Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Return of Bruce Lee

If you haven't noticed my introduction already, then you would have missed out on me telling the world that one of my passions besides writing at this blog, would be watching movies. Some say that listening to music, reading a book and watching movies, can in fact be a form of therapy. Seriously I don't know if this has any truth, but boy do I get a thrill when there's a great movie at the Cinema. Ya, action movies are also in my line-up of favourite movies as well, besides the love for comedy. One of my favourite all time action heroes is non other than Li Yuen Kam ...... (who is that???) Well, to save you the agony, it's none other than the worlds greatest martial artist and actor, Bruce Lee. And this article is all about his return!

That's right, born in San Francisco, California, USA, on the 27th of November, 1940 Bruce Lee was named Li Yuen Kam by his mom, as his dad was away on an Opera tour. But, upon his return, the name Li Yuen Kam was changed to Jun Fan. I know most of us right up to now, would have thought that Bruce Lee was born in China but how wrong were we, as all that time he was holding an American citizenship.

Bruce had actually started his acting career in America in the 1960's and did this right up till 1970, where in all that time he was moved around many different sets of roles. Unhappy with not getting the right sort of script, Lee moved to Hong Kong in 1971 and got his first lead role in the box office movie "The Big Boss" and from then onwards, the world recognized this great man we call, Bruce Lee!

Why I'm telling you all this is because I'm so happy that finally after all this time, China's national broadcaster, is currently on location and have begun shooting a 50-part TV series "The Legend of Bruce Lee" based on the life of the martial art icon. And the producers are hoping to air this in April next year, in their run-up of hosting the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. This is something I'm definitely anticipating to watch!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Find The Right Spot

They call it Chinese earth magic, where finding the right spot or placement of objects enhances the energy flow for the environment. Adding to my list of feng shui articles I thought that this would also be of interest to you. The study of feng shui alone does not confine itself only to certain shapes, terrain, homes or even large buildings for that matter. The intricate art of feng shui goes beyond these and can even some cases touch on islands and whole countries for instance.

This art on such a large scale is not often heard of because many of the geomancers out there are either not knowledgeable enough or they find the task just too big for them. So, they often leave it to someone else or until they feel they have reached a higher level of knowledge or have gained enough experience to handle such areas.

It would only take the very best and elite feng shui master with many years of toil and experience in-hand to deal with this sort of subject due to its delicate nature of job - finding the right spot on the land where the power of yang or life chi lies. Once the geomancer has done this by identifying these sites where the good chi lies, his work becomes very much easier. He is then immediately able to scale down his projections before going into the finer details of things.

You should compare this sort of work with the hi-tech super spy satellites which are in orbit. They are suspended in the dark, with silent void of space, they would serve as an invisible eye for the wealthy nations that are able to afford them. When these satellites are in the right position, over the country or site to be observed, its mechanical eye will take into consideration all the details of what is happening at that spot. If a smaller or a more tighter focus is required, computers can do the job to enhance the satellite's findings.

In this same manner, Feng shui is similar in the sense that it is able to focus on a specific area before the intricate job of analysing is performed by the geomancer.

Let's take an example of when a geomancer makes a general comment saying that a particular shopping complex has good feng shui without elaborating further, you will find many people out there scrambling to own a lot. And when a particular lot becomes vacant, the stakes to secure that place becomes increasingly higher in price value.

It is therefore not unusual, however, to find that 30 to 35 per cent of the businesses operating in a place with good feng shui may actually be on the edge of financial difficulties, despite the crowds that flock to the complex and had been mentioned to be 'highly recommended'. The reason for this is that when a geomancer normally says a place has good feng shui, he is only passing a general comment on the entire building itself. But when shop-lots face 'down' escalators or are located near toilets or facing the long passageways (like the notorious T-junction), things tend to be different.

In general, all buildings said to have good feng shui would also have certain areas that have weak spots in them that should be avoided. If someone came up to you saying that a building has 100 per cent good feng shui, he's the best joker in town!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Buying Plasma or LCD ?

Watching Television is one of my greatest hobby (if you could call it a hobby??) After a hard day at work, most of us would head home to unwind and enjoy activities such as watching some television with the family. We would naturally watch our favourite programs, the news or the latest movies on cable; maybe even catch a live football or golf tournament with our friends.

