Saturday, June 9, 2007

Paris Hilton Released From Jail

That's right, after just spending 72 hours in a Los Angeles County jail, the "Simple Life" actress - Paris Hilton was released from her cell on Thursday 7th of June, 2007. And to spice things up, prosecutor's are asking if there's any knowledge of favoritism into this case, as they are demanding that she be put back in jail.

Spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Steve Whitmore cited "medical reasons" for her "reassignment" as now Paris Hilton will be spending her remainder sentence period of 40 days, all at the comforts of her luxury Hollywood home. The authorities will be able to track Paris Hilton's every move as they have placed an electronic tag on her ankle.

So you start to wonder, being rich and famous can sometimes entitle you to a different set of rules (normally, you only get the good ones) and if you're poor, the rules are to totally the opposite (you only get the bad stuff..) What do you think ???


Evel said...

Ya, that didn't last long did it. The judge was ticked off.

NIHAL said...

Hi there, Evel.

Like they, "Money Talks" !!

Aayush Bhatnagar said...

The good news is..that she is back in jail ! She was pulled off to be taken to jail to serve the whole term ! Her freedom didn't last long..and rightly so !

NIHAL said...

Hi Aayush.

Thanks for the update.

And now she's telling the media, "Hey, don't put so much attention on me, there are more important issues out there, like the war in Iraq"

She's such a joker.

des said...

hi nihal, paris is right, there are bigger issues than her 72-hr jail and now this news that she's back in jail.

you're right, when money talks, the world listens. (but when my fingers talk, my mouth is shut). lol. just making you laugh.

i'm posting the meme tomorrow. i should have posted it today as promised in my previous post, but i got so blued this afternoon that I decided to give shape to those thoughts first.


NIHAL said...

Hi Dessie.

I'm laughing as I read your comment. That's nicely put, 'fingertalks, mouth shut' :)

Can't wait to read your meme, wish you luck.

des said...

hi nihal!

just posted my meme. :)

glad i made you laugh with that previous comment i wrote. hehe.

Bobby Revell said...

Wouldn't it be great if they punished her by revoking her money and giving it all to charity? That would take care of that:)

NIHAL said...

Yes, wouldn't that be something. What a marvelous idea, Bobby!