Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mans Sup Keramat Supermarket

Food... one of my favourite pastimes. A lot of us sometimes make mistake's by thinking that good food naturally comes from a "Good Restaurant"(location, decor, set-up etc). I somewhat disagree to this myth. As the old saying goes : Don't judge a book by its cover.

We are somewhat lucky i guess in Malaysia, to have loads of choices when it comes down to food. Imagine, from a population of 26 Million (i think..) people, made up of many races, you are bound to experience the best recipes.

So, i thought before we head down to the posh restaurants, why don't we savour the food that is so easily available outdoors (some are even open 24hrs).

Trust me, this is one fantastic hawker stall you must visit and try out if ever you are in Kuala Lumpur. It's speciality is that it serves an array of soups using traditional herbs and spices. Famous amongst the locals, and many from around the country say that it serves the best soup, especially their sup kambing.

Here's a little bit of history on how it all started. In 1980 a gentleman from Kedah by the name of Syed Rantherghani, now 87 years old, realised he wanted to begin his own special "Soup Stall". He travelled to the capital city and found the perfect location.

Prices for a bowl of soup back then used to be around RM1.20 - RM4.00. Now after 27 years, a bowl would cost you RM4.00 - RM12.00 depending on the choices you make.

Now this stall is being run by the son, Abdul Rahman or fondly known as "Man (pronounce it with a jamaican accent) Sup Chow Kit" It is said that the secret lies in the 14 herbs & spices used to make this thick gravy kind of soup (Tried asking what are the 14 herbs & spices - failed)

Types of Soup :
1) Sup Ayam (Chicken Soup)
2) Sup Kambing (Mutton Soup)
3) Sup Lembu (Beef Soup)
4) Sup Ekor (Made from the tail of the cow)
5) Sup Kaki + Lidah Kambing (Made from the Leg + Tongue of the Goat)
6) Sup Tunjang (Made from the Veins of the Cow)
7) Sup Tropedo (Top Secret!!) - Just know it's a mixture of lots of things listed above.

I know, to some they might say it sounds disgusting to eat things made from legs, tongues etc, but believe me all this has some sort of healing effects for some problems like : back pains, joint pains etc. Taken once a week, is highly recommended by the owners. Looking at the founder who is 87 years old & standing strong, I'm gonna try this, how about you?

Name : Mans Sup Keramat Supermarket
Location : Behind the former Keramat Supermarket, along Lorong Masjid Pakistan, Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur.
Open : Daily except on Mondays, 12.00pm till 1.00am

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