Friday, April 20, 2007

Sanjaya Malakar

Are you one of those people who likes to sit in front of a TV for hours, just watching reality shows? Hmm... it seems that many of us practically do this. I kinda like The Amazing Race and all that but what really gives me a good laugh would be The American Idol.

I mean, is The American Idol still a singing competition? To be honest, these days I'm not that sure. Take Sanjaya 'The Hair' Malakar for example. He was that one person who everybody thought would be out within the first two weeks. This 17 year old used to get unbelievable support despite the fact that he was not one of the better singers in the competition. (Voted out 18 of April) To me, it was like watching a bunny in a room full of bobcats.

A lot of people nowadays don't bother if you can hit a note as high as the moon or not. Likeability and what's the other word, yes right, a little bit of quirkiness, I think, that makes people like the contestant. This guy created a devoted fan base simply by way of his hairstyles, really, his lady-haired impact had inspired a website to be created just for his fans. I personally liked the one style where they made him look like a Mohawk.

When Sanjaya first made it into the top 12 by beating out judges favourite, Jason 'Sundance' Head, Simon reportedly declared that he would quit the show if this youngster won! (how we all would love that to happen). Even Simons comments did not bear any weight, being his usual self, saying nothing, but at the end of the day the Americans, i believe, didn't care much about that and eventually kept Sanjaya with his pearly whites to sing another day.

So what's Sanjaya's secret that made the Americans love him? I wonder if it was his hair, his cheeky grin or his octopus like movements during an uptempo number.

Whatever it is, i reckon all this is what makes the show infinitely more entertaining!

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