Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Making Money The Agloco Way

Setting up a Blog, can be an exciting experience as it has been for me. In those days, one had to be a web designer or a marketing guru of some sort in order to create one. I wanted to set up a Blog of my own but didn't know where to and how to? But new generation dot.Com's have come up and they make it so easy for someone to set up one and even easier to make money.

As I have set up my own Blog - Nihal's Anything and Everything, other things started to crop up in my mind, how to start advertising, how to increase traffic, how to create links etc? In my quest to search the answers, i found AGLOCO. This is something great, all you have to do is :

  • Become a Member - by briefly completing a sign-up page (it's entirely free)
  • Download a View bar - to do an Internet search (spy ware free) it will be placed at the bottom of your screen, so as to not distract the whole page (the downloads will be ready in a few weeks)
  • It's now your Company - (get cash and other benefits)
  • Invite your Friends - (e-mails, chat, phone, blogs.....) The more referrals, the more you tend to make.
The secret to all this, lies in the View bar. Just turn it on for 5 hours in a MONTH (That's all ???), and you will get paid! Unbelievable but true. It's like you watching advertisements on your TV or Newspaper but you don't get paid, here it's different, they pay you for watching.

Another way of adding money on top of the View bar payments that you would already get, is that you introduce AGLOCO to everybody around the world, and you will make 25% of what they make in the referral system that is provided by the Company. That's not all, this referral system goes 5 levels deep. Can you see the Big Picture here?

So in my honest opinion, don't wait. If making money online, is something serious you want to do, CLICK HERE and start that money making machine of yours.

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