Friday, May 25, 2007

AC Milan Vs Liverpool - The Results

So my prediction was right, (together with Pele)! AC Milan was crowned European champions for the seventh time after beating Liverpool 2-1 in Athens. Boy, am I happy for that remarkable win, it simply resembles Italy's World Cup triumph.

Filipo Inzaghi scoring both the goals for AC Milan, one in each half, the perfect revenge for loosing to Liverpool back in the 2005 finals. This would definitely be his greatest moment. With this two goals at the finals, Inzaghi now has bagged a total of 38 Champions League goals and 58 in all European club competitions.

Another team-mate who is also happy over this win is Seedorf. The 31 year old Seedorf expressed his happiness on this 4th Champions League medal, added to his previous medals from Real Madrid, Ajax and Milan.

I seriously thought that Andrea Pirlo's free kick in the 45th minute was the turning point of the whole game, from where Filipo Inzaghi's deflection found Liverpool's net. This definitely made the Liverpool players come back in the second half, pushing themselves forward to get that equaliser. This was the mistake as they had too few players at the back.

Making the best of the situation, Filipo Inzaghi @ 'Super Pippo', made Liverpool pay by finding the second goal in the 82nd minute, converting a marvelous pass from Brazilian Kaka. AC Milan were well prepared this time around with their 4-5-1 formation compared to Liverpool's 4-4-2 where they depended too much on Dirk Kuyt. Steven Gerrard, known to be one of the best footballers in Europe, was no where to be found, when it mattered the most.

Maybe the most outstanding player for Liverpool throughout the game would be Jermaine Pennant, who played on the right flank. Even the substituted Harry Kewell and Peter Crouch could not defeat the hands of Dida. Liverpool finally scored a goal in the 89th minute through a close-range header from Dirk Kuyt, that gave a glimpse of hope
but this time there was to be no dramatic comeback for Liverpool.

Most of us would have written them as 'old and finished' but look, who's having the last laugh.... AC Milan 2007 Champions League, Champions! To that I say, Bravo Milan.

So to all the woman of the world, now you can have your men back, because for the next 2 months or so, there's no football... Oh my God, no football, what am I gonna write about???

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