Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Royal Wedding Off

The royal wedding we were all hoping for is reportedly off. News reports say that Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton had decided to call it a day. Many sources believed that William would one day make Kate his bride. If you're wondering whether there was a third party involved, who caused this break up, well, you're wrong.

While Kate was in London, 24 year old Prince William, a sub lieutenant with the Blues and Royals, now on a training course in Dorset, preferred to go out drinking with his Army pals. I guess that this was an inevitable reason why their relationship was strained, being away and all.

Both of them met during their four year course studying history of art. Making an impact was when she strutted down a catwalk towards dignitaries assembled for Prince William's passing out parade at Standhurst last December.

Kate was the one who persuaded William to stay at St Andrews, switching to a geography course that suited him better. At this point the world were not aware of their relationship together, but not until, they went skiing together in Klosters in March 2004, the world only then realised that this was the special girl in William's life.

For the last two years Kate has existed in some kind of limbo, at times she would join him at important milestones in his life, while on other occasions she would be left out.

Kate did not receive any special treatments like a royal couple should, like protection or royal bodyguards, and could only call her local police station in emergencies. Among some observers it left her vulnerable in an age of constant terrorist alerts.

The people's sympathy will be with her, while their concern will lie with Prince William and what he can make of his future life, now he no longer has the love and protection of the woman who became his compass.

Of course, everyone wants them to be happy, but the saddest aspect to this broken love affair is that there can be no reconciliation.

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