Saturday, May 12, 2007

DJ Tiesto

Mention Trance music and one name comes to my mind, DJ Tiesto! Since music has been my passion since school days, I'm actually okay with all kinds. In the beginning I fancied R&B as I worked in a club called 'Traqs' here in KL city. A visit to Melbourne in the early 90's changed all that for me, I began liking Trance music more.

This is a guy who, if he didn't become a DJ cum Producer, would have ended up being a Chef (he loves cooking as well). Tiesto is the first DJ in the world who played in front of 25,000 people in a sell-out two night solo stadium event.

Born in Holland, DJ Tiesto began producing his own music back in 1995. And two years down the road DJ Tiesto together with Arny Bink, formed Black Hole Recordings, the label that launched the hugely acclaimed Magik, In Search Of Sunrise and Nyana mix compilations that we have come to enjoy till date.

Most of the tracks that he uses in his sets are taken off his Magik Muzik label (another sub label of his). In the DJ'ing world Tiesto is known to be a pioneer contributor in the trance music scene, DJ Tiesto thus far remains grounded about his achievements and clearly loves making and playing music above the accolades it brings.

For me in the beginning it was more like an experiment, in my years of playing music I have seldom come across a DJ who had been voted the worlds No. 1 for three years, so I bought his Cd's to find out, this started my whole journey of trance with DJ Tiesto.

Currently his music style is a mixture of everything; trance, house, techno. Inputting different influences gained from his travels from around the world. To show his inner self Tiesto is also involved in charitable programmes where in 2006, he decides to become the worldwide ambassador for Dance4Life, collaborating with Faithless' Maxi Jazz on the anthem, which turned out to be a dynamic piece.

Another thing that caught my attention about DJ Tiesto is that he recently launched the brand new Reebok 'Run The DJ Tiesto' shoe line. This time around he was very much involved in the design, the choice of colours as well as the materials used. For the die-hard fans of Tiesto, like me, you are able to get a pair, complete with his signature.

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