Thursday, May 10, 2007

Network Marketing

Imagine being able to walk your kids to school every morning....and never having to miss a school concert or a soccer game because you had to work. Imagine planning your work around your golf...instead of your golf around your work. Through Network Marketing this is possible.

Rapid growth of the Internet has given us the ability to make this all a reality through a level playing field. Many of us prefer to work from home, so whether it's a part time or full time thing, you are bound to get worldwide exposure.

Network Marketing, also called MLM or Multi Level Marketing can actually make fortunes for you and me.

Let's take the example of McDonald's, they didn't start off by having 30,000 plus restaurants all over the world, in fact they started with just one. The plan here is called, copycat a proven system and then duplicate it over and over again.

Duplicate your business model based around a proven product (like McDonald's did). Record down what needs to be done in detail so that the model can be taught to somebody else. If this model is proven to work and can be copycatted by the average person, then it can be successfully franchised, but if it only depends on your personal talent (like a one-in-a-million 'star') then it can't be successful, because the 'star' cannot be duplicated.

The reason why 'Mel Gibson' can command $50 million for acting in a picture is because he's the essence of a star. You could never franchise the product 'Mel Gibson' because he's not duplicatable.

Each of us are somewhat blessed with certain talents and gifts that makes us, one-of a-kind individuals. Some people are great singers, while others find it hard to even sing in their shower. To make both the people here equal, is to simply copycat. When it comes to copycatting, we're all gifted and geniuses at it. So why don't we copycat the way to creating wealth?

There is an old saying I would like share here : "If you continue to do what you've always done, you'll eventually continue to get what you've always gotten". This statement makes perfect sense, don't you think so? So try copycatting the system that creates true wealth, duplicate it and try entering 'different doors' in order for you to get different results because if you choose to enter the same doors in life, you'll end up right back where you started.

It's your turn now, so break out of the pack and begin creating true wealth and total freedom. Happy Networking!

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