Monday, September 10, 2007

How Do I Earn Money From AuctionAds/ShoppingAds ?

Everyone knows that online auctions are kind of a hot trend these days. It's really an opportunity for everyone to earn a reasonable income. Think of it as an avenue where you get to grasp that extra couple of bucks in a week that would come in handy, maybe to pay for your babysitter perhaps or even to have a nice dinner out with the family, once in a while. So, how do I earn money from AuctionAds? Simply by leveraging on their very lucrative eBay affiliate system added with bits and pieces on keyword targeting!

As I emphasized in an earlier article of mine related to money making opportunities, Google AdSense is still my top earner, but then again, there are other affiliate programs which I'm involved in, that throws in that extra cash when you least expect, AuctionAds is one such program. AuctionAds is definitely not a contextual ad product, so running it alongside Google AdSense is perfectly alright.

But then again, not everyone would agree totally on this, as each individual blog out there behaves differently, there might be a program that works very well at one site, but doesn't do quite well at another. I on the other hand evaluate things differently, basically I don't give up so easily and my plan is to constantly evaluate the traffic that comes to my site and analyze the keywords that drives them here through the search engines. These information is then transferred onto my articles and thus allowing this site to have an average 80% of it's traffic generated through search engine queries alone.

Eventually this is the same thing you would need to do in order for you to sell a product at your site whether it's Google AdSense, AuctionAds/ShoppingAds, Photographs, Hyperlinks or even Meta tags (you're still considered selling it) where we use "keyword targeting" - How many times have you seen an ad that doesn't coincide with your article? Many a times I guess. This is because not many of us tend to address the importance of keywords. We normally copy and paste, and that's it, job done! Adding target keywords ultimately will give you the right ads that you want your readers to see complimented with it's location at your site, and perhaps when they see this they'll eventually end up making a purchase.

What is AuctionAds and how will it benefit me?

AuctionAds is basically an avenue where you get to open up an account as a Publisher which allows you to paste their ad code into your blog or blogs (with no limit to the number of ads placed on a single page or even at your multiple other sites). Relevant eBay products will then appear for auction at those given sites. Prices can be so low at times, it makes chances that much easier, to get a click through. Not only that, you get paid 1st of every month through PayPal, once you've reached their minimum $50 mark. On August 27 this year, they optimized their ad images so that it no longer looks stretched or even distorted. And then, on September 4th, 2007 they announced an increase in their affiliate payouts, from 2% initially to 5% on all revenue produced by publishers you refer, for the first 6 months of the new publisher's earning's. This is what we call smart leveraging!

Another good part about AuctionAds is that every time someone clicks the link from your site, AuctionAds will then place a 30-day cookie on those users and if they end up winning the bid (there are times, even if they don't win the bid, you still get paid) or converts into a signup (referral program) within that 30 day period, you will get paid! Just so that you know, they eventually will pay you a minimum 100% of the eBay commission revenue.

And I wanted to save the best information for last, effective September 5, 2007 all new publishers who signs up with AuctionAds, you will instantly receive $25.00 cash balance into your account! That's it, just sign up and receive $25.00... Wow, this is great news, and this is why I'm strongly encouraging my readers to see the bigger picture by being part of the AuctionAds affiliate program, which can eventually be a nice additional income stream for you.

Besides it's international targeting and large inventory of eBay products it is without a doubt yet safe to say, AuctionAds is one flexible advertising program!

AuctionAds : Join Now!


Diane said...

Hi Nihal

I like your blog, it's such a good mix of seriously useful and fun posts. Plus you wrote about two of my heroes - David Beckham (I was born in Manchester so have liked him since his Manchester United days!) and Pavarotti, who I saw at Covent Garden opera house about 5 years ago - he was wonderful.

Kim said...

I don't have any ads on my blog at this stage Nihal......but if I decide to monetize it...I will certainly use this great advice...
thanks for posting such informative material :)

NIHAL said...

Hi Diane,

Thanks for the compliment and for taking the time to visit :)

Wow, to have watched Pavarotti performing live... that would have been really amazing! I envy you girl *he he he*

PS : I really do like the way you 'bind' (if that's what they call it) all those books :)

NIHAL said...

Hi Kim,

That's so nice of you to mention :)

If I was as talented and gifted as you, Kim, I wouldn't worry too much about Ads, coz those paintings of your's are so beautiful... would make thousands of dollars just on them! *he he he*

Cathrine said...

cool info :-) thank you

NIHAL said...

