you might just come up with a new method of using that material to transform it into a truly beautiful form (e.g. transforming that empty Galiano bottle into a table lamp). You'll end up saying "Wow, now that looks great". Trust me, the source of one's imagination can come from places you least expect.

As Malaysians we are some what lucky as we get to appreciate the diversity of Asian aesthetics with furniture coming in from Indonesia, India, Myanmar, China, Vietnam etc. Remember, everyone is creative in their own special way. So, try mixing & matching the stuff you get easily from where you are and see the difference. Start by doing simple stuff like maybe, moving the sofa set around, relocating that TV, changing that old carpet etc.

One thing i noticed here, is that home sizes are shrinking as more of us continue to entertain at home, so getting that innovative kitchen design is important in every aspect. You can use all sorts of kitchen furniture to complement your layout. Kitchen trends keep changing quite often. But then again, having a big bank account is another issue you have to handle first. What i mean by an innovative kitchen means, where the work space seamlessly integrates with the dining and also the entertainment space. Eating at home doesn't need to be boring, as for me, whichever way i look at it, the most important place of the home i reckon, would be the kitchen. (you know i love food...)

People always say "I don't have the time and money to do all this". You're right, all this boils down to real commitment in time and lot's of money. I have a neighbour who's building a three storey bungalow, it's almost a year past and it's still not completed. I'm sure you're wondering, why? He has the time and the money, so he takes his time in sourcing for all the materials on his own. He is committed in building his home beautiful. Wish all of us could be like him.

Finally, before everything starts, i always select a theme for the home, it could be Urban, Modern, Fusion, Zen, Balinese etc. This way, you can stay focused on how your home will be decorated and how it will eventually turn out, in the end.

So start adding that dash of fun and imagination into your life!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


This is a story about how I got hooked up in the music world and learned everything about what is needed to be a reasonably good DJ, and the equipments you would necessarily need when it comes to DJ'ing. My younger days were filled with lots of fond memories (not to say that now it's not...). Growing up in the 70's era, we didn't have things like PS2's, so what was our favourite past time? House parties on most of the weekends!! I was lucky because I had brothers who practically organised parties, every other weekend. You should see the walls at our old place, cracks everywhere (due to loud music..) Thank God it's been torn down long ago for development in that area.

Couldn't get it out of my head, so, I picked it up where they left off. Slowly began mixing songs for private parties and after building enough courage decided to get involved in the club scene, the rest was history.

DJ'ing has evolved beyond it's humble beginnings. Back in those days DJ's were popular for being Radio Deejays/Announcers. Today, there are many different types of DJ's out there in the market due to different factors like : performance settings, choice of music, the intended audience etc.

Call it whatever you want, playing, mixing, scratching, but eventually everything boils down to skill. Now, that's powerful.

The whole idea in DJ'ing is to be able to seamlessly blend tracks together so that they become one huge never ending song (not to be confused with a broken record...). Nowadays everyone wants to be a DJ. If ever you dreamt about how the whole thing works and how they do it behind the decks, you gotta read on. Here's a couple of clues on how to get started because getting the right DJ Equipments is essential, unless you've got your hands on a pair of ipod DJ Mixer. I mean this has simply got to be the best invention till date . Imagine no more going into a club with boxes & boxes of records, coz everything you need, will be in your pockets!

Get a minimum of two devices, which could either be a combination of a DJ CD Player or a Turntable set. This, would allow the user to alternate back & forth in between tracks to create a continuous flow. Every equipment is going digital age but you will still get complaints from the "Old Timers" 'cause digital sound will never be as good and punchy as the ones from vinyl. On the other hand, I personally, prefer to play with Cd's. Another reason is that I get to travel light (no more bulky vinyl boxes to carry around)

These modern day decks come fully equipped with extras, like BPM (beats per minute) Counters (trust me, it will come handy), Loop Controls, Multiple Cue Points etc.

For the die hard vinyl collector, if you still want that "feeling", go get yourself that direct drive turntable and you will be safe. Don't waste money on belt driven ones. Make sure your pitch control is located on your right, for easier control.

Besides having to own the two Decks, an Audio Mixer is the next big thing you should grab. The Audio Mixer plays an important part in a DJ set. This will allow you to change the sound/tracks without having a break in the melody or beats.

Look for a Two Channel Audio Mixer for starters. This unit should preferably be equipped with a Cross Fader, Individual Gain Controls, Individual Faders and Head Phone sockets etc.

Plug these two equipment together and you're off on your beat mixing/beat matching journey.

This solely depends on individual. I wouldn't know where you would hook up your set, could be in your bedroom, maybe. If that was the case then plug in the cable from the mixer into the CD or AUX port at the back of your Hi-Fi.

A lot of research has to be done before you go get your Amplifier or Speaker Set, so, take your time, choose what you think will be the best for you. Getting an amplifier and speaker separately (as in brands) works for me; it may be more costly but this sort of set up would definitely produce better sound & performance.

The rest of the things would be items like Headphones, Slipmats and Cartridges (for Turntables). If you plan to go further with all this, then probably you have to start thinking about other equipment as well that you should add into your list e.g. Effect Processors, Samplers, Computerised Performance Systems, Drum Machine etc. A lot of these technologies are being updated all the time. I've recently encountered a DJ Mixing Software to solve all your problems and will make life that much easier for any DJ, it's called Deckadance, it's from the makers of FL Studio (it's a Digital Audio Workstation for Windows PCs).

