Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Smooth Hands and Feet

Have you been trying to make your hands and feet smooth by applying all those expensive lotions and cream found in the pharmacies?

Ever wondered how you too can get smooth hands and feet? Here comes the perfect solution to that. This is actually an old technique that women (their very own little secret...) around the world used during the older days. It is effective and yet, so inexpensive since the ingredients are right there in your kitchen.

For hands or feet - Pour about two tablespoons of sugar into one hand. Then pour about one tablespoon of baby or olive oil in that same hand. (If you have big hands and feet, use the whole bottle... nah, I'm just kidding) If you need more oil, use your own judgement.

Gently start massaging and rubbing for a good two minutes. Do the same thing for the feet as well. For those who have callouses or rough feet, you would have to do this process for a bit longer.

After continuously rubbing and massaging, gently wash your hands or feet off in warm water.

Pat dry and notice the difference in your skin! It should be soft and smooth, and they will remain that way for days. Repeat this process for at least once every two weeks.

So, did I save you a trip to the pharmacy ??

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