Therefore when the opportunity arises, consider to treat yourself to a new television set, (if you don't already own one??); especially since the prices have dropped drastically over the last couple of years. However, with many wide, varied style and technology available in the market, the search can be some-what quite daunting. Brands can be very personal to certain people and many diehards who had good or bad experience with a particular brand would have already made up their minds on this. Nonetheless, within any particular brand, you have decided or are open to compare; you still have the choice of technologies like LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or Plasma to choose from!

  1. Is one better than the other?
  2. What is the difference in their performances?
  3. Cost difference?
They are two competing technologies, yet both have some similar features or designs and serve the same function of enabling you to watch High Definition Television (HDTV). In spite of this, Plasma and LCD TVs are very much different in terms of how they deliver the image or picture to the viewers.

What is HDTV?
High Definition Television is a set of digital television (DTV) standards in a television broadcasting system or TV Programmes that offer the highest resolution, sharpest film-like picture quality and finer detail. It provides an almost cinematic experience broad-casted with full 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound. In the future, HDTV will allow the connectivity of computers, indeed, impressive!

Overview on LCD TVs
It has normally two sheets of polarized transparent material. In the spaces in between the two are liquid crystals. On each of this crystal, electric current passes through in response to the signal received and thereby helps create the right amount of light in order to emit in creating the image. LCD pixels are normally comprised of three sub-pixels in the elementary colour. And these crystals do not produce light, but fluorescent tubes/bulb that are used in illuminating the image inside. In this process, you find that less power is consumed for it to operate.

Overview on Plasma TVs
Plasma has a flat but characteristic lightweight surface that is covered with millions of tiny glass cells like little bubbles. Inside each of these glass cell, there is a gas-like substance, known as Plasma and is added with a phosphor coating. These are chemical compounds that emit light when energized. Each bubble is called a pixel (picture element) and pixels comprises three smaller bubbles in each of them, and they come in three colours green, red and blue inside them. And when a digitally controlled flow of electric voltage runs in the flat screen, the plasma gives off ultraviolet rays. It then emits a light to cause the coated phosphor to glow and thus form the image you see on the screen.

The key importance to a good buying decision, know the limitations and advantages of each technology and apply it to your specific needs. Quality-wise, in it's final function as a TV, there is not much difference between them in a normal family usage. Remember the price is not to be the end of all of your buying decisions. Whatever you choose, make sure you have picked out the most suitable type and of the right size which you could enjoy at home with your love ones.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Flooring Materials

If you like the flooring already provided for in your new home you had purchased, you are indeed a fortunate person. If you do not like them nor want what has been provided and consider a change, then let me share with you the various choices and options you might be able to take.

Firstly, an important point to consider is your immediate family members. If you have young children and/or elderly parents around the home, then perhaps a smooth marble floor may not be ideal unless you are very meticulous person who keeps them dry all the time. If you are that sort of person that entertains frequently with those barbeque get-together's in your garden or yard etc, then having carpets may not be a suitable flooring finish in your living room.

If you have the air-conditioner switched on regularly in the night, then perhaps a timber floor will be kinder to the feet of an elderly in the morning compared to marble. Should there be some history of breathing difficulties or sensitive nose in the family circle, then certain types of carpets would not be recommended. If you fancy mopping to vacuuming, then your choice also points to certain directions.

Secondly, is your choice of decor and the colours. If you are that sort that prefers dark natural wood furniture like mahogany or an avid collector of antique furniture with ornate carvings, then a dark coloured timber floor will not bring out the best of those furniture. Similarly if you lean towards a minimalist or zen look, then floorings with intricate design or patterns on them will not be so suitable unless it is well incorporated as part of the overall look of your home.

Lastly but not the least, is the time constraints to consider when deciding to do this. It will take more time naturally and not forgetting adding your cost and inconvenience to hack and remove the existing materials. Some, but not all flooring materials can be laid over the existing floors thereby avoiding all this mess. If it's possible, go through with your contractor thoroughly to make sure that when they overlay, the installation method which they are using is something that is recommended by the flooring materials manufacturer. Another important fact to note is that when you overlay one material over another, you can have an in-built potential of a debonding problem in the near future. In addition, you definitely lose some headroom as the floor levels are naturally raised and some of your doors have to be modified to correct this.