Hi Cathrine,

It's so nice to see you here ... glad that you found this post to be somewhat useful.

Hope to hear from you soon and will be back at your site later, thanks again :)

Jamie said...

I've debated starting to earn a little income with my blog. You've given me a lot of great info. Thanks!

Susan Suarez said...

I've personally haven't received much success from Auction Ads myself. I'm glad to see them making changes since AuctionAds has changed ownerships hands.

NIHAL said...

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for dropping by :)

I guess, it's basically an individual's prerogative on deciding whether to monetize their sites or not.

I know many that are Ad free and they've been doing it for years, so I guess, they're in it for the passion, and not so much with the intention to make money. So no matter what your intentions are, there options for everyone.

But I'm glad you found some of the information here to be of help to you.

Once again, thanks Jamie :)

NIHAL said...

Hello Susan,

It's been a while since I heard from you, but I'm so glad that you came by today :)

Yup, you're right on that I guess. I think it applies to all modes of ads more-or-less, even with AdSense, some seem to be doing really well with them and then there are those who can't make it pass $3.00 in a week or even a month.

I thought about this for a while, and figured that if I could receive a "single payment" from my affiliates that could cover a couple of months which I would have made through AdSense alone, then I better give it a shot.

But one things for sure, it's no easy task, and waiting for that 'one sale' can drive you nut's *he he he*

Once again, many thanks Susan :)

Bobby said...

I wish I could sign up under you but I am unfortunately already a member! That's a very informative post and I think I'll need to put up a few ads from them. Currently, I do have quite a few already lol! Thanks Nihal:)

Nick Phillips said...

Hey Nihal, I've just signed up for auction ads. Hoep I can make something out of it ;)

Erina Hart said...

Hey, Nihal! I love your blog. Therefore, I have decided to give you an award. Please visit Into the Inkpot and claim it :)

JesseTheCat said...

Interesting stuff, I was wondering about auction ads, this post explains the setup very nicely.I will give it a good think and if I decide to join,I will definately come back to your site to do it!
Oh, I realise you were just teasing me with the airplane comments, and I was joking back, I think.I do know that whether I fear it or not, I still have to go.But thinking of your anecdote will keep my mind occupied while the plane is taking off...
Have a wonderful day, Nihal :)

NIHAL said...

Hello Bobby.

Thanks so much, I know you would, if there was any other way.

Well, everyone knows that AuctionAds is only "one of the avenues" which is available out there from hundreds of other programs. It's just that I like their marketing idea and most people have a sense of confidence when dealing with them.

Bobby, I really appreciate, you taking time from your busy schedule to visit my page :)

NIHAL said...

Hey Nick,

That's a surprise .... I thought your site was "Ad Free"??? Anyway, I probably am not aware of your other blog ventures, so pardon me.

But I'm glad you're gonna give it a try anyway. All the best on this :)

PS : Don't forget me when the money starts rolling in, buddy. *ha ha ha*

NIHAL said...

Hello Erina,

Wow, I'm humbled by your compliment and really do appreciate your gesture :)

Can't wait to see the award *he he he*

Thanks dear :)

NIHAL said...

My dear Jesse,

You bring sunlight into my life everytime you pay a visit :)

Ha ha ha... caught you there, right? To be frank, everyone's scared of flying... so join the club :)

you take care, ya :)

Nick Phillips said...

Hey Nihal, my blog is Ad Free, but I have another blog that's totally gonna be ad friendly ... LOL!

Oh, don't worry, I already have you on my list when I become a millionaire :)

NIHAL said...

Ha ha ha, that's so nice of you Nick.

Will definitely come and check out your other site, all the best buddy :)

Menopauseprincess said...

Hi Nihal,

This is my first time at your blog.I got here from revellian.
That's an interesting idea about auction ads and one I didn't know about. I am pretty new to the blogging world yet so I appreciate useful information like this. I'll come back again!

NIHAL said...

Hi there Menopauseprincess,

Thanks a million for making a visit here from Bobby's place. I am glad that you found the info to be somewhat useful to you.

Anyway, it's really nice of you to leave me a comment as well. You will definitely find me snooping around your site soon. See you then, ya :)

ChrissyJo said...

Thanks for visiting! I have AuctionAds but unfortunately I'm not very good at the blog formatting and code yet; I can't get them where I want or get them to look right. Do you know of any sources I could use, like blog code for dummies? :) I'm a beginner.

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