Thursday, April 26, 2007

Home Theatre Systems

Getting the right AV Equipment setup can be difficult at times. First of all it involves a lot of planning, in terms of where to install them, whether it's going to be a setup for audio solely or is it going to be added with visual equipment as well. Usually Home Theatre setups are as individual as the people who own them.

Nowadays, Home Theatre setups are becoming more and more common amongst homeowners throughout the world. Widely available, by not having one, some might even ask you if you're from the stone age. So nowadays people just walk into a store and grab a 'box set' and head back home to hook it up to their TV sets, to them their task is over," I have picture & I have sound, I'm happy". And there are people who would stretch their wallets way pass the ceiling, and end up getting the same thing, picture & sound. But there's more.... so much more difference.

To me, when you have a dedicated room for all this, you're able to enjoy the maximum viewing potential it's got to offer, in a bigger way. Imagine the whole family sitting together and catching that great movie, all in the comforts of their home. Bringing that movie theatre experience right into your home added with the right equipment, beats any theatre outing (for me that is).

Remember, there are people who go to extreme lengths just to ensure that everything is of the best quality. It can start from the carpets on the floor, the doors, the ceiling, wiring, bookshelfs or loudspeakers etc. Another thing you would have to look into is the Amplifier, make sure it's as powerful as the Speakers ' minimum input rating. This is to avoid distortions and in some extreme cases Speaker damage . If it's the other way around, then don't worry.

Another tip would be not to buy a one-brand system, a little bit of mixing and matching brands will go a long way. Some may have strengths and some may have weaknesses, that is i why the whole AV set-up in my home is based on that theory.

Tip number two, never crank up your system too loud, even though the temptation is there. By doing so many a times, you'll soon discover a flattening of the dynamics in the music. A good combination Amplifier & Speaker set, would enable it to play cleanly at realistic levels thus giving the power to the dynamics of the music more accurately.

Finally, once everything is decided and you want to make sure if you've got that successful system matching, don't worry because there's only two things you would need and they're made easily portable by being attached to both sides of your head.... ears. That's right, by you listening, it will not go wrong but then again, finding a good dealer to help you experiment , while at the same time guide you, will prove to be invaluable.

So remember, play by ear, if it sounds good to you, then you're doing it right!

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