Eventually when you finally decide on this, you would most likely be given a sample piece of the flooring material, maybe from a size of 30cm X 30cm (12" X 12"), therefore unless you are very good in visualizing the whole floor in your mind (and that is not something so easy to do, trust me..), it would be better off to ask for more pieces. Then what you do is piece them together on the floor and take a step back to try and get a better idea, and if that is not helpful then try this, visit the showrooms of some tile supplier in the market. Another alternative would be to see some pictures of completed floors; be it from a brochure, catalogue or a plain photograph. The ideal scenario would be, if your contractor could bring you to another house where he has done a same or similar floor, you would by then be able to grasp a better idea of the intended end result.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Update On Viral Tag

First of all my sincere apologies to all my friends and fellow readers who have supported my site all this time, as I have been absent from my usual posting cycle. On a personal level, a lot has happened during this whole month that made me miss out on my time to address my site. I must reach out to certain friends out there who have tagged me to carry out certain tasks, my sincere apologies, if I am delayed in carrying out this.

My last posting was on last Wednesday, after I took part in an experiment of some sort to try to boost the page ranking tally at Technorati. Well, no doubt I've not been active in posting out articles for my site but with the little time I had in hand, I managed to monitor this train they call, the Viral Tag on a daily basis. This was done out of curiosity, to say the least.

To everybody who knows my history or if you have read my 'meme', you would know that I actually begun this blogging phase two months back. So, for most parts of the time, a lot of the experience I gained in handling these blogging issues or terminologies were either done through fact finding from over at MyBlogLog or through my mentor, my brother, who has been in this industry for well over 10 years now. So when there's technical issues that doesn't sound 'English' to me, these are the people whom I would turn to.

So, anyway getting back to this Viral Tag thingy, I started out this experiment when I had an Authority level of 6 and a Page Rank of 500,000+. To me (being the nerd of some sort), this was already something good, so I thought. Luckily, there came along my friend, Mariuca (check this blog out, it's been bestowed the much sort after, Thinking Blogger Award) who invited me to experiment this thing out. Ever since that blessed day, not a day has gone by, where my Authority Level and Page Rank does not go up at Technorati.

  • After 5 hours - Authority Level 11 and Page Rank 494,674
  • After 1 day - Authority Level 14 and Page Rank 392,986
  • After 2 days - Authority Level 44 and Page Rank 118,186
  • After 3 days - Authority Level 67 and Page Rank 74,402
  • After 4 days - Authority Level 123 and Page Rank 38,805
So, what does this all mean? To a lay man, it basically means nothing, but to the common blogger out there, this is something they want or sort after. The higher the Authority Level and the lower the Page Rank at Technorati, the better it is, for them. Some say this is also good for the next scheduled Page Rank listing by Google and also SERP. Maybe some of you might disagree, I'm not very sure, but it does make some sense because there is a lot of duplicate content around now that everyone is doing the same thing "Copy and Paste".

But the question mark here is what have I gained through to this whole Viral Tag experiment? Yes, my numbers are good now at Technorati from when I started, and through this I managed to view a lot of other sites that were cool and pretty useful in terms of information, but there were also some that could do with a translator tool at their sites (couldn't understand a word ... ). Made a couple of new friends a long the way, got some ideas, exchanged comments etc.

Traffic wise, I would say, yes, there is an increase to my site but not something extra-ordinary. Money wise, maybe it's something too early to say, because from my personal point of view, this Viral Tag train definitely gets you the numbers BUT it's all up to you on how you manage and tackle the situation, and how well you keep on producing good content that will make this new 'friends', keep coming back.

So, if you think you would like to share your two cents worth on this whole Viral Tag issue, please feel free to drop a comment and maybe, we could learn a thing or two along the way :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Viral Tags Train

I became involved in a Viral Tags Blog Rank Boosting Experiment recently by Mariuca. The original matrix is here. Copy the matrix, change the Host Tag to the three words that you want to use, and add their tag into the matrix, if it isn't there already.

Most importantly, when someone adds a matrix, be sure to add them to your list. Then, spread the word.
Here is the current matrix:
========= Copy and Paste below this line ==========


Important Update - Please read here!

1. Copy and paste the matrix of "ViralTags" below courtesy of Founders Cafe (to support Jimmy's quest of launching his own Internet Startup with a shoestring budget, please consider subscribing to his Full RSS Feed to see his triumphs and struggles in real time).
2. Substitute the Host Tag and one of the "Viral Tags" in the matrix with your anchor text of choice with your blog's URL. Please keep anchor text to a max of 3 words to keep the matrix size manageable.
3. When you get a ping back from someone that has your link in one of their "Viral Tags", practice good karma by copying his/her Host Tag's anchor text (automatically the associated link will also be copied) and paste it over one of your "Viral Tags" below.
4. Encourage and invite your readers to do the same and soon this can grow virally.

