Saturday, April 28, 2007

Genting Highlands Resort

Saturday, a day i normally sit back and become the most laziest guy on earth (not in every sense of the word that is..) A cousin of mine, all the way from Sri Lanka has come down to Malaysia, so today would turn out to be a bit different than usual, i had to turn myself into a Tour Guide of some sort. He had a tight schedule due to his short visit here, mostly occupied by business appointments. Cracking my head on where to take a first time traveller to Malaysia and show him something that might not already be available in their country, and after only 10 minutes, decided that we should go this place called 'Genting Highlands'.

Located on the borders of the state of Pahang and Selangor, This City Of Entertainment nestles nicely on the mountains peaks, 1700m above sea level. It took approximately an hour for us to reach this mountain resort. I had plans to show him the beauty of this 'Las Vegas of Malaysia' in it's nightly glitter but failed in the manner that we were unable to take any good outdoor photograph shots of the place due to poor visibility, as it was too misty.

Nevertheless he carried on with the task at hand....and that was, to try his hands at the table. Genting Highlands is the only legally land based casino in this whole country. If you're the sort who would like to try something unique, then you should grab a seat at the longest and fastest Cable Car called 'The Genting Skyway' (but just don't ask me, I'm afraid of heights) Genting City of Entertainment is filled with Theme Parks, Shopping Malls, Sky Diving Simulator, Golf Course, Concert Hall and not forgetting a Snow World as well. Once you find your way here, the fun never ends.

As we were having loads of fun, the idea of spending the night cropped up. Unfortunately, luck was not on our side, as not even a single room was available. I mean, this place has got 6 huge hotels and with the biggest hotel (First World Hotel) boasting a total of 6,118 rooms (surpassing MGM Grand Las Vegas)....and we still couldn't get a room, imagine the number of visitors they get??

Majority of the KL folks head up here to enjoy the very cool climate and their unique first in Asia, Hang-Gliding Roller Coaster (four riders "flying" together, side by side and experiencing zero gravity) called the Flying Coaster. Another attraction that one can enjoy here is their Water Park. This time around, the water here is heated so that you don't turn out to be a ice man, if you know what i mean.

So parents with lots of children, make sure you pay a visit to this place.... but with a thick wallet!!! Trust me, whoever invented the video game, should be shot down.....the whole place is filled with all sorts of video games!

Overall, Genting Highlands to me, is a great one stop entertainment city, for the whole family.

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