Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Myvi SE - 2007

The one negative thing about the Myvi's immense popularity is, ironically, the Myvi's immense popularity. Just about everywhere you look, you see a train of Myvi's nose to tail in traffic.

Sometimes it looks like one big Myvi family. Even Perodua realised that. Solution? Why, Special Edition time, of course!

Perodua have always been adept at the 'SE' formula but they have surpassed themselves with the Myvi SE. The new variant sports an extensively designed body kit, which includes a new front bumper with chin extensions, a stylish rear bumper with sporty cut-outs, discreet side skirts and an aggressive tail spoiler.

The rest of the additions include new 5-spoke alloys, chromed tail-pipe accent and integrated front fog lamps. Inside, the SE receives the luxury dead-cow treatment, a new silver theme for the dash panel and also a Toyota inspired Optitron meter cluster.

With this model, it's obvious that Perodua is targeting a younger crowd of buyers for the Myvi SE, and the colours reflect that - Ebony Black, Mistik Red and Ivory White.

Pricing starts at RM49K for the manual and goes all the way to RM53K for the automatic, representing fairly good value over the standard Myvi on sale.

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ugyen said...

Hey Nihal,
Thanks for dropping by comment, well indeed that was a useless choice of 4 million dollar.

NIHAL said...

Hey there Ugyen,Imagine how many Myvi SE's they could have bought with that kind of money ???(ha ha ha)