Friday, May 16, 2008

Do You Believe In Luck Transfer - Part I

My million dollar question for the weekend - "Can luck be transferred from one object to another?" Scientifically though, it may sound totally absurd and completely illogical. It is no doubt a difficult subject for an individual to grasp and while there is some truth to it, it is often stranger than fiction to many.

But before we dwell further into this, could there be such a thing called Luck? Because I'm pretty sure there are still many who would like to say that there is no such thing as luck.

Strangely though, when you ask many of today's successful people about this subject, in turn they would make it very clear to you that they personally never really expected to achieve the level of success that they have achieved right now. So, in reality, what that goes to say is that it wasn't all due to their big picture intention-filled plan after all.

Take these examples for instance;
  • Bill Gates did, at one time, admit that his biggest part of his initial success was due to luck.
  • In an interview not too long ago, Donald Trump admitted to believing in the thing called luck.
  • America's first black woman billionaire, Oprah Winfrey, had said that she once figured that if she could make a million dollars in her entire life, she would then consider herself a huge success.
  • Keith Richards from the band - Rolling Stones, said that when they first started out, their ultimate ambition was to be the biggest band in ... London!
From all these examples available out there in the world, it becomes clear to us that sometimes the most extraordinary successes known overtakes the very individuals experiencing them.

Now back to our initial question at hand. I'm going to share with you an unusual story that was related by a friend of mine, who knew an acupuncturist who lived in a remote village. It's a story about an old man who goes to see this acupuncturist, well known for his vast knowledge of the human body.

So, do remember to check back tomorrow for "Do you Believe in Luck Transfer -Part II"


Ruvini de Silva said...

I think different people see things in a different light. I don't think luck itself is something that is real. What people portray luck to be is entirely their point of view. The selection of people on your list, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Keith, can I ask why you think they are 'lucky'? Is it because they are lucky to be wealthy monetary wise?

Bill Gates may have 'luck' as you call it with money, but he may not see it this way? He may think it is irrelevant that he is Forbes' richest man. He is determined to make more money, so he can be happy achieving his goals, his dreams for what he loves doing the most in life. Being filthy rich has nothing to do with his dreams for Microsoft. Luck with Bill Gates is being used to describe his success with money. LUCK? Why use the term ‘luck?’ He didn’t just wake up one day and think, “Gosh, I might have luck on my shoulders today, I will just assume I am smart and I will make it through the world.” I think the correct term is “hard-work” and a whole heap of it. Bill Gates’ father didn’t make billions, so you can’t say he was born into luck. The man worked his butt off to be where he is. Once again, having money does not mean he is lucky. Having money, means he worked hard.

How 'lucky' is Oprah? I don't think she is extremely lucky either. Monetary wise, she has made it. Emotionally, she is so ill-fated. Has the worst father in the world who raped her, a sister who blackmailed her, separated from the love of her life, constantly being depressed about her yoyo diet. She has to live with this all her life. Even the best luck with money will never make her lucky. Oprah, worked hard, that’s what made her rich. Let’s not forget, she lost a lot of herself working hard.

Donald Trump, how lucky is he? I don't think he is lucky in any way. The man has image issues, marries a bimbo, and has had a fair share of bad press from ex-wifey. Imagine what his kids went through when things weren't so good for him once upon a time when his businesses went bankrupt. Is Donald Trump lucky? He worked hard to bring himself up again in the business world. Luck didn’t fall on his shoulders. In fact, if he drops the ball on one project and slacks off, he can lose everything.

If there are people out there, who look at a Dollar Value, and call that luck, then they are sadly mistaken. There is no such thing as good luck or bad luck. Every action, has an equal and opposite reaction. What action you take in life, can change you forever. If winning the lotto is good luck, then the woman who wins it and walks down the road and gets molested... She will always live with this constant reminder of the sad things that happened in her life. Not the good things. Not the lucky things. How many good things do we all remember on a daily basis? How many times have we thought about times when we were happy? Those happy times, were they an incidence of 'good luck?'

The way I see it, look outside the bank accounts. If money was non-existent would you say we all create our own luck? The man who decides to work hard and hunt for food will be a happy man. It just takes a little savvy to know where to find it.

The man who decides to sit on his butt and wait for a cow to show up in his cave for dinner, will be a hungry and sad man. He will eventually die wishing the luck of a cow will walk into his cave.

I personally make my own luck. Luck is subjected to my actions. It is not out there fluttering in the sky like a feather waiting for me to catch it. I make an effort to be happy and I find ways to make myself happy. It sounds so simple, but the more you fixate on luck and people telling you how lucky or unlucky you are in life, they don't know you to judge you. Were they there to witness your happiness, probably not. Only a few see this. Everyone will see your sadness, and the not so good times and call this 'bad luck'. And when someone see’s you having money, will call this ‘good luck.’ Buddha was clearly, an unlucky man – How unlucky was he to have thought of an idea to starve himself, leave his palace, and then found enlightenment and happiness?

Work hard, and don’t fuss about the sad things and call it luck. Think of the good things and keep telling yourself how much happiness you have found.

I could go on and on, but I am living proof that luck has nothing to do with. My mind is what created my past, my present and my future.

darlene said...

hey are ya?....I sure believe in luck!!.....but prayer mostly.......thinking of you...