With all that said, it's time that you start listening to more than one genre of music. Create that magnetic body language (that's the secret I tell you...), get your wardrobe collection changed, have that ultra modern hand phone (helps to evaluate your status, even if you're nowhere...) and lastly, create & believe the hype!

Whether you do it for fame or fortune, let the music guide your fingers & pump that beat in your soul.

Batu Caves

My relatives from abroad always ask me this same question, "Where should we go?" Well there's lots of interesting places that you could go to in KL, Malaysia. For starter's, everyone who comes to Kuala Lumpur, should not leave the city without paying a visit to this place. Where am i talking about?

Batu Caves of course, if you translate this directly into English, it would simply mean, Stone Caves. The caves here are made up of lime stones. 400 meters long and 100 meters high is how huge these caves are. It is said that Batu Caves was first discovered back in 1891. I wonder how anyone at that time would have gone up?? Anyway, it was not until the year 1920 that wooden steps were built for people to make their way to the top. In total there are 272 steps that you would have to take, before reaching the top.

Generally, Batu Caves consist of 3 main caves, and is added with a number of other smaller ones. The main cave here holds the shrine of Lord Subramaniam, a Hindu deity. The other one has been transformed into a cave gallery, located at the foot of the caves, featuring clay figurines and also wall paintings depicting scenes and figures from Hindu mythology.

From here, you could sense that this place is special and sacred for every Hindu. Batu Caves serves as a focul point for the Hindu Community when it comes to their yearly Thaipusam festival, attracting almost 1.5 million people to one place. People from all parts of the world have come here and every time you reach the top, it gives a sense of spirit to all who enter, regardless of your religion.

In Malaysia, Batu Caves is noted to be the most holiest Hindu shrines in the country and it's also one of the most frequented tourist destinations in KL. Did you know that it's also listed in the Guinness Book Of World Record's? "Why?" you ask... Well, after taking 3 years to build, in January 2006, the Worlds Tallest Standing Lord Murugan Statue was unveiled at Batu Caves. It stands at 42.7 metres (140.9 feet). They used 1550 cubic metres of concrete, 250 tonnes of steel bars, 300 litres of gold paint, among other things to complete this work of art. I also heard that the whole project cost them RM2.5 million.

There are also daily tours conducted by the Malaysia Nature Society, if you fancy having a look into the Dark Caves, but a one day advance notice must be given in order for you to gain entry. Besides this, Rock Climbing which is quite popular amongst the younger generation, has been seen many a times at the surrounding caves.

As you make your way here, remember one thing, there could be loads of mischievous monkeys (if you're unlucky, that is) waiting to greet you at the stairs. They will try to grab at your plastic bags or on anything that seems to have food in them. Trust me, don't ever feed them.

So, get your camera's ready folks (and that flight ticket...) and let your mind go free with calmness, for that truly unique Malaysian experience!

Name : Batu Caves, Sri Subramaniam Temple
Location : 11km north of KL city, along the Gombak District
Tel : 03-6089 6284
Open : 6am - 9pm (Mondays thru Sundays)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mans Sup Keramat Supermarket

Food... one of my favourite pastimes. A lot of us sometimes make mistake's by thinking that good food naturally comes from a "Good Restaurant"(location, decor, set-up etc). I somewhat disagree to this myth. As the old saying goes : Don't judge a book by its cover.

We are somewhat lucky i guess in Malaysia, to have loads of choices when it comes down to food. Imagine, from a population of 26 Million (i think..) people, made up of many races, you are bound to experience the best recipes.

So, i thought before we head down to the posh restaurants, why don't we savour the food that is so easily available outdoors (some are even open 24hrs).

Trust me, this is one fantastic hawker stall you must visit and try out if ever you are in Kuala Lumpur. It's speciality is that it serves an array of soups using traditional herbs and spices. Famous amongst the locals, and many from around the country say that it serves the best soup, especially their sup kambing.

Here's a little bit of history on how it all started. In 1980 a gentleman from Kedah by the name of Syed Rantherghani, now 87 years old, realised he wanted to begin his own special "Soup Stall". He travelled to the capital city and found the perfect location.

Prices for a bowl of soup back then used to be around RM1.20 - RM4.00. Now after 27 years, a bowl would cost you RM4.00 - RM12.00 depending on the choices you make.

Now this stall is being run by the son, Abdul Rahman or fondly known as "Man (pronounce it with a jamaican accent) Sup Chow Kit" It is said that the secret lies in the 14 herbs & spices used to make this thick gravy kind of soup (Tried asking what are the 14 herbs & spices - failed)

Types of Soup :
1) Sup Ayam (Chicken Soup)
2) Sup Kambing (Mutton Soup)
3) Sup Lembu (Beef Soup)
4) Sup Ekor (Made from the tail of the cow)
5) Sup Kaki + Lidah Kambing (Made from the Leg + Tongue of the Goat)
6) Sup Tunjang (Made from the Veins of the Cow)
7) Sup Tropedo (Top Secret!!) - Just know it's a mixture of lots of things listed above.

I know, to some they might say it sounds disgusting to eat things made from legs, tongues etc, but believe me all this has some sort of healing effects for some problems like : back pains, joint pains etc. Taken once a week, is highly recommended by the owners. Looking at the founder who is 87 years old & standing strong, I'm gonna try this, how about you?

Name : Mans Sup Keramat Supermarket
Location : Behind the former Keramat Supermarket, along Lorong Masjid Pakistan, Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur.
Open : Daily except on Mondays, 12.00pm till 1.00am

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

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