Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Things You Should Know About Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss programs have become so popular today, that there is a huge increase on those wanting to undergo weight loss surgery, simply to look good. Have you really considered to analyze the facts behind the medical term called, weight loss surgery? I have, after living with my father-in-law who went through a weight loss surgery himself quite recently.

Many may see it as the easiest solution for all their appearance issues, while there are those who still find it a difficult and tough decision to make on whether the weight loss surgery is actually necessary after all.

Deciding on a weight loss surgery is definitely like everyone says, a life changing one, and at the same time it requires the patient to have a strong commitment towards the whole program by following a strict diet and exercise plan. Get the right facts on the pros and cons of such a surgery procedure, because eventually the facts will surface and this would in-turn be a highly essential tool in helping one decide.

I believe that one has to always consider what their expectations are going to be from the said weight loss surgery, and whether the relevant results of that actual surgical procedure will be justifiable in their opinion.

If you ask me, patients should definitely not take this as their ultimate answer to all their problems when there are other options still available out there, take for instance, adhering to healthy eating habits, followed-through with a couple of good exercise plans helps one maintain their health and figure well into the future. Being the sceptical person I am, the sound of a fast weight loss program, always tends to worry me.

Nevertheless with the current technologies available throughout the world it is without a doubt that having a weight loss surgery done these days, is rapidly gaining more acceptance by making them more safer and more efficient in its process.

The most popular questions in the minds of all patients considering weight loss surgery would be questions similar to these :

How much can I lose from doing this surgery? Well, the amount of weight you tend to lose would fall into several factors, but basically its got to do with the type of weight loss surgery in itself, it definitely determines the overall outcome. If you were to analyze the Lap-Band procedure noted to be the safest amongst many, sadly this particular surgery type has a reputation in showing signs of an overall slower weight loss.

We all agree that a regular exercise routine and the food we consume on a daily basis plays an important part in our weight loss program. If followed strictly, then there is a 36% potential of losing ones excess body weight within that very same year.

Is there any qualifications in doing a weight loss surgery? Well even this can depend on several factors, namely your current body weight. An ideal candidate for a type of surgery like this would surely weight 100 pounds over and above their ideal body weight, in order for them to qualify. Your body mass index is yet another factor they would need to analyze.

Usually those who have a BMI in the ranges of 35 - 40 and suffer from obesity connected problems like diabetes, sleep apnea, obesity related heart disease, have found to be regular candidates for weight loss surgeries.

I want to know how safe is weight loss surgery? Thankfully, it's usually a relatively safe procedure to go through. But just like any other surgical procedure, certain risks should be carefully considered prior to the procedure. After researching further I've come to understand that surgeries done in a laparoscopical manner are much safer to do and patients find it much easier to recover when compared to other methods such as open surgeries.

Can I get involved in activities after a surgery? Of course yes, but naturally after allowing a time frame of four to six weeks, the body should be completely healed by then. And at this juncture I am pretty sure that your doctor would be encouraging you to continue with the exercise regime as it always helps the body achieve rapid weight loss.

What should I eat after a weight loss surgery? A liquid diet is definitely in store for you for the first couple of weeks after the surgery, and this should gradually change around the sixth week, when you begin to add in other food stuff such as fresh fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy products and lean meats into your menu.

Normally you wont have much of an appetite in the beginning, so eat several small portions at a time throughout the day. Another thing to also remember would be to avoid food that are fibrous, sweet foods, greasy, doughy or sticky, which if continued to consume, may lead to obstacle the stomach and intestines, and then you might end up needing a totally brand new surgery just to correct that.

In most cases, weight loss surgery can be a life saving procedure for many people, while for others it's just another cosmetic procedure they carry out in order to look good. But, overall it has its many other advantages, where primarily patients being very pleased with the amount of weight they managed to lose.

