Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Good Bathroom

You know, you've just gone for that perfect holiday and when you return, you bring along with you those happy memories of a great escapade. But many a times, besides the happy memories most of us out there also bring back other stuff as well as souvenir's.....Towels, slippers, bottles of shampoo and other toiletries, are common 'take-backs' from hotels, right? (at least I did, on a couple of occasions)

Not to say that we'll be quoted as being someone cheap or something, but basically it's become a norm, a habit to say the least, of collecting stuff from places we've been to. Another odd thing I always do when I check-into a hotel, is to admire the decor of the entire place. I've always imagined my perfect bathroom, to look like something that you would only find in a hotel. On this post, I share a couple of tips on how to reach that goal.....the perfect bathroom.

  • Keep it Simple - When it comes down to painting, use neutral colours, they tend to be always safe. At the end of the day, this is the most easiest and cost saving way to add life and with a little bit of creativity, alter the mood of any bathroom.
  • Proven Plus Points - Use dual sinks, recessed cabinets, a shower light, ample storage space, dimmer switches (these are really neat gadgets) and solid surfaces such as natural stone or acrylic.
  • Always use a Colour Chart - See which colour matches the best. Keep in mind that the colours, red-denotes passion, blue and green - feeling cool, yellow- vibrant and happy etc. In certain cases using coloured fixtures or accessories can also make a statement about you and your home. You should also consider adding some interest for the eyes, with items like shower curtains, toilet seat covers, rugs for the surface, just to name a few.
  • Go for Visual Harmony - Important, always select accessories that blend and match with each other.
  • Use Reflections - Anything that involves making a bathroom feel and look big is definitely a plus in my books. For example, you could try a wall-to-wall or a counter-to-ceiling mirror. Eventually making even the smallest of rooms to end up looking huge.
  • Consistency - This is the keyword here. As I highlighted in my earlier post on Living Styles, set a theme and stick to it. Don't put things that don't blend. I've seen people say that their homes have a 'Modern' concept, but inside you find Balinese tables on marble flooring's and Persian carpets hanging on the walls. Do a survey at first, on the items needed and then only purchase the right furniture.
  • Nature is In - Don't confine the beauty of nature to a potted plant. Try colours of stone, wood, marble and metal, all are soothing and complementary, their textures organic and straightforward. I've seen a hotel use stones such as granite and quartz for counter tops, wood for their cabinets and natural flooring such as limestone tiles in earth tones. Using materials like bamboo, marble and hardwood is also recommended.
So there you have it, some quick pointers on how to create 'a good bathroom', and don't forget, let the light in, simply by opting for skylights and very large windows. (hopefully your neighbour doesn't live very near.....)

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