Thursday, April 19, 2007

Decor, My Way

I've always taken a liking towards decorating/designing, especially towards the interiors of a home. Watching related programmes and reading online magazines on the subject simply excites my senses to learn more.

I'm sure that there are times when you pay a visit to a friends home and you see a design and think : "That's so simple. I wish I'd thought of that" I've encountered this myself many times. So i always think that by experimenting with the things you already have in your home, sometimes you might just come up with a new method of using that material to transform it into a truly beautiful form (e.g. transforming that empty Galiano bottle into a table lamp). You'll end up saying "Wow, now that looks great". Trust me, the source of one's imagination can come from places you least expect.

As Malaysians we are some what lucky as we get to appreciate the diversity of Asian aesthetics with furniture coming in from Indonesia, India, Myanmar, China, Vietnam etc. Remember, everyone is creative in their own special way. So, try mixing & matching the stuff you get easily from where you are and see the difference. Start by doing simple stuff like maybe, moving the sofa set around, relocating that TV, changing that old carpet etc.

One thing i noticed here, is that home sizes are shrinking as more of us continue to entertain at home, so getting that innovative kitchen design is important in every aspect. You can use all sorts of kitchen furniture to complement your layout. Kitchen trends keep changing quite often. But then again, having a big bank account is another issue you have to handle first. What i mean by an innovative kitchen means, where the work space seamlessly integrates with the dining and also the entertainment space. Eating at home doesn't need to be boring, as for me, whichever way i look at it, the most important place of the home i reckon, would be the kitchen. (you know i love food...)

People always say "I don't have the time and money to do all this". You're right, all this boils down to real commitment in time and lot's of money. I have a neighbour who's building a three storey bungalow, it's almost a year past and it's still not completed. I'm sure you're wondering, why? He has the time and the money, so he takes his time in sourcing for all the materials on his own. He is committed in building his home beautiful. Wish all of us could be like him.

Finally, before everything starts, i always select a theme for the home, it could be Urban, Modern, Fusion, Zen, Balinese etc. This way, you can stay focused on how your home will be decorated and how it will eventually turn out, in the end.

So start adding that dash of fun and imagination into your life!

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