Thursday, October 4, 2007

Google AdSense New Payment Method For All Malaysians

Looks like its a month filled with good news for all Malaysian bloggers in particular, and this time it is Google AdSense coming to our rescue. Apparently, yesterday Google AdSense had announced a great new payment method for all Malaysian (Individual Payee Names only) publishers, as well as several other countries. The new payment method we're all excited about is called Western Union Quick Cash, a much quicker and easier way to receive payment from Google AdSense.

Previously, Malaysian Google AdSense publishers were only given two options in receiving their payments, namely the Standard Delivery Checks method or the Secured Express Delivery Check method.

Standard Delivery Check Method
  • Receive checks within 2 - 3 weeks from their mailing date.
  • Incur much higher bank fees.
  • Long clearing time for foreign country checks
Secured Express Delivery Check Method
  • Receive checks within 5 - 10 working days after they've been sent.
  • Incur a USD24.00 processing fee.
  • Incur high bank fees.
  • Long clearing time for foreign country checks.
Western Union Quick Cash Method
  • Receive cash payments via worldwide Western Union money transfer service.
  • Payments are ready for withdrawal at our local Western Union Agents (any CIMB branch) office the very next day after Google AdSense payment schedule.
  • Cut down bank fees.
  • Payments can be withdrawn in local currency over the counter.
  • Have your conversion rates calculated based on the rate used by the Western Union Agent on the day you collect the payment at the counter.


Anonymous said...

Hi Buddy,

This is another good thing to happen to all Malaysian bloggers, Kudos to Google AdSense!

Thanks for making us aware about this great option, my friend :)

NIHAL said...

Hi again, Akmal.

Thanks for the visit my friend. No problem, anyway it was just a matter of time before everyone found out about it.

And by the way, I really like the way you handle tech info at your site in an easy to understand manner :)

Yasmin said...

Another great tip, Nihal!

I just hope that the exchange rates are not too low compared to the normal bank rates?

Anyway it's still a better option compared to the earlier ones :)

Princess Extraordinaire said...

It's about time - that's great news...

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Sometimes I forget that certain people on the net are so far away. You get a sense of being a world community when a comment such as this travels instantly. I would not have thought about Malaysians and ad sense payments.
I am so glad that in fact we can all communicate so easily now.
Hope you are doing well, Nihal :)

Eric "Speedcat Hollydale"

Sharon said...

It's nice that Google Adsense is sharing the wealth ....

NIHAL said...

Hi Yasmin,

So sorry about the delay in replying, my Streamyx line was down ... yet again. Everytime there's a heavy downpour, the server acts up funny :(

Anyway, ya, this is definitely a way better option, no more waiting for weeks and weeks for our money ... yipee!

NIHAL said...

Well hello there, Princess Extraordinaire :)

Warm greetings to my blog, I really had a fun time reading your posts the other day. If you had read my earlier reply to Yasmin, you would find out why I haven't come by any sooner. Will definitely pay you another visit, that's for sure :)

And you can say that again ... It's about that time!

NIHAL said...

Hey there, Eric, my dear friend :)

Tell me about it ... everyday I thank something called the Internet, for allowing to meet a great number of extra ordinary people, like all of you. Without it I would be so lost in my tiny little world called, Malaysia *he he he*

I am therefore so grateful that I have such wonderful people to call, friends.

Have a progressive week ahead my friend :)

NIHAL said...

Hello Sharon,

I've been waiting for this for a long-long time now and to have PayPal and Google AdSense, both at the same time allowing Malaysians to enjoy their hard work in a more relaxed manner is indeed great news for all of us!

tozie said...

Nice To Meet U n thx 4 ur visit.
I'm so sorry my english is bad .. bro.


Anonymous said...

Nice to visit this blog ... i'm so sorry my english is bad bro ... :D

NIHAL said...

Hi there Tozie & Dhi M Net,

Don't worry about your English, guys. I make mistakes too :) Anyway, thanks for checking out my blog. Hope you guy's found the read useful.

Do drop by anytime :)

Menopauseprincess said...

Hey Nihal,

I am like Speedcat in that I forget everyone is not right here in the States. That's very good news and congratulations.
BTW, I have an award on my blog for you.

Mariuca said...

Hi Nihal! I didn't know abt this, thanks for sharing! :):):)

Genie Princess

Adrian said...

Hi Nihal,

Just dropping by to wish you and your family a Happy Raya! Cheers my friend! :)

NIHAL said...

Hi Princess,

No worries, I think a lot of us tend to forget things like these once in a while, the Internet has done wonders for all of us ... there are times, I even think that Speedcat lives behind my house, every time a golf ball comes rolling in my garden??? *he he he*

Yup, most of us are very happy with all this and at the same time I even know some publishers who have actually been enjoying this facility long ago, they were kinda like the beta users, the pioneers, so-to-speak. Anyway, it's good that it's finally available for everyone now.

Oooh Princess, an Award ... for me :) OMG! Will come over and check this out *he he he*

Thanks dear :)

NIHAL said...

Hi Marzie,

At least now, you get to buy that new PC much sooner than anticipated, ya *he he he*

I'm hoping that you're having a great Raya holiday thus far, I know I have, not to mention the overdose of our spicy Rendang dish, day-in-day-out :)

Once again, Selamat Hari Raya, Marzie :)

NIHAL said...

Hi there Adrian, my friend :)

Thank you very much for the wishes. I'm sure that you know that this is for a whole month, so, anytime you're around Kajang, let me know. You're most welcome to my house for some hot spicy rendang and ketupat ... and not forgetting that barrel of sirap *he he he*

Emila Yusof said...

Wow Nihal! This is great info! Thank you for sharing!