Sunday, May 13, 2007

Modern Contemporary Home

Getting that right 'theme' for your home is usually an easy part. The hard part is always, when you try to maintain all the right furniture so that it doesn't stray away from the whole concept.

Take an example of a modern contemporary home, to me, keeping it simple would be the best way to go (more of a minimalist concept). Start with the colours, because finding the right colour for your home is always essential. If you have already bought a big part of your furniture, like maybe the sofa perhaps, then you would likely have to blend in the colours of the wall with that particular sofa.

As the picture shows, simplicity and elegance is at it's best here. The living room, splashed with white, beige and brown, presents a clean and sleek look. The coffered ceiling makes this particular spot an interesting sight to behold.

Drawing attention to an otherwise staid ceiling the use of dim lights illuminating from under the shelves and ceiling, fill the room with warm and cosiness.This also creates an optical effect that both teases and amazes with it's ingenuity. Another benefit of doing this is that you can alternate between warm and white lights, allowing you to vary the lighting to either set the mode to relax or to rush some work under stronger lights.

Extending from the wall lies a row of stylishly white drawers below the plasma TV conveniently hiding all the wiring and electronic paraphernalia, keeping in line with it's minimal concept.

So remember, space planning is important in order to implement the Modern concept effectively. Do not place to many stuff all clustered into one area. Careful balance of space would give an otherwise hard image of the home a smooth flow.

Use of both lights, cool and warm aesthetic lights with variable controls, gives the home owner multiple uses and mood settings.

Taking note of all these details will help give a sense of length to the walls added with the intricate play of colours to give space without sacrificing style is perhaps what differentiates a Modern Contemporary Home from the rest.


surjit said...

Quite informative post.A wonderful blog.My best wishes.

NIHAL said...

Thank You, Surjit. Appreciate your feedback. I try to share whatever I think would be helpful, eventhough there might be better ones out there, I'm sure.

Hardono said...

Interesting insight. Frankly I never have such thought about having theme in for my house. Mainly because I rent the house =P So I can't do much to decorate the house without infuriating my landlord =P

NIHAL said...

Thanks for joining us my friend!

Ya, I had those same problems, four years back. A grumpy fellow he was, my landlord.

Thanks to my own home....all the ideas just keep rolling.

Anyway, you still could try just painting the walls only, give it some zest.

And when you plan to move, paint it back to it's original colour, done.