Having said all that, I still feel that it is highly significant that anyone seriously considering a weight loss surgery to discuss this fully with their doctors first, and get the best medical advice to date. This will eventually eradicate any misconceptions that you may have relating to weight loss surgery.


darlene said...

great post for those who consider doing this,...

B said...


Thanks for visiting my blog!

I believe in putting in the time at the gym rather than surgery, someone just died last week in toronto from cosmetic surgery- it's more serious than people think

Have a great day:)

Sharon said...

Nihal, there are so many people out there that could benefit from this type of surgery. But then, there are people who see it as just a stop-gap method of weight loss.

I guess it's quite popular nowadays because it's not as expensive as it used to be.

NIHAL said...

Hi Darlene,

I'm sure you're right with that, since nowadays it's becoming quite affordable to get a thing like this done.

NIHAL said...

Hi B,

No problem, in fact I totally enjoyed reading the articles at your blog :)

About the gym thingy, ya, looking at your personal trainer I can imagine you're in good hands with those exercise plans. Tried working out a couple of years ago but somehow or rather I just fizzled out of it after a while.

It's really sad that things like these happen when you least expect them to. I had a close friend who used to work as an air stewardess, an absolutely stunning girl she was, she had this wild idea to get a nose job done. Apparently she had an overdose or some sort of reaction caused by the anaesthetic and she died as she walked out of the hospital doors.

Thanks once again, B :)

NIHAL said...

Sharon, you're absolutely right with this.

To be frank, I hope I never need to undergo a surgery like this in my entire life.

That gives me an idea, I think you and me should work on a remedy for this as well, just like the one for colds (trust me , I still haven't stopped laughing) *he he he*

You have a great day, Girl!

Kim said...

I would have to say that the old fashioned way of healthy eating and regular exercise always works in the long run Nihal :)
I think that surgery is definitely a last resort...
BTW...I have tagged you for the Collectively Written Christmas Meme
hope you can join us :)

Yasmin said...

I really hope that I do not have to experience getting a weight loss surgery done ... it sounds so scary!!

Hopefully my weekly workout at the gym will save me from all these?

PS : That's a great book you've recommended, I've taken your advice and purchased one. Thanks dear :)

NIHAL said...

I totally and absolutely agree with you on this, Kim :)

But I guess in some cases, weight loss surgery is practically the only solution for them, let's just pray we will not need to go through a similar predicament.

OMG, you've tagged me for a meme!!, now this is something I'm really bad at (just ask Marzie, she's tell you lots of stories...), they usually take a mighty long time to get done at my side *he he he*

Big hugs to you Kim :)

NIHAL said...

Hiya there Yasmin,

Don't worry, you're just too sexy to need one *ha ha ha*

Hmmmm ... working out at the gym, that's a smart girl :)

Oh don't mention it, "Secrets of Successful Blogging" is a totally awesome book, there's no doubt about it. I found so many great tips in that book and I'm sure you will to. And, thanks for the support :)

JesseTheCat said...

Hi Nihal...you know I read a lot about this kind of weight loss, sometimes there are lots of complications...and some people change their food addiction for something else, which can be just as bad! Imagine becoming addicted to alcohol...or worse :(
I think that one should truly try all other ways of losing weight before ever even considering surgery. Just my opinion, of course.I found this article very informative, Nihal...how goes it with everything that side, and with your family??


NIHAL said...

Hello Jesse,

In this modern era, people tend to think that I live in a jungle everytime I tell them my broadband is down ... Grrrr, I hate their service!! Anyway, that should explain why my blogs don't get updated as often as I like :(

'Complications' ... ya, the word simply gives me the shivers, for any given surgery. Naturally, I too would take your advice and leave the Weight Loss Surgery as my last option, but you know, there are still those who simply don't want to find the time and resort to these methods for that immediate result.

As always, I enjoy reading your comments, Jesse :) Don't worry, we're doing alright over here and I hope the same goes for you and your daughter. All the best and take care, ya :)

Anonymous said...

well some ppl can't stay on track...... sugery can help alot