Thursday, May 24, 2007

Meaning of Colours

Imagine, the colours on your clothes that you're wearing, defining the luck you would have for the whole day? Call it superstitious, or simply Feng Shui's term to good vibes. Apparently in Feng Shui, colours hold a significant meaning.

As my friend told me, those who wear brown are often plodders, people who are nervous or highly-strung should not wear red or that violet is the colour of the martyr?? Wow, that's a lot of colours to watch out for. He further elaborates on a string of colours and their meanings to me, such as :

White - A novice martial arts exponent starts off having a white belt to signify his ignorance and innocence. A bride wears white to show her purity. So therefore the colour white is known for it's brightness and represents a 'clean' colour. It is a neutral colour which, when shined into a prism, emerges as all the other colours. It takes no sides in the affairs of men. In metal and precious stones, it represents silver and diamond.

Yellow - A dash of red and orange form the colour yellow. This colour has the power of rising or the morning Sun and was a favourite colour among Sun worshipers. Usage of yellow is believed to allow the cultivation of intuition, ambition and helps in the acquisition of wisdom. Yellow represents gold.

Orange - This colour symbolizes an inclination towards social activities. Those who use this colour often will seek the security of group activities and will often be found working for other people. The colour of the Sun as it finally retreats below the horizon each day also represents a lack of confidence in men to do things independently unless they are led. This group of people are said to 'follow the crowd'.

Red - A fiery, passionate and highly emotional colour, it is the colour of intense heat, divine love and blood. Red is beneficial to those who are lackadaisical and need more 'life' in their system. For those who are hyperactive and sensitive, red should be used less for it is known to arouse the nerves easily, resulting in dire consequences. The precious stone associated with red is ruby.

Black - The colour of the earth, darkness, wickedness, negation and death. It is the colour of magic and is a favourite of the stage magician whose profession is to fool and deceive an audience through trickery or sleight of hand, often with the aid of black backdrops and equipment. But to some it can simply represent a new beginning - life after death.

Brown - A firm colour. The person who surrounds himself with this colour seldom rises to any great heights in life. He prefers to plodding along, making a steady living.

Grey - From the mixing of black and white, grey is created. It is the colour of uncertainty, fear and falsehood. It is also a deceptive colour. People who prefer grey appear to be conformists although they usually bid their time until their own interest can be served - usually at the expense of others.

Green - This is the colour of tranquility. It is also the colour of money, as in the United States dollar. It has a soothing, restful influence, preserving the eyesight and calming nerves. Those who give green prominence in their dressing, like international travels. A side-effect of this colour, when overused is to cause a person to become envious and greedy. That is why people who are jealous are said to be under the influence of the 'green eyed monster'. The precious stone associated with green is Emerald.

Blue - Blue is the colour of the sky. It represents spiritualism, thoughtfulness, consideration and care. Blue expresses faith, truth, constancy and fidelity. The precious stone associated with blue is Sapphire.

Violet - This colour belongs to the hermit who dwells in mystery. The philosopher, the poet, the dreamer, the writer and the visionary all like this colour. Violet often signifies love and truth, or passion and suffering. Therefore, it is a colour often used by martyrs. The precious stone associated with violet is Amethyst.


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