Friday, May 11, 2007

Tribute To My Mom

The weekend is just around the corner, and everyone is so busy with their last minute shopping, looking for that perfect Mother's Day gift. So I decided to side track just a bit from my scheduled post, in order to give My Mom - my guardian angel, the praise she truly deserves.

But, where does one begin, to say in words or even to list it down on paper, of all the feelings you have for someone and make others truly believe it's so?

As I am older and a bit more wiser, I now see the value of a Mother, as special as mine. I mean, don't go ask me to list every little detail on what she did for me when I was a baby, because there is no way I could recall details to that period in a specific manner. But I know this for sure, there was a lot of love! Growing up in a big family for me was indeed a tremendous experience.

I remember my mom, looking after the six of us and another couple of my cousin's, all in the same home, single handed. Try asking our wives' to do this now, they would immediately show you the exit through the front door!

As I am, in my own way, a Dad now, I finally realise that bringing up a family isn't something simple as it may seem. You've got to put in time, dedication, patience, understanding and most of all, Lot's of love and caring.

As woman outlive men in this era, we find more of our mom's out there who live longer. Some are luckier than others, as their children can look after them, but what about those who have been sent to nursing/old folks home, and such? Things are normally easy when your mom is healthy and financially sound, but as soon as she's sick, physically challenged and financially dependant, things change.

As time caught up with my mom, she slowly developed breast cancer. Though she's been a tough and determined lady throughout this last 10 years or so, we sometimes forget, that now it's our turn to give back some loving... and a little bit of our time. If I could, I would wave a magic wand now and make everything nice and beautiful for her, and also tell her that in my next birth I want to be her child again ..... but the next time, I will be a better son, hugging her each day of her life so that she will never forget how special she is and that I love her so very much!

Today I pay tribute to my Mother, with the message, I Love You Mom, and Happy Mother's Day!

PS : Hope my wife doesn't see this post....she might ask me, "where's my gift"?

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