Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What Is An Award ?

Have you ever asked yourself this question before, "What is an Award?" and "What does it mean to you?".

To be frank, blogging has taught me the value of friendship. Life has never been so fulfilling as now. Ever since the day I started my journey with Nihal's Anything n Everything, I have met so many beautiful people that come from all parts of the world. Though we come from different social backgrounds/religion, or our ideas or views may differ slightly in certain aspects, but non of this really matters much, as we're constantly united in friendship and that's the best part about blogging!! We tend to share so many good things together. Who said that blogging was all about money and nothing else???

One such wonderful thing is in the sharing and awarding of wonderful awards that goes around the blogging community. Each individual award having it's own unique characteristic and value. And as we know, there are thousands of bloggers out there who have so much of talent and with awards created by bloggers themselves, it's always wonderful to see them supporting another site with such recognition. To me it's more of a way of saying : "Hey, thanks for being my friend, I really value your friendship and I hope we will remain friends forever." Anyway, that's my personal opinion on an award and what it means to me ... I value friendship and that's me!

But for the last two months things have not been so systematic for my blog and a lot of stuff were not posted as scheduled. Friends awarded me stuff and I didn't post them up, and there are friends who even tagged me to do stuff and I'm still due on them and so forth. I feel really bad about this everyday, as I feel I've let all my friends down. So today, I decided to list down a couple of things that had passed by, as I have not mentioned about it earlier on at my blog. To my dear friends, I am forever grateful for all the support and encouragement all of you have shown.

July 12, 2007

My dear friend Eve, over at My Life is Murphy's Law awarded me with this wonderful award which was created by Christy from WritersReview. No doubt we live world's apart but that doesn't stop us from being best friends. I will never forget her support and encouragement from day one. Thank you once again Eve, and Christy for creating such a cool award for the bloggers. Christy has created numerous awards that recognizes each individual blogger for who they are and that's truly fantastic!

August 3rd, 2007

Jean Chia of A Great Pleasure is another great friend whom I got to know from Marzie. She is such a lovely girl for she really went out of her way to create this unique and very creative badge for all her close friends. I am really honored to have received this from you Jean, thank you so very much.

Then there are these three other beautiful lady friends of mine that awarded me with this great badge for my site : Marzie (September 2nd, 2007), Jesse (September 12th, 2007) and Erina Hart (September 13th, 2007) . I am deeply grateful to all three of them as they have been such great friends to me.

Marzie has always been there for me, and she never fails to add me into her list of activities. I sometimes wonder how lucky I am to have found such a wonderful person as her.

Jesse on the other hand, is a gem of a person. She is constantly progressing in her blogging career and I must say, this is one blogger that we can learn from.

Erina is such a Darling. She has become my most recent friend and I am so lucky to know her. She has recently changed her layout at her site and moved to a new domain which looks pretty cool. If you're looking for good read, this is the blog you should visit.

And Marzie, added yet another "nice one" (August 20th, 2007). How will I every repay her generosity and continuous support? Anyone who has a suggestion, feel free to let me know what I could do in return, to all this lovely people, I call friends. And as the creators of this beautiful badge suggests, the Award represents people who fall into this category - "All those who are nice people, good blog friends, and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others, that are there to lend support, or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!"

And, to all of my friends who have taken the time to put me into their lists, there are no words that could express the gratitude I have for you and I must also say sorry if I have left anyone out in this list, as I mentioned earlier, a lot of these were done some time back, therefore I would have missed one or two of you. Please let me know if I accidentally missed out anyone.

So to end this, I say, Awards to me, is in it's own way, "an expression of our friendship and the understanding we have for each other" and trust me, I will never forget any of you :)


darlene said...

always glad to see you back and posting again, what a great post as i so much agree that it is about friendship!...and you have always been so very sweet to me.
Congrats on the awards, your personality deserves way more!..your a real doll to me

Jamie said...

What a thoughtful post! I can see why you were awarded those awards. Enjoy your week!

NIHAL said...

Hi Darlene,

That's sooooo sweet :) I am flattered by your kind words. Thank you also to you, as you have constantly encouraged me to do better.

Take care and all the best :)

NIHAL said...

Hello Jamie,

Thank you for the compliment :) I am truly happy that I have met you in my blogging journey. Your posts are always captivating.

Hope you have a progressive week ahead and take care, ya :)

Kim said...

ohhh Nihal
you ARE a secret squirrel....hoarding all these gorgeous awards eh?
big big congratulations....you are very deserving of them......
have a lovely week...resting on your laurels :D

Diane said...

