Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Nutty Professor - Jerry Lewis

Nutty Professor, The

Hollywood films like 300, Lord of the Rings or Harry Porter would be in the minds of many youngsters these days. I for one, also fall into that category as well. But personally, there are some that stand out from the rest. One of my personal favourites (from a very very long list) happens to be 'The Nutty Professor' by Jerry Lewis. This movie was in fact made back in the year 1963 (don't worry I'm not that old, if you're wondering....)

I really take my hats off to him for being an expert in silly, face contorting and also physical comedy. Back then, there was a saying that "you had to be French to appreciate his slapstick comedy". Jerry Lewis in this movie, in my opinion, is simply brilliant. In fact he was even better when he was a 'team' with Dean Martin, earning them the reputation for being 'the most magical duo of all time'. Watching the first 20 minutes of this movie made me practically fall off my sofa with laughter. Sidesplitting comedy at it's best. In this movie he plays the role of Professor Julius Kelp, an intelligent and well meaning yet accident prone chemistry teacher whose penchant for experimentation keeps him on a thin line with the boss, Dr Harmius R. Warfield.

He is attracted to this drop dead gorgeous girl, which is his student Stella Purdy. She makes the Professor think about re-examining his body image just to gain her attention. Since he gets bullied all the time by going to the gym, which is somewhere he is not cut out for, he pays a visit to a analyst which points to the direction of bettering himself through the only way he knows best...chemistry. This is when all the fun begins. Suave and sophisticated Buddy Love is the outcome from this transformation, he commands attention in every room he enters. The comic like Jekyll-and-Hyde complications ensue throughout the movie but Stella tends to fall for the real Kelp despite his addiction to love.

I know some of you out there might say that the story line is too thin and you can't stand Jerry Lewis for any given lenght of time, nor whatever i say here would change your perception about all this but many past reviews have stated that 'The Nutty Professor' is one of the hilarious classic comedies, and that it should be shared with viewer's of all ages. The things i like most about this movie is quite long, such as his buckteeth, his bad haircut and goofy voice, just to name a few.

After laughing your lungs out, you conclude that - the nerd (Kelp) is hopeless but sweet; the cool cat (Buddy Love) is talented but obnoxious. And no doubt most of us has seen the remake to this movie, made by Eddie Murphy back in 1996, but the original version by Jerry Lewis still remains the most well regarded comedies from that era (more towards the French I think...)

Laughing out loud with Jerry Lewis, is something that needs to be reintroduced to the new generation. Currently you guys are lucky because there are Limited Edition DVDs available in the market on this very funny movie. As usual, this would be another movie I would highly recommend you to add to your collection

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