Monday, May 21, 2007

Not The Right Home

I met a close friend just the other day and we were having a little chat over some coffee. During the conversation that went along, he somehow touched on a subject based on Feng Shui. I immediately drew my attention closer to his finding's on the matter.

These are some of the things I found to be interesting from that conversation, apparently there are some locations considered unsuitable for homes. Such locations can have adverse effects on the people living in them, leading to poor health, loss of money, etc. In some cases, such bad luck can be averted by the use of an eight-sided trigram or Pakua mirror.

T-Junctions : This is not a good site because spirits, travelling in a straight line, tend to inhabit such a building. The building, too, takes the brunt of a negative whiplash created when motor vehicles turn at junctions.

Trees in Front : If there are trees blocking the main entrance to the house, this is symbolic of joss-sticks on the altar and in the same way, the occupants become the "sacrificial lamb"

Hill in Front : A high mound or hill in front of the house represents obstacles for the occupants. The occupants will not prosper in business. The hill will also obstruct or block the flow of chi into the house.

Police Station : It is considered bad luck to live in a house facing a police station because the bad vibes given off by the presence of criminals or wrongdoers being brought into the police station would adversely affect the occupants' well-being.

Temple : Similarly, a house facing a temple is not good because spirits can be found hanging around temples. Furthermore, people go to the temple to pray most often when they are down and out. The bad vibes they give off will affect the occupants of the house.

Prison or Hospital : Similarly, houses facing prisons or hospitals are bad for the occupants.

Cemetery : A house facing a cemetery is not favourable for it's occupants.

Now you know, where not to buy a house.

So let me know, what do you think about all these Feng Shui belief's ?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you. I am interested in buying a house (a country rectory) which has a church and the cemetry on the opposite side of the road.
However, the entrance to the rectory does not face the church; it is around the corner in the next street.

However, the proximity of the cemetry puts me off. So thanks for this Feng Shui information.