Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mom Song

This is one great video! Incidentally it's called "the mom song", and it's perfectly sung by this comedian to the background of William Tell's masterpiece - Overture. I know it's not my regular kind of post but I simply had to share this with everyone as I found it so hilarious, entertaining and yet, so true to life.

Personally, it somehow reminded me of some of the things my mom would definitely say. Trust me on this one, there's surely something here that would remind you of your mom as well. Get ready to laugh and enjoy the show!


Yasmin said...

Hi Nihal,

Ha ha ha ... this was really funny :) It definitely reminded me of the good old days when my mom would "advice" all of us.

Thanks for sharing :)

Anna said...

LMAO Nihal

Good lord... I think I've said everyone of them at some point.

Have a good one, sweetie. Great post!


NIHAL said...

Hi Yasmin, it's been a while since I heard from you last and I'm really glad you came by for this one :)

I even asked my mom to catch this video and she went ... OMG, I did say all those! *he he he*

NIHAL said...

Oooh Anna my dear, you sure look stunning in the pic!

Where have you been? Missed reading your wonderful posts :(

Ha ha ha ... ya, I reckon she did a wonderful job of covering EVERYTHING any mom would say.

Now let's wait and see if anyone else would come out with one on what the dads would say?? *he he he*

Akmal said...

Hey Buddy,

That's a cool video and she pulled it off really well I must say.

Do drop by at Screedoo when you get the time. Take care and all the best :)

Nick Phillips said...

LMAO, Nihal, that was hilarious ... Great video ...

NIHAL said...

Hi there Akmal,

Sorry mate I was tied-up with some work in Penang. It seems you're doing great with your blog and trust me, it's got some real potential.

Will come by later and check things out further, my friend :)

NIHAL said...

Hey my man Nick,

She was great wasn't she? I saw another video from Catherine Tate at Yasmin's The Joke Blog and thought that was really funny too, maybe will mash them up here one day.

Thanks once again, buddy :)

darlene said...

ha ha,..funny

NIHAL said...

Hello Darlene,

I thought so too and what a marvelous job she did in getting all those transformed into a song.

Have a great weekend :)

Bobby said...

That's a great video Nihal! She has some funny and truly great lessons in there!