I said to Kim at Laketrees that she should win a 'most awarded' award but I am now thinking perhaps it should go to you too!

Congratulations, it is good to see awards going to someone who truly appreciates them!

NIHAL said...

Hi there Kim,

Ha ha ha :)) That's a really cute tag for me, "a secret squirrel"??

Thanks for your support, I owe it all to my dear friends (some of them might be thinking that I'm a big snob or something???), and I know I'm supposed to share some of them with the other bloggers out there, will do that in the coming days.

Once again, thanks a million Kim :)

NIHAL said...

Hello Diane,

You're such a Darling I tell you :)

I sometimes feel that I don't really deserve any of these as I still consider myself a rookie in this trade.

If you ask me, It's friends like you, Diane, that truly deserve all these :)

And I wanna say a big 'thank you' to you, for always taking the time to come by, I really appreciate it :)

Mariuca said...

Nihal, finally u have those lovely awards up! Wonder when will I see the genies here though ;)

It's great to hear from you again after quite a while huh? Hope all is okay on your end. We're always here, happy to welcome u back ok!

Hugs n Love for Nihal!

NIHAL said...

Hi Marzie,

No words can express my appreciation towards your support for all this time, and I'm really sorry this took some time to appear :(

Checked with the airport authorities and they confirmed that the Genie's will be flying in here early next week *he he he*

It's always great to hear from you as well, take care, ya :)

Yasmin said...

Wow, Nihal that's a lot of awards you've got, I'm so envious (just kiddin...)

All of them are so right for you and thanks for always helping me out with my bloggin stuff, ya. I can't imagine if you were not around.

Once again, here's a big hug for being such a great friend to me :)

One Wacky Mom said...

Nihal...no problemo my friend...never will be.

I too have received countless awards lately....and haven't posted one of them...I was away and can't seem to get them up there.

Then you get caught up in other things....so my friend...not to worry.

Beautiful post!!! Hugs and love to you always!!!!

Sharon said...

Nihal, I now know who to tag on my next meme run :)

You are so popular!

NIHAL said...

Hi Ev,

I always feel so wonderful when you come by :) Ya, it can get kinda messy at times, just like how I'm in this situation right now.

I'm just hoping that they (our friends) understand that we're doing the best we can and that we're not really ignoring them in any way.

PS : Love those picture's of Maui... it's one of my 'dream vacation' destinations.

NIHAL said...

Hello Sharon,

OMG! Please... not another meme??? *he he he*

One things for sure, I would kindly exchange places with you any day ... your's is a goldmine!

Thanks again Sharon, appreciate it :)

NIHAL said...

Hi Yasmin,

That's really so sweet of you :)

Am really glad that you're doing alright now, keep those really funny-funny jokes coming, ya.

I would be so gloomy if I didn't get a dose of The Joke Blog at least once a day *he he he*

Rolando said...

You've got some great friends Nihal! Love them all for all the same reasons and more.

Congrats for the well deserved awards!

JesseTheCat said...

Nihal...all this time, and so many cool awards from so many good friends?? A well kept secret horde, maybe you should use that Squirrel tag!
Seriously, there is no problem with you not talking about,or displaying any awards or tags you may get from me.I understand totally! We are all so busy, life gets in the way...and we tend to let the awards and things pile up.I am also guilty of that.I have so many tags and likewise to adress,and I do hope to get some of them done as soon as I can.
Nihal..it was very nice and generous of you to say these wonderful things about me on your blog! I love it and appreciate it very much, I really do!
You are a wonderful guy and a really nice friend to me!
Happy day to you and your lovely family too

NIHAL said...

Hi Rolando,

It's so great to hear from you again :)

Ya, they truly are great individuals, all of them. Just like them, you too have become a great friend to me in a short period of time.

I wish you great success and happiness, my friend :)

NIHAL said...

Hi there my dear Jesse,

Ya, the "Squirrel" tag sounded pretty cool, thanks to our friend Kim.

I really meant what I said, Jesse, you have much talent and it shows in your blog and I do believe that most of us out there would agree with me on this.

You are an honest, cheerful, fun loving, talented and a true friend indeed :)

Rolando said...

I'm back Nihal! Just wanted to see if you gotten any more awards :)

Have a great rest of the day my friend.

NIHAL said...

Ha ha ha, Rolando, you definitely got me laughing all the way, my friend.

I guess it's gonna take a long-long time before another one comes along this way.

Even if there is one, it might take another six months down the road for it to be posted up... *he he he*

Take care, buddy :)