Thursday, May 31, 2007

Streamyx Let-Down

Wow, what a week I had! Just after posting my last article on Monday, touching on the subject of feng shui - 'Not Good Luck', bad luck hits my Internet line. I practically lost three solid days of Internet access. This has been my sixth big let-down experience over this two months by my broadband provider, TM Net - Streamyx.

I guess I must be in the minority, when it comes to loosing connection with this service but let me tell you, it's so frustrating! This week was not that long, but in the past I've even had to endure seven days of being without a connection, but sadly, I would still have to pay them the same monthly fee??

I opted for a broadband access compared to a dial-up, thinking that this would be a wiser decision on my part, but somehow I've had to encounter six times of connection failures with them. The irony to this whole situation is that it's the same problem, over and over again, 'error 678' (meaning to say that their remote computer is not responding???) And according to my friends, this is a usual problem with Streamyx.

I would like to give my two cent's worth here; rather than spending tons of money on promotions and advertisement's, they should really concentrate on getting to the root of these problems, only then, can they build a credible reputation. Why I'm saying this is because it's a paid service and not something which you get for free, right. So, if their Internet coverage has flaw's in them, why can't they solve it in a single attempt?

Imagine this scenario; your car is the only means of transportation to get to work, from where you generate an income to support your family, and all of a sudden this car breaks down for seven days or more and you can't get to work. What will happen next is that your boss would probably show you the exit! So this same scenario applies to people who need the Internet, as that's their only source of income.

Right now, if there was a choice, I would not hesitate to jump.

If you thought that this was really bad, you should visit my friend's page: Mariuca - Wishing On A falling Star where her ordeal was even longer yet, very funny. (But trust me, it wouldn't have been funny back then)


Mariuca said...

Hi Nihal! I so know what you mean, do take a look at my take on their service! :)

NIHAL said...

Wow, it seems like you had to endure a worst scenario than mine.

It's funny how they have so many flaws, and yet remain hard headed about their failures in providing a reliable service.

I couldn't help posting a comment as well, on to your related issue.

Thanks again, Marzie.

Mariuca said...

Nihal, reliable service it seems!
:( :( Don't get me started again! Ha ha ha.. yeah , NOW it's kinda funny but back then I was a total wreck! LOL! :)

PS. I will do the same with your links, was in a hurry just now. Check back in later to see my update.

Local said...

Hmmm... Well I guess I'll add my two cents...

As a previous user of a REAL 2Mbit connection back in New Zealand, I really do have to admit that the Streamyx service here in Malaysia is nothing more than crap.

After seeing the so called 1Mbit connection offered by Streamyx by many of my friends and family, I think I'll wait for a new ISP to setup in Malaysia before I even get connected onto the internet...

NIHAL said...

Hi Local! Thanks, for joining.

Wise words, from a Wise man.

Hope the guy's at Streamyx see this and buck up.