Saturday, May 5, 2007

Spiderman 3 - The Movie

The weekend had just begun, started planning on that 'perfect day'. Woke up a little later than usual and started reading the morning papers and just as I was glancing through the pages, I saw this huge poster add, on the latest movie Spiderman 3. I knew then that this was the perfect answer...... time to go catch a movie!

With all the pre-release advertising and hype, I was really looking forward in having a great day at the movies. If you asked me, "what is your best trilogy"?, well, the first movie that comes to mind is Lord of The Rings, so I had to find out, could Sam Raimi change my mind?

It all began in August of 1962, Stan Lee (watch out for him, he makes a cameo appearence in this installment) and Steve Ditko created Spiderman.

I mean 'this guy' has got one of the most villains in the comic world. I really wanted to see who the villain would be this around? In the earlier two films they only had one villain but in this release it seemed like they were trying to make two films all loaded up. Basically it had about 3 villains (maybe 4 if you counted the 'new Goblin')in this running. Spiderman 3 saw three different enemies, one was Flint Marko(remember him, the con who killed Uncle Ben, makes an appearence, by escaping prison and ending up turning into a creature @ aka The Sandman (what will they think of next).

There is also another creature from outer space called Venom who joins in the battle and infect's Spidey's suit. This is where you get to see the dark side of Peter Parker/Spiderman. 'Venom' eventually also finds its way into the body of Eddie Brock , a photographer who also has a grudge against Peter. So there you have it, so many villains in just one movie, makes me wonder if it can hold the whole story line intact.

I initially liked the opening fight scenes but i guess nothing will compare the scene on the train in it's earlier series. Even the closing battles scenes was nothing to shout about.

Compared to it's earlier two, Spiderman 3 this time around, in my opinion, looked like it had no boost in 'bring-back' power. Doing part 4, may just be a bit of a problem. Watching the first two instalments were more fun. Spiderman 3 seemed a bit more stretched, more like a chore.

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