Monday, April 23, 2007

The Party - Peter Sellers

How many of you have seen the movie 'Pink Panther' or 'Dr Strangelove'? Not many, in the younger age group, I suspect. I myself have seen it up teen times. Peter Sellers was a funny character in most or not all of his films. In the modern day, he would have been like another Jimmy Carey, I suppose. He started out with a few British comedies before going into the Big Screen in Hollywood. Peter Sellers died of a heart attack back in 1980.

One movie that really stood out from his acting career in my records would be, The Party, Directed by the famous Blake Edwards. Made in 1968, this movie evolves around a series of gags and comical routines that unfolds within the confines of a swanky Hollywood Studio Chief's house party. I remember Peter Sellers playing the role of V. Bakshi, a polite Indian actor who finds himself accidentally being invited to the producer's house party.

Why an Indian actor you ask? I don't know the answer myself. This guy literally only gets three steps from the front door before things start going wrong for him. The Bumbling Hrundi, is a likeable and a sympathetic fellow, such an earnest fellow he is that the last thing on his mind would be to create havoc at this party. But not long after, you will know that all too well, not only is he going to get into difficulties despite his good intentions but those same good intentions will get him into the most absurd and amusing situations and this doesn't stop, right till the end.

Adding the laughter together with him, watch out for the hilariously drunken Butler (played by Steve Franken). Similarly, the slapstick escalates gradually by having characters repeatedly falling pratfall into the swimming pool, a brightly painted elephant joining the guests list and a sea of soap bubbles.

I think this film is not just for Sellers fans, but will cater nicely for even the new audiences of all ages. I highly recommend you to get this movie and put it into your collection.

Final word, "Hysterically Funny".


Yasmin said...

Hi Nihal.

Wow, I didn't know you loved comedy, and ya, this sure is a great one at that, I would say.

Managed to post a short video on it as well at my site, see you there :)

NIHAL said...

Hello Yasmin.

Saw the video at your site, ya, that's one of the scenes I had a good laugh with :))) It's sad though that many people haven't seen this movie.

Great jokes at your site, keep it up.