Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Choosing The Right Paving Material

You have the perfect material in mind for paving your garden path or driveway - at least in terms of aesthetics. When choosing paving material for home improvement projects, however, keep practical considerations in mind. Make sure your material meets your need - and your abilities to deal with them. I have tried over and over again this same theory, it never fails. These are some of the things I've shortlisted for you to go through before you undertake the project.

  • Consider the activities you have in mind for the paved area. Avoid loose paving units or gravel if you'll need to walk much or move furniture across the paved surface.
  • Notice how the area where you plan to install your surface drains. Paving stones or bricks that are set on soil may sink if the area doesn't drain quickly and becomes muddy.
  • Determine if you'll need access to pipes or anything else beneath the surface for repair or maintenance. If so, choose materials such as brick, stone, tile or pressed concrete units, which can be removed and replaced without looking patched.
  • Be honest with yourself about the kind of installation that you can handle - either as a do it yourself project or as a contract. Beautifully installed asphalt blocks look much better than poorly installed marble tiles.
  • Choose a material that has relationship to the other materials that will be near it. Paving that appears to be natural of the building nearby creates a sense of harmony.

Hopefully all this would be helpfull in order for you to create that perfect pathway you've always dreamt of. Happy trying.....

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