Monday, July 2, 2007

BMW 3 Series Convertible - 2007

How I would like to have this Convertible parked in my garage! It's a car which evolved from a project carried out by a couple of very enthusiastic engineers who initially asked themselves the question on what the modern reiteration of a twenty year icon should be like. BMW claims that their new 2007, 3 Series Convertible to be in a league of it's own; while the ultimate driving machine is the Coupe, the Convertible seems to have a mirror image for an open driving experience and unique lifestyle motoring.

The special thing to note about the vehicle itself is because it's the first to feature a retractable hardtop. Also for the very first time, the 3 Series Convertible will feature a newly developed 6 and also 4-cylinder engine with direct gasoline injection technology. Their featured top model is the 335i Convertible, loaded with a straight-6 twin turbo (306bhp power) unit. BMW will also be featuring a 330d version, which is infact a 3.0L in line-6 turbo diesel. This will be their fourth variant in it's new 3 Series range, right after the Sedan, Touring and also their Coupe.

Their Coupe/Cabriolet (or in short, CC) roof has such an excellent concept in design. It somehow gives the car a unique dual character, with the least minimum effort placed. The car has a hardtop that fits all intents and purposes, and with a touch of a button the elements are opened, and all is bared to see. No wonder it makes owning an open-top car so much fun. It has also triggered a much wider market for car makers as they have added this variants to their line-up.

Some would say that it's not right for a CC variant to automatically join any family of cars out there, but there have been hold-outs, ever so notably with the likes of BMW. And they have also just jumped on that same bandwagon, with the release of their latest 3 Series Convertible.

Porsche alongside with BMW, have always held their policy of not compromising the dynamics and balance of their convertibles or their roadsters for that matter, which is why these cars only come added with soft and simple lightweight roofs (there's also detachable hardtops available from them, but that would be another story all-together). And finally, they have come to a conclusion that they able to present a better version, which is light, dynamic enough to handle the weight issue. They are also certain that the 3 Coupe, that this BMW 3 Series Convertible is based on, is definitely on the right platform for them to make the paradigm shift.


Dizzy Dee said...

Oooh --- nice choice ;)

I always have a soft spot for BMW's

NIHAL said...

Hello Dizzy Dee.

It happens to me as well, can't understand why but every time a BM passes by, it catches my attention. Somebody, get me the money copier machine fast! he he he

Emila Yusof said...

Great post! My son would rolled his eyes with a big 'fuhyoo' whenever he saw convertible cars!

NIHAL said...

Hi Emila.

It's so nice of you to come by. I heard a lot about you from Marzie's site. I really admire your work.

Looks like your son and I, would get along very well :))

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Hi Nihal!

This car is sooo nice. Great picture of it.
Hey, you recieved an award too, isn't it great!!! :-)

Congratulations from Speedcat

NIHAL said...

Thanks Speedcat, my friend!

Tell me about it, I've been dreaming to get one, for the longest time, hope I don't have to wait too long :))

Yup, that's my first Award. I'm so thrilled. And I'm happy that you're in that Award list too.