Friday, May 4, 2007

AC Milan Vs M. United - The Results

Sorry, no English final here. Now, that is not to be. The game was simply exhilarating right from the beginning. The genius of Kaka proved too much for even United's powers of recovery as Fergie's big gamble on Nemanja Vidic went horribly wrong and Milan set up a repeat of Liverpool's 2005 Istanbul miracle clash.

To me, it was like United went on a suicidal defending strategy throughout the game. To have attempted to join Liverpool in an historic all-England final never got off the ground as first half goals from Kaka and Clarence Seedorf overturned their 3-2 first leg advantage. To add salt into the wound, a late goal from Alberto Gilardino sealed Milan's 5-3 aggregate win.

In everyone's mind were the same questions, where were 'the big stars', Cristiano Ronaldo (named Footballer of the Year in England by the Football Writers Association), Rooney, Giggs ?? Failing to keep the ball or create openings, were all signs illuminating their downfall. I'm sure United's player's were reprising their famous semi-final against Juventus in Turin (1999) by falling two goals behind in the first half. But luck was not on their side this time around and they could not manage the comeback as they did back then.

Ac Milan, even by their own high standards, gaining victory over Manchester United was something special. Carlo Ancelotti I'm sure, will be very delighted for it must have been the best 45 minutes Milan has ever played since he became coach in November 2001. Imagine a team having 6, out 11 player's, all above the ages of 30, Paolo Maldini will turn 39 in June. As they say, "with age comes experience", which is somewhat vital in games like this.

On the other side, Liverpool's new owner's, must also be very happy as they see their side advance to another Champions League final at Athens. What a way to get a quick return on their 500 million pounds investment into the club.

So call it what you like, is it 'Destiny' or sheer luck? United thought it was so, as they tried to re-live those so called 'glorious 1990 treble' days, but sadly it was not meant to be.

On 23rd May, who will have their destiny written, as becoming 'Europe's Best Team'..... You Decide.

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