Monday, June 18, 2007

Update On Viral Tag

First of all my sincere apologies to all my friends and fellow readers who have supported my site all this time, as I have been absent from my usual posting cycle. On a personal level, a lot has happened during this whole month that made me miss out on my time to address my site. I must reach out to certain friends out there who have tagged me to carry out certain tasks, my sincere apologies, if I am delayed in carrying out this.

My last posting was on last Wednesday, after I took part in an experiment of some sort to try to boost the page ranking tally at Technorati. Well, no doubt I've not been active in posting out articles for my site but with the little time I had in hand, I managed to monitor this train they call, the Viral Tag on a daily basis. This was done out of curiosity, to say the least.

To everybody who knows my history or if you have read my 'meme', you would know that I actually begun this blogging phase two months back. So, for most parts of the time, a lot of the experience I gained in handling these blogging issues or terminologies were either done through fact finding from over at MyBlogLog or through my mentor, my brother, who has been in this industry for well over 10 years now. So when there's technical issues that doesn't sound 'English' to me, these are the people whom I would turn to.

So, anyway getting back to this Viral Tag thingy, I started out this experiment when I had an Authority level of 6 and a Page Rank of 500,000+. To me (being the nerd of some sort), this was already something good, so I thought. Luckily, there came along my friend, Mariuca (check this blog out, it's been bestowed the much sort after, Thinking Blogger Award) who invited me to experiment this thing out. Ever since that blessed day, not a day has gone by, where my Authority Level and Page Rank does not go up at Technorati.

  • After 5 hours - Authority Level 11 and Page Rank 494,674
  • After 1 day - Authority Level 14 and Page Rank 392,986
  • After 2 days - Authority Level 44 and Page Rank 118,186
  • After 3 days - Authority Level 67 and Page Rank 74,402
  • After 4 days - Authority Level 123 and Page Rank 38,805
So, what does this all mean? To a lay man, it basically means nothing, but to the common blogger out there, this is something they want or sort after. The higher the Authority Level and the lower the Page Rank at Technorati, the better it is, for them. Some say this is also good for the next scheduled Page Rank listing by Google and also SERP. Maybe some of you might disagree, I'm not very sure, but it does make some sense because there is a lot of duplicate content around now that everyone is doing the same thing "Copy and Paste".

But the question mark here is what have I gained through to this whole Viral Tag experiment? Yes, my numbers are good now at Technorati from when I started, and through this I managed to view a lot of other sites that were cool and pretty useful in terms of information, but there were also some that could do with a translator tool at their sites (couldn't understand a word ... ). Made a couple of new friends a long the way, got some ideas, exchanged comments etc.

Traffic wise, I would say, yes, there is an increase to my site but not something extra-ordinary. Money wise, maybe it's something too early to say, because from my personal point of view, this Viral Tag train definitely gets you the numbers BUT it's all up to you on how you manage and tackle the situation, and how well you keep on producing good content that will make this new 'friends', keep coming back.

So, if you think you would like to share your two cents worth on this whole Viral Tag issue, please feel free to drop a comment and maybe, we could learn a thing or two along the way :)


Jason said...

You'll probably need to do this every six months if you want to keep your Technorati Authority up. Unfortunately, the Authority is defined as "Number of unique blogs linking in a six month period". So around this time in November, you could potentially start to see the Authority level drop.
I wonder if Technorati would start to filter these linking tactics out if it becomes the standard way to boost ratings. The scary thing about doing projects like ViralTags too often is that Google could label your site a "splog" (spam log) and exclude it from search lists.

Mariuca said...

Hi Nihal! Happy to see you're doing well with the viral tags, how abt joining me in the viral-icons next? It's a tad complicated but you're smart so you'll be able to figure it out right away I bet! :)

NIHAL said...

Hi Jason.

Yes, this has crossed my mind. I for one, definitely would not want my site to be tagged as 'spam'. At the end of the day, this is basically as I mentioned, an experiment for me.

Thanks for that useful input.

NIHAL said...

Hello Marzie.

Thanks again to you, for giving me the opportunity to experiment the Viral Tagging links. It has been exciting thus far, I must say.

Wow, and now there's Viral-Icons! Let me analyze this and will come back to you. Thanks :)

A Silken Touch said...

I just linked you here in my blog.

Host Tag: Sexy Celebrity

Could you please link me back.

One Wacky Mom said...

Nihal, that explains so much to me. Now I understand what thing is. That's not going to happen to me though because it hasn't. I'm thinking about taking the post down. My authority on Murphy's Law is already at 85 which was before the viral link it's 91...but my authority goes up about 5 or 6 a week anyway.

NIHAL said...

Hi Ev,

It's scary isn't it sometimes, there's so many things out there and we don't know exactly which one would get us into trouble with Google? I guess the old fashion way of getting links in the long run would work out better.

Vic said...

I have added you please add me