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ViralTags ViralTags

Important: Once I get a ping back from you (I promise to do the best I can), I will add your anchor text and the associated link you designate as "Host Tag" here, replacing one of the "ViralTags" from the matrix above. As more and more bloggers copy and paste this matrix, the more backlinks you will have with your anchor text. If everybody who copy and paste from your blog does the same, pretty soon this will spread and go viral. So, the sooner you participate, the more links with anchor text you will receive.

======== Copy and Paste from Above this line ========

There it is folks. This should help you improve your Technorati ranking, SERP and Google PR. Please leave a comment here, if you have copied from this matrix so that I can add you just in case your ping back didn't reach me. Technorati sometimes take a longtime to ping back.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Paris Hilton Released From Jail

That's right, after just spending 72 hours in a Los Angeles County jail, the "Simple Life" actress - Paris Hilton was released from her cell on Thursday 7th of June, 2007. And to spice things up, prosecutor's are asking if there's any knowledge of favoritism into this case, as they are demanding that she be put back in jail.

Spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Steve Whitmore cited "medical reasons" for her "reassignment" as now Paris Hilton will be spending her remainder sentence period of 40 days, all at the comforts of her luxury Hollywood home. The authorities will be able to track Paris Hilton's every move as they have placed an electronic tag on her ankle.

So you start to wonder, being rich and famous can sometimes entitle you to a different set of rules (normally, you only get the good ones) and if you're poor, the rules are to totally the opposite (you only get the bad stuff..) What do you think ???

Friday, June 8, 2007

What is Network Marketing ?

Another common word associated with Network Marketing, is Multi-Level Marketing or in short, MLM. Financially it's one of the fastest growing business in the world today, but sadly not many of us out there are aware of this. Network Marketing is in the overall commonly a misunderstood business. So let's find out here, "What is Network Marketing" all about?

Financial figures in the 90's showed that these so called Network Marketing companies had showed sales of 100 Billion Dollars worth of products on a annual basis. Now, wouldn't you want to get involved in a business as such?

To break things down for you, Network Marketing simply would mean, moving a product or a particular service from point A to point B, like from the producing source and then straight to the consumer. Although there are many different abbreviations for this word such as; Uni-Level Marketing, Co-op Mass Marketing or Multi-Generation Marketing, in the end, it all means the same, different people at different levels, all sharing high quality products with the intention of ultimately achieving a particular target of recognition and status, which ultimately boils down to money. Network Marketing is regarded as a system whereby means of compensation are provided by these so called Network Marketing companies to associates who ultimately move their products and their services.

On average Network Marketing companies use this three basic methods of moving products :

  1. Retailing - Just like a grocery store, a place where you go and buy something, this is the perfect example of retailing.
  2. Direct Sales - Examples like in the old days where there used to be Tupperware parties or an Insurance agent, Amway, Cosway and all the other Direct Sales efforts.
  3. MLM or Network Marketing - Please do not confuse yourself with the Direct Sales method (but sadly this is always the scenario)
Besides the list above, there are also other avenues of sales being done, but be warned of certain companies that use these banned Pyramid Schemes. I mean come on, the whole world is aware that Pyramid Schemes are illegal! But people still do get caught up in these sort of schemes.

It's understandable why people often associate Network Marketing with Direct Sales, it's usually because they are not aware of the facts surrounding the difference between the two. Further more Network Marketing companies are generally grouped into the same categories in the Direct Sales Association when they are first registered, so that makes explaining the difference a bit more difficult.

The word "selling" itself would push someone to a corner and hide. Imagine an Insurance agent knocking at your front door, the first thing in your mind would be to make the impression that there is no one at home, right? But as all Marketing Guru's out there would say : "Only 5% of us can be successful", so that leaves the balance 95% of the population of the world to be negative in their thoughts. Because of this perception, a lot of people out there feel that Network Marketing is all about "selling"and nothing more, and that's the only way that's gonna make you successful. How wrong they are.

But to put things in the right perspective, you don't actually need to "sell", in all honesty. But we do agree that the products have to move if not how else would you make money from this business. The tip to this, is that you have to let your sales come from a "natural source" whilst you're building your organization. Network Marketing surely does not emphasize the selling aspect on the whole.

First things first, you must acquire skills such as this :
  • "Share", do it with your colleagues, friends, relatives, family and so on. Make them aware of a higher quality product available in the market, compared to whatever they are using currently. Because if you do not share, then it's no better than the rest.
  • "Sponsor" The difference here is that you guide and teach your new sponsor's on the beauty of the business and it's vast benefit's. Because when you sponsor someone it's not just about recruiting but, showing them the bigger picture and it's potential, that's what you need to achieve. Let them know, how to build the business of their own. And this process would definitely duplicate at the end the day.
So, start focusing on building your organization as the main objective, and not concentrate on selling the products. It may take some time and effort, but Fortune is something that you can definitely find in this business!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Peugeot 207CC and GTi

All you 'convertible top' car crazy lovers out there, get ready because the Peugeot 207CC and the GTi is here and it's bound to stay. On March 11, 2007, Peugeot decided on Melbourne, Australia for the sneak preview of their 207CC and the 207 GTi, just days ahead of the Geneva Motor Show.

The 207CC is the successor to their already best selling 206CC, of which 360,000 units were sold globally. This hatchback has a foldaway roof that is fully automatic, and it's made from high quality materials and even has strong security features and offer's a class leading dynamic experience.

Peugeot can definitely claim the honour of producing the world's first-ever convertible which has a metal folding roof with their 402 Eclipse, way back in 1937 when it made its debut at that years Paris Fair. In the modern era, again it was also the Peugeot that really brought hardtop convertible technology within reach of most, with their stylish yet affordable 206CC.

Followed by the 307CC and now the 207CC, Peugeot are once more at the forefront of the trend that they started some 70 years ago.

Another debut is that of the 207 GTi, which continues the line of sporting legends - the 206 and 205 GTi. The 207 GTi inspires a driving sensation to satisfy the enthusiast in everyone, but it's a car that can be enjoyed on an everyday basis.

The 207 GTi features the latest in engine technology, which is their 1.6L THP (Turbo High Pressure) petrol engine with turbo direct injection, that produces 171bhp and an amazing delivery of 240Nm of torque from just 1600rpm. It is the result of a collaboration between PSA Peugeot Citroen and the BMW Group. The same engine powers the top-line MINI.

All seems beautiful and sporty, so I guess it's time now, to go check the price tag ..... ??

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Travel Tips

So it's visit Malaysia year, 2007. And the whole world is invited. Lot's of fantastic locations are in abundance throughout this great country. But for the regular globetrotter, sometimes your dream holiday doesn't usually turn out to be what you had expected. So to make thing's as memorable as possible, I've come out with a list of travel tips, that may be of use to the avid traveller out there.

Because as we all know, immersion into a whole new culture is all part and parcel of the travelling experience, chances are, maybe you could be faced with a language barrier in that particular country or you could get pick-pocketed or something even worse. Let's face it, we all want the vacation to be fun and everything to be going according to plan and all, but as they say, prevention is better than cure. So do take some safety precautions when you're out there on your next holiday.

  • Make copies of your important travel documents like the passport for example, keep a set at home (so that someone back home in your country can access them for you in case of an emergency) and another copy probably uploaded onto your email inbox (this way you are able to access it from anywhere in the world and print them)
  • Do a research of your destination country. What languages are spoken there? Do you need to get hold of a phrasebook, which, believe me, comes very handy and the locals will love you for your effort.
  • Find out the telephone numbers and the address of your Embassy in that destination country.
  • And if you're planning to stay connected throughout your travel with your mobile, make sure that the bills are paid (no point of taking a phone with no credit...) and don't forget to get the relevant roaming codes as well.
  • It's always a good idea of not travelling alone.
  • Try to invest in getting a proper money belt for you to store your wallets, purses and passports , rather than placing them all into a normal bag. Also keep small change in your pockets, not in your wallets, because it's not a good idea to be flashing your fully loaded wallet just to get a couple of coins out.
  • Assuming you lose or your travel documents are stolen.... don't panic. Stay calm and locate the nearest tourist police station and make a report. This report is essential in order for you to proceed to the next step which is, contacting your Embassy to assist you in getting a new set and also help you with the insurance claims, if any.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Choosing Lights

You've put in your innovative and creative ideas, not forgetting the financial stress you've had to put up with in making up or renovating your house, So what is left in bringing out the best in your home? I for one think, it's got to be the lights.

Lights are my favourite, when it comes to bringing out the best in a home. Our eye depends on them, be it something natural or even artificial. If these lights are used correctly, it would make a world of a difference in your home, adding excitement and warmth to the interiors as well as the exteriors.

