Monday, June 25, 2007

Find The Right Spot

They call it Chinese earth magic, where finding the right spot or placement of objects enhances the energy flow for the environment. Adding to my list of feng shui articles I thought that this would also be of interest to you. The study of feng shui alone does not confine itself only to certain shapes, terrain, homes or even large buildings for that matter. The intricate art of feng shui goes beyond these and can even some cases touch on islands and whole countries for instance.

This art on such a large scale is not often heard of because many of the geomancers out there are either not knowledgeable enough or they find the task just too big for them. So, they often leave it to someone else or until they feel they have reached a higher level of knowledge or have gained enough experience to handle such areas.

It would only take the very best and elite feng shui master with many years of toil and experience in-hand to deal with this sort of subject due to its delicate nature of job - finding the right spot on the land where the power of yang or life chi lies. Once the geomancer has done this by identifying these sites where the good chi lies, his work becomes very much easier. He is then immediately able to scale down his projections before going into the finer details of things.

You should compare this sort of work with the hi-tech super spy satellites which are in orbit. They are suspended in the dark, with silent void of space, they would serve as an invisible eye for the wealthy nations that are able to afford them. When these satellites are in the right position, over the country or site to be observed, its mechanical eye will take into consideration all the details of what is happening at that spot. If a smaller or a more tighter focus is required, computers can do the job to enhance the satellite's findings.

In this same manner, Feng shui is similar in the sense that it is able to focus on a specific area before the intricate job of analysing is performed by the geomancer.

Let's take an example of when a geomancer makes a general comment saying that a particular shopping complex has good feng shui without elaborating further, you will find many people out there scrambling to own a lot. And when a particular lot becomes vacant, the stakes to secure that place becomes increasingly higher in price value.

It is therefore not unusual, however, to find that 30 to 35 per cent of the businesses operating in a place with good feng shui may actually be on the edge of financial difficulties, despite the crowds that flock to the complex and had been mentioned to be 'highly recommended'. The reason for this is that when a geomancer normally says a place has good feng shui, he is only passing a general comment on the entire building itself. But when shop-lots face 'down' escalators or are located near toilets or facing the long passageways (like the notorious T-junction), things tend to be different.

In general, all buildings said to have good feng shui would also have certain areas that have weak spots in them that should be avoided. If someone came up to you saying that a building has 100 per cent good feng shui, he's the best joker in town!


dnnara said...

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darlene said...

hum, interesting to know

Chhaya said...

nice and detailed work on feng-sui. its the IN thing in india right now.
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NIHAL said...

Hi Chhaya,

Thanks for the info, It's no surprise that it has done well around the world. I'm still learning this though, and it has been exciting thus far :)