Monday, May 28, 2007

Not Good Luck

A lot of us know that in feng shui, water is a sign of good flow of wealth, right ? But sometimes it can be the other way round - not good luck.

What am I rambling about, how can one thing be good and then all of a sudden become no good? Let's take these simple examples, so that you don't end up deeper in confusion, as to what are considered to be - not good luck, for your homes.

Water Hydrant - Having a water hydrant placed right in front of your home will not mean that you will become filthy rich as it is symbolized by water, in feng shui terms. The reason for this is because the water hydrant located directly in front of your home is considered to be obstructing the main entrance, so the effects are opposite.

Swing - A home that has a playground in front of their homes will have their wealth cut in half, that's if, there is a swing directly facing your front entrance from that playground. So it's considered not so good for people who are involved in business to live in such a home.

Side Pillar - In feng shui terms, having a side pillar of a neighbours gate face your home acts as an obstacle to good feng shui.

Roman Style Pillar - If you have a house with a Roman-styled pillar directly facing it's own entrance, then it may also be a bad choice in terms of feng shui, as it will block good luck from flowing into your home.

Huge Billboard - Having a huge billboard right in front of your home also blocks good fortune from coming in.

Multi-Storey Building - If your house faces a multi-storey building, it will receive a double dose of bad luck. Firstly, the building in front blocks the house's entrance and second, it will cast a long shadow over the house, and that's not so much of a good luck for the occupants.

Two Highrise Buildings - When this house faces two high rise buildings across the road, with a narrow alley in between them which directly faces the house, it is also considered to be very bad feng shui. They believe that the energy from the sky would travel through the narrow gaps between the two buildings and strike the house which is across the street. In feng shui terms this reference is known as 'Thunder striking from the Heavens'


Speedcat Hollydale said...

I have a pond behind my place...good?


NIHAL said...

Hi there, Speedycat Hollydale. Well, ya, water or 'shui', is a good thing but in their believe, it's always a good thing to have the house facing the pond rather than having it at the back.