What I would suggest is to list down each area of your home and it's activities that surround the particular room. If not, you might end up having too many lights that don't fit it's purpose. Address these sort of questions first, to help you decide :

  • What sort of activities take place in this room?
  • Are the plug points, switches adequate in this room?
  • Am I going to place something here, that needs focusing from a light source?
  • Do I need to use a adjustable, direct or indirect, bright or plain background light?
  • Which is the best fit or use?
  • Do I need motion sensors?

These sort of question really helped us when we moved in to our new home. In the beginning it seemed so complicated but being me, the inquisitive creature I am, I watched a lot of home decoration programmes on TV and boy, did they help.

Actually, planning is an essential tool that we use in our daily life's, and if it is used productively, the results can be some what, satisfying.

My parting words - Lights come with different sorts of persona and mood effects, choosing the right light for your home in the end, will show your taste and lifestyle !

Friday, June 1, 2007

In The Spotlight

This is something very special for me. It's called a meme. Thanks to my great friend, Ev Nucci, I've been given this great opportunity to be part of this great team.

Ev Nucci at My Life is Murphy's Law (voted best blog of the day) tagged me for a meme which was started by Christy over at Christy's Coffee Break. Rules about this is pretty simple and you are able to find them right here.

This is a true friend who, from the very first day I visited her blog, made me feel appreciated and I can't forget that. Maybe in our last birth, we were best friends? Ev has got five blogs to her credit and owns a consulting firm, where does she get the will to do all these great stuff? In some ways we both share some great similarities, Ev has three beautiful boys and I have two boys and a baby girl. And we both have a child with special needs. Visiting her blog is so entertaining. It's filled with so much of laughter and a pride of a great mom and loving wife.

Christy on the other hand, is a visionary for me. Her blog is so friendly, which is sometimes hard to come by as most would want to associate with you based on 'how many links you have' or your page rank on your site.

These are the interview questions I chose :

When did you start blogging?
Well actually, it all started by chance. It's been two years and six months now since my youngest baby girl, Ayesha, was born with a syndrome referred to as Charge Associated. So after six operations thus far, financially my wife and I, were somewhat in a situation as most of our resources had drained out. Being the man of the house I had to get my hands dirty and leave my day job and rather concentrate on couple of other stuff that would eventually generate more for us to keep our family going.

And out of those avenues, one was to generate a future income through the Internet. So on March, 2007 I started my first blog - Nihal's Anything and Everything and another month later I began my second blog - Cars. And come July this year, I hope to launch another blog, specially for my baby girl, Ayesha. So basically, there you have it, it all started last two months ago. But what I didn't expect to get from the blogging world was the tremendous friendship which is out there.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you want to have with you?
Wow, this is simple, all I need is Me, Myself and I. Ya, right!! First I would hope that it's an island like Phuket in Thailand (with no Tsunami's, of course). God, my wife and I simply love this island. Anyway, the first thing I would need is my family. Without them, I wouldn't have faced the obstacles that has thought me valuable lessons in life that in return has made me react to life in a more focused manner. I wouldn't have learned all this if I didn't have them.

The second, would be my parents and my immediate family. This is another part of my life which I can't be without. There are no words to express the gratitude I have for my immediate family. Sometimes, I believe that I am here today typing away, it's all due to their guidance and love that has never found an ending. So definitely, they're up there in my wish list.

And finally the third, my life would have been so different if I didn't get this. So, third on my list would be, the computer. Imagine this last three day's I was without a Internet connection, I felt so helpless and lost. I had so many things on my mind but just couldn't do anything about it, like missing out on things, example's like this; What lesson I missed from Ev's post today, has Bonnie posted another marvelous joke, did Christy come out with another fantastic idea, and so many others. So, being stranded on a island (hope they have good butler service with lot's of yummy food ...... all for free!!!) these are the three that would be tops on my wish list.

What is your worst quality?
A lot of us don't like talking about the bad in us, we would prefer to exhaust ourselves in expressing how good we are in this and that. This I think is a common face we humans go through.

Anyway, as for myself, I think my worst quality is waking up! Boy, I just love to sleep. I thank God for inventing sleep (ha ha, really). Once my head hits the soft warm pillow, I get into a world filled with so many wonderful dreams, so, that explains why I have a problem waking up?? I worry to wake up and reality hits right smack into my face and everything beautiful turns gloomy and dark.....

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This has been a great experience to share. Once again, thanks Eve. It's time now to see who will complete them as well. Don't worry you get to choose your questions and it's all there at Christy's Coffee Break. Have